10 Jokes Only Nerds Will Appreciate

Whether you fully understand them or not, nerdy jokes are always guaranteed to get a good chuckle out of you. From puns to knock knock jokes, we’ve compiled a list of some of the funniest jokes for those with a nerdy side to them. Memorize your favorites from the list and try them out at your next nerd-filled event!

1. The Past, The Present, and The Future Walked Into A Bar

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It was tense.

2 How Do You Know The Moon Is Going Broke?

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It’s down to it’s last quarter.

3. What Do You Call An Educated Tube?

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A graduated cylinder.

4. Why Does Burger Have Less Energy Than A Steak?

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Because a burger is in it’s ground state.

5. Why Can’t You Trust Atoms?

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They make up everything.

6. I’m Reading a Book on Anti-Gravity

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I can’t put it down.

7. Where Does Bad Light End Up?

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In prism.

8. Parallel Lines Have So Much in Common

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It’s a shame they’ll never meet.

9. Why Do Teenagers Only Travel in Groups of Three?

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Because they can’t even.

10. A Photon Is Checking Into a Hotel

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The bellhop asks him, “Do you have any luggage?”

The photon replies, “Nope, I’m traveling light.”


History Facts - The First Industrial Revolution

  1. The First Industrial Revolution began around 1760 and lasted up to somewhere between 1820 and 1840 (depending on your historical source of choice). Taking place in the United States and Europe, this revolution was defined by a shift from handcrafted methods to mechanization.
  2. There was a second Industrial Revolution that came shortly after the first. While the First Industrial Revolution predominantly involved innovations in water, steam, iron, and agriculture, the second stage (1870 to 1914) was defined by advances in electricity, steel (mass manufacture), and refined oil.
  3. In the 1700s, transportation was so slow that a journey from London to Manchester took four days. This transit time changed with the improvements brought by the Industrial Revolution, cutting travel time to four hours in 1870, thanks to new technological advancements and intercity railways.
  4. With the advent of the agricultural revolution, food production increased considerably. This can be seen in the development of machine tools like reapers, and technologies like the seed drill and the Dutch plow.
  5. The Industrial Revolution saw a new way to produce iron that was cheaper and faster. Puddling made it possible to craft iron bars without the use of charcoal, substituting it with a development that replaced the old stamping and potting, bloomery, and finery processes.
  6. The Industrial Revolution also gave rise to the problem of pollution with high rates of combustion, especially in populated areas. The proliferation of factories came with no environmental regulations, resulting in horrendously smoky atmospheres.

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