10 Hilarious Posts About Winter That Will Make You Forget the Miserable Cold

Whether you like the cold or not, we can all agree that winter comes with a handful of struggles. From shoveling snow to driving on ice, wintertime can be quite the challenge. Check out 10 of these funny tweets to help you make it through the cold and dark winter!

1. Each day feels like it will never end.

Going to bed at 7:00 PM suddenly becomes a normal thing in the wintertime.

2. Time to update your Tinder bio.

All reasonable requests.

3. Good times abound, especially for this twitter user, who really likes hot chocolate.

It’s marshmallows or die.

4. The ultimate form of cardio.

Doritos are worth the walk.

5. Time to hibernate.

The only right way to take on winter.

6. Breaking news:

Join the club.

7. Now THAT is cold.

The things we do for love.

8. Ah yes, seasonal depression.

One ticket for depression town, please.

9. It’s called fashion, look it up.

It’s time to stock up the sweaters.

10. The light at the end of the tunnel.

The best bra-less season.


Travel Facts - Kenya

  1. Kenya is the 48th largest country in the world. Tourism is its second-biggest source of income, next to agriculture. While it may seem a world away, it shouldn't be hard to travel there from the US with direct flights to Nairobi and Mombasa.
  2. It is best to vacation in Kenya during the dry season (June-October), especially for a great safari experience and wildlife viewing. US travelers will have time to secure visas to enter Kenya, and single-entries may be applied for online.
  3. Sporty travelers may want to climb Mount Kenya, which features a wonderful aerial view of the nation's vast rugged terrain. Pathways to the summit are not clogged with tourists, but it will take five days to climb. Needless to say, one must have the necessary equipment for the trek.
  4. The best beach experience in East Africa is to be found in Diani, which boasts a long shoreline of 17 km. It's a great place for water sports like kitesurfing and jet skiing.
  5. More than a hundred years ago, it seemed an insane idea to build a railroad across the African brush but you can now ride the Nairobi-Mombasa train and watch the beautiful countryside slip by from the comfort of your carriage. The route takes over four hours to complete.

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