10 Random Facts to Make You Say “OMG!”

There’s nothing like a good ole fashioned fun fact to break the ice in any conversation. Whether you need a random fact for trivia or to end an awkward silence, little-known facts can be quite purposeful. Here are 10 random facts that might surprise you. Check them out!

1. Space is a burp-free zone.

Image Credit: Dima Zel on Shutterstock

It’s impossible to burp in space. The lack of gravity in space prevents air in your stomach from separating and rising up from food you’ve eaten.

2. A never-ending hunger for ants.

Image Credit: Ronald Loedeman on Shutterstock

Anteaters eat roughly 35,000 ants a day.

3. I guess we should always be ready.

Image Credit: Budkov Denis on Shutterstock

There are 18 volcanoes in the United States with the potential to erupt again.

4. A man of many talents.

Image Credit: DFree on Shutterstock

Samuel L. Jackson was a cheerleader in college.

5. That a whole lot of rain.

Image Credit: NOPPHARAT7824 on Shutterstock

About two thousand rainstorms occur on Earth every minute.

6. Shoutout to the ancient Egyptians.

Image Credit: Fedor Selivanov on Shutterstock

Ancient Egyptians invented many items we still use today, such as pens, keys, locks, and toothpaste.

7. No surprise there.

Image Credit: Africa Studio on Shutterstock

Americans eat roughly 150 million hot dogs every 4th of July.

8. Would an elephant jump cause an Earthquake?

Image Credit: Lara Zanarini on Shutterstock

Elephants are unable to jump.

9. That can’t be good for you.

Image Credit: drugoenebo on Shutterstock

Winston Churchill smoked an average of 10 cigars a day.

10. Looks like Santa has some competition.

Image Credit: Sean Locke Photography

UPS delivers about 20 billion cards and gifts during the holiday season.

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