10 Causes of Rosacea

Rosacea is a highly noticeable and very uncomfortable skin condition that affects possibly about 415 million people all over the world. When neglected, it can impact a person’s quality of life by causing stress, hindering productivity, and even affecting relationships.

So if you have any of the following traits, you might be at a higher risk for developing this skin issue…

1. Skin Color

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Rosacea tends to occur more often among fair-skinned people, but those with darker skin colors aren’t exactly in the clear.

The same level of risk can be said about the following…

2. Ethnic Background

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As fair-skinned people tend to have rosacea more often than dark-skinned people, people with English, Scottish, and Northern/Eastern European roots are naturally more prone to developing it. Other ethnic groups, however, can still suffer from it, too, just at a lower rate.

Even gender plays a role in how likely someone is to develop rosacea…

3. Sex

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Usually, it’s women who have a higher risk of suffering from rosacea, but that’s not to say men have nothing to worry about, especially because more severe symptoms of rosacea are commonly in seen in males.

Yet another uncontrollable cause of rosacea is…

4. Age

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Rosacea is commonly diagnosed in adults between the ages of 30 and 60 years old. Notably, women above their 40s tend to get rosacea right around the early stages of menopause.

Not all “heirlooms” are worth celebrating, as our next cause suggests…

5. Family History

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The risk of developing rosacea may be partly hereditary. If a person has had several members of their family with a history of rosacea, chances are they may suffer from it at some point in their life, too.

Being “sun-kissed” might not always be a good idea…

6. Sun Exposure

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Most dermatologists recommend limiting sun exposure to avoid sunburns. But, excess sun exposure can also cause other skin problems, including rosacea, particularly because it can damage blood vessels.

Our next risk factor is a reminder to always wash your hands…

7. Infections

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Some studies have concluded that infectious organisms are linked to rosacea. The condition has been seen among some patients with gastrointestinal diseases, like Helicobacter pylori infections and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

The following conditions bring more than just bodily pain…

8. Inflammatory Diseases

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Some systemic inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and inflammatory bowel disease might cause rosacea. This has led some researchers to think rosacea could be more than just a rare skin condition.

Sometimes it’s not only the physical factors at play when it comes to causes of rosacea…

9. Emotional Stress

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Being in a state of emotional stress and anxiety can cause rosacea or trigger a skin flareup. In a survey conducted among rosacea patients, about 91 percent of them said stress further worsened their rosacea symptoms.

Our daily habits can have drastic effects on our health, too…

10. Lifestyle Factors

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Believe it or not, certain lifestyle habits are linked with rosacea. Things like eating spicy food, drinking alcohol, smoking, and using certain skin cosmetics can sometimes exacerbate existing symptoms or even cause the condition itself.


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