10 Brilliant Shower Thoughts You Need to Read

If you tend to discover some of your weirdest, funniest, or darkest thoughts in the shower, you’re not alone. Shower thoughts are a common mind-blowing occurrence that happens to everyone in their time spent getting clean. Check out 10 of the most brilliant shower thoughts that we found on Reddit.

1. Is knowledge really power?

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The more knowledge you have about something, the worse it seems.


2. A valid excuse to spend your time binge-watching.

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There will likely be a movie or TV series that you really like that you’ll never get to see the end of because you [passed].


3. I guess you really can’t trust anyone.

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A really good liar will have you believing they are a bad one.


4. You’re your own hero.

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You might have made a decision that saved your life, without knowing it.


5. A sad reality.

Most parents’ funny stories of their kids being bad kids are actually stories of them being bad parents.


6. We wouldn’t blame them.

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If dogs actually understood people, they wouldn’t like us as much.


7. A victory for 25-year-olds everywhere.

Image Credit: Dean Drobot

If you’re over 25, you’ve been alive for over 10% of US history.


8. We’ve all been there.

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Being with people who don’t listen is lonelier than being alone.


9. If only.

Image Credit: ShotPrime Studio

Americas eat like they have free universal health care.


10. Becoming the ultimate multi-tasker.

Image Credit: Dean Drobot

Eating popcorn while watching your favorite movie you are using your 5 senses at once.



History Facts - Interesting Facts about PETA

  1. The 'People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' organization, known worldwide as 'PETA', was founded in 1980 by Ingrid Newkirk and Alex Pacheco.
  2. The founders began the organization after being inspired by ethicist Peter Singer's 1975 book, 'Animal Liberation'.
  3. PETA's first known lawsuit was the "Silver Springs Monkeys" case in 1981, resulting in the arrest of a man in the US for unethical experimentation with animals.
  4. PETA successfully persuaded oil companies - Mobil, Texaco, Pennzoil, Shell - to have their exhaust stacks covered, revealing how millions of birds and bats were getting trapped in the shafts and burning to death.
  5. McDonald's was the first fast-food chain to make significant basic improvements to their rearing of farmed animals. This was a result of two years of protests and more than 400 demonstrations.
  6. PETA has had a long history of being criticized for its extreme positions on issues related to animals. For instance, the organization declared that humans are better suited for testing than animals, in spite of strong evidence supporting the contrary position.

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