10 Alarming Risk Factors For Epididymitis

Epididymitis is a bacterial infection that causes swelling and pain in the scrotal area. This condition usually affects men between the ages of 18 and 35.

Having epididymitis can be quite an uncomfortable ordeal, so it’s important to keep yourself in the know on the factors that may cause it…

1. Unprotected Sex

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Having unprotected sex puts you at risk of developing epididymitis through various sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and it is one of the most common causes of this medical condition.

But how does it cause epididymitis?…

2. Sexually Transmitted Infections

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As mentioned, the most common cause of epididymitis is STIs, specifically gonorrhea and chlamydia, as these bacterial viruses cause the inflammation of the epididymis. They can be transmitted through unprotected sex.

Other infections can also be the culprit…

3. Urinary/Prostate Infections

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STIs aren’t the only bacterial infections that can cause epididymitis. Some cases, in fact, are attributed to having prior infections in the prostate or urinary tract, which explains the frequent and strained trips to the bathroom.

Fixing that can yield unexpected results sometimes…

4. Certain Surgical Procedures

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According to a study published in the World Journal of Urology, certain procedures involving the prostate like vasectomies, urinary tract instrumentation, or prostate biopsy could cause acute epididymitis, especially among older men. As with any medical procedure, you should talk to your doctor about any potential risks before proceeding.

Speaking of prostate problems, this next cause can be extremely painful…

5. An Enlarged Prostate

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People suffering from prostate enlargement are also at risk of getting epididymitis. This is because having an enlarged prostate can cause a partial blockage in the bladder, which then can lead to bladder infections.

This next cause on our list may surprise you…

6. Tuberculosis

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As surprising as it sounds, there have been cases where tuberculosis infections have caused epididymitis. More research, however, is needed to fully understand the connection between the two conditions.

Yet another potential cause is the following…

7. Having An Uncircumcised Penis

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Uncircumcised men have an increased risk of getting epididymitis, mainly because it can make them prone to urethral and bladder infections.

As it turns out, painful injuries can increase the risk of developing epididymtis, too…

8. Trauma 

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Traumatic epididymitis may also be caused by testicular trauma or other groin injuries. Even slight discomfort, like wearing excessively tight pants or underwear, for example, compresses the testes against the pubic bones, possibly injuring the epididymis.

As far as this next cause goes, it’s important to never push yourself beyond your limit…

9. Strenuous Physical Activity

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Intense physical activities like lifting heavy objects, extreme exercise, and other occupational tasks can increase the risk of developing epididymitis. Such strenuous activities can cause urine reflux from the bladder to the epididymis, causing chemical irritation.

Riding around on wheels can have its downsides, too…

10. Bicycle/Motorcycle Riding

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Riding a bicycle or a motorcycle for long periods of time can inflict significant trauma on the testicles. As a result, some cyclists and bikers tend to get epididymitis from time to time.


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