10 Cooking Fails From People Who Shouldn’t Be In the Kitchen

When it comes to cooking, some are blessed with culinary skills, while others should stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. If you find yourself in between the two, don’t worry, it could be much worse. Check out 10 disastrous cooking fails that might make you shed a tear.

1. A thoughtful breakfast gone horribly wrong.

These pancakes are sure to wake you up and keep your alert in the morning.

2. Gross but kind of smart.

Nothing like coffee flavored hot dogs, right?

3. Char with a side of ramen noodles.

Who would’ve thought it would be possible to mess up instant ramen?

4. A home cook who will never forget flour again.

Believe it or not, these were supposed to be chocolate chip cookies.

5. Honesty is the best policy.

At least they’re self aware?

6. A prime example of expectation versus reality.

We give this an A for effort.

7. Extra EXTRA crispy cookies.

You can’t trust anyone, not even your oven.

8. A not-so-delicious school project.

At least burnt pizza can be good for something?

9. It’s the thought that counts.

At least the chocolate chips weren’t burnt.

10. Sometimes less is more.

Talk about bad onion breath.


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