10 Random Facts That Will Shock You

No matter the social situation you’re put in, it’s always a good idea to have some random facts on hand. Check out our list of 10 random but interesting facts that might surprise you.

1. A duo no one ever saw coming.

Image Credit: Alexander Oganezov on Shutterstock

The voice actor of Spongebob and the voice actor of Karen, Plankton’s computer wife, have been married since 1995.

2. A pretty literal name for an island.

Image Credit: Liudmila Gridina on Shutterstock

There is an island called “Just Enough Room”, where there’s just enough room for a tree and a house.

3. Who knew Sonic’s real name was so fancy?

Image Credit: Scott Cornell on Shutterstock

Sonic the Hedgehog’s full name is actually Ogilvie Maurice Hedgehog.

4. The ideal workout routine.

Standing around burns calories. On average, a 150-pound person burns 114 calories per hour while standing and doing nothing.

5. It’s all a lie.

Image Credit: Nils Z on Shutterstock

Baked beans are actually not baked, but stewed.

6. You better start digging.

Image Credit: DUO Studio on Shutterstock

“Digging a hole to China” is theoretically possible if you start in Argentina.

7. At least they’re honest.

Image Credit: Real Window Creative on Shutterstock

Nebraska’s official state slogan is “Nebraska: Honestly, it’s not for everyone”.

8. You get the best of both worlds.

Image Credit: Chendongshan on Shutterstock

Some cat breeds (called “puppy cats” are bred specifically to exhibit dog-like behavior.

9. Girl power.

Image Credit: Turtix on Shutterstock

The office Treasurer of the United States has been held by women since 1949.

10. Who knew alligators could be so polite?

Image Credit: SunflowerMomma on Shutterstock

Alligators will give manatees the right of way if they are swimming near each other.

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