10 Mind-Blowing Shower Thoughts About Money

From considering becoming an extreme couponer to picking up extra shifts at work, we all understand the difficulties of making money and keeping it. Check out 10 of these shower thoughts about money that will make your head spin.

1. Technically, this applies to everything in life.

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Money only have value because we all agree it does.


2. We’d take either title happily.

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Billionaires who inherited their money and lost most of it are self-made millionaires.

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3. Is that why they say time is money?

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Sometimes I confuse time and money and think there is only 60 cents in a dollar.

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4. It’s all about how you phrase things.

“I sold an hour of my life for $13” doesn’t sound nearly as good as “I make $13/hour.”

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5. Sharing is caring.

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Money is never yours, it’s just your turn to spend it.


6. A sad reality.

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The mentality “it’s only $5, why not buy it?” has probably cost me over $5,000 in my life.

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7. If only coins actually meant wealth.

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To a child, the jingling of coins often implies wealth. To an adult, it often implies poverty.

8. Oh to be a parking space.

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Some parking spaces make more money in an hour than a worker on a minimum wage.


9. A penny saved isn’t a penny earned.

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A penny saved is actually more valuable than a penny earned because you don’t pay taxes on it.


10. Can we make rocks a new form of currency?

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If enough people wanted to, we could turn a fake currency into a real one.


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