10 Funny Tweets That Sum Up 2020 Perfectly

Looking back at this year, it’s safe to say it’s all felt like a fever dream. When one drastic thing happened, it was hard to think it could get much worse. But, in true 2020 fashion, it usually would. Check out 10 of the funniest tweets about 2020 that will make you feel not so alone in the world.

1. Three words that accurately encapsulate 2020.

Seriously though, was this year even real?

2. A year that’s definitely not worth the drive.

You have to get your steps in somehow.

3. Can rice even save the year at this point?

With all of the bulk purchasing going on, is there any rice left to put 2020 in rice?

4. Bold of you to assume the world will make it to 2040.

You might want to buy the value pack of highlighters, parents.

5. The realest statement of the year.

Please, make it stop.

6. Where can we buy this?

Do you think it smells like a dumpster too?

7. 2020 in a nutshell.

Sometimes, you have to get creative.

8. The temptation is real.

But Biden, it just looks so tasty.

9. Warning: this is really upsetting.

This tweet has 1 million likes. Are we all doing okay?

10. Michael said it best.

There good news is, rough patches usually end. Right?


Celeb Facts - Celebs Who Drive Fords

  1. Scott Caan drives a Ford like many other celebrities, but while others may choose more modern models, he has a 1939 Ford pickup truck, in blue. The 80-year-old car is in excellent condition and is a favorite of roadster lovers and people who restore cars.
  2. John Goodman is a household name in many places. Even if you only know the actor from the hit sitcom Roseanne, he's someone easily recognized. A name as big as his needs a truck to match it, which is why he drives a Ford-150.
  3. Nick Jonas drives a card that says American legacy, a Ford Mustang. The production of this classic vehicle has been going strong since 1964. Jonas chose a vintage version of the classic car, although we're sure he could afford a new one as well.
  4. John Mayer drove a Ford GT until 2012, when he put the car up for auction on eBay. The GT is a classic card with a lot of history, style, and persona, so it makes sense that celebrities would want to drive one.
  5. The Rock wants a truck that's built tough like he is, so he drives a Ford F-150. The pro wrestler turned Hollywood leading man needs a car whose personality is just as big as his. Besides, can you see him driving around in a little sedan?

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