10 Hilarious Tweets About Working From Home

Due to the pandemic, hundreds of thousands of workers have now transitioned into a telecommuting experience that certainly has its ups and downs. From pets becoming your new coworkers to your kids interrupting your video conference, working from home is quite a new experience for those who haven’t before. Check out 10 of these hilarious tweets that are sure to make your laugh if you work from home.

1. The learning curve that comes with conference calls.

From connection issues to late co-workers, conference calls can take forever to get going.

2. Looking at the bright side of things.

There’s nothing like a good work-from-home cry.

3. Poor Cheryl, she gets blamed for everything.

Cheryl is the ultimate scapegoat.

4. One perk of working from home.

Unless you have a cute pet, then you might have to fight for the title.

5. A home inside of a home.

The perfect way to subtly say “leave me alone.”

6. This is a little too accurate.

How did he know?

7. A not-so-unexpected guest.

As this twitter user said, our cats just have zoomies. Get it?

8. A true hero.

I hope the dog’s back doesn’t hurt from carrying the company.

9. The shortest commute to work ever.

The expert advice keeps on coming.

10. Very work-from-home chic.

It’s called fashion, look it up.


History Facts - The Beginning of World War I

  1. The trigger for World War I was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, who was the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire. It catapulted a war across Europe that carried on till 1918.
  2. On August 4, 1914, the German army crossed the border and entered Belgium. In the first battle, the Germans attacked the protected city of Liege. By using enormous siege cannons, they managed to capture the entire city by August 15th.
  3. The first battle of Marne saw France and Britain in conflict with the invading German army, which by that point, had infiltrated northeastern France. The combined effort forced the Germans to retreat to the north of the Aisne River.
  4. The hardships faced during the various battles of World War I has inspired several works of art, including Enrich Maria Remarque's "All Quiet on the Western Front", and John McRae's "In Flanders Fields".
  5. The global war was one of the main contributors to the spread of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. The pandemic killed an estimated 40 million people.
  6. World War I is acknowledged to be the first "modern war", as technologies now utilized in war, such as radio communication, machine guns, tanks, and aerial combat, were used extensively for the first time.

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