10 Fails on Twitter That Are Beyond Funny

Throughout our lives, we’re bound to make some mistakes. Whether our fails are big or small, sometimes all you can do is laugh it off. We’re only human after all. Here are 10 fails that are sure to make you chuckle. Check them out!

1. Sometimes you just can’t hold back the tears.

It happens to the best of us.

2. This should’ve resulted in an interview.

You know what the say, chili beef is the new cover letter.

3. This is nightmare fuel.

Well I guess we don’t need sleep after all.

4. The ultimate attention-grabber.

It’s okay, though. She followed the tweet up by sharing that she landed an A+ on the paper. It looks like the professor could relate.

5. This is honestly impressive.

That’s 13 steps more than 0, so he should be proud.

6. Burn the Internet.

Is there an undo button for life?

7. A new way to say “let’s get this bread”.

Let’s obtain this gluten.

8. That’s not going to cut it.

Mistakes happen often. Just not this one.

9. This photo opportunity took an unexpected turn.

At least she got it on camera.

10. A breakfast order went terribly wrong.

Technically, he got what he asked for.


Celeb Facts - These Celebrities Are Secret Gamers By Night

  1. Jessica Alba, mom of two, said that her Wii has helped her maintain her post-baby body. She said, With the 'Wii,' you're up on your feet and moving around. The physical aspect of it is great, especially for kids. They actually call it the 'Wii Diet.' Seems like a win-win for Alba and her kids.
  2. The James Bond star, Daniel Craig, loves to play Halo. However, it seems that this game got him in a little trouble with ex-girlfriend Suki Mitchelle who would become upset every time she caught him playing the game. He simply stated he liked it because he could shoot aliens.
  3. Mila Kunis has admitted that she is addicted to playing Call of Duty. The actress also loves to play War of Witchcraft. She said she loves to fight the Nazi zombies and admitted that she may not be very good at it but thinks it's a lot of fun.
  4. Believe it or not, Oscar winner Jodi Foster loves Guitar Hero. She says she has zero musical talent, which is why she loves the game so much. She's quoted saying The good thing about 'Guitar Hero' is you can just (press the buttons and) go 'blue, green, green, green, blue, green, green...'
  5. Zac Efron is another celeb obsessed with the Halo franchise, but he prefers Halo 3. At the Midnight Madness Launch Event in L.A., he was almost dumped by now ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudges when he spent more time with his online friends than he did with her.

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