10 Relatable Zoom Meeting Memes

Whether you’re joining a work meeting, attending a class, or catching up with friends over Zoom, we’re all familiar with the complications a video call can bring. More often than not, the first half of the call is taken up by someone figuring out how to unmute, turn their camera on, or even join the meeting.

We’ve compiled 10 of hilarious zoom meeting memes for you to laugh at while you’re on mute. Check them out!

1. What’s the true cause of COVID-19?

Image Credit: Starecat.com

It all makes so much sense now.

2. The anxiety is real.

Image Credit: u/khansamirox

It might be better to just not send it at all.

3. I woke up like this. Literally.

Image Credit: @englishandenglish on Instagram

How does Beyoncé wake up flawless? We need her secret.

4. We all need one of these at our desk.

Image Credit: u/Mlunadia

If only this was acceptable to do.

5. I think we all know the answer to that one.

Image Credit: @danielj.meme on Instagram

Sometimes, you forget you’re not actually in the same room with these people.

6. Is this a bit overkill?

Image Credit: u/3dbdotcom

You’re all just jealous.

7. Email exists for a reason.

Image Credit: MemeZila

The morning blues is real with this one.

8. There’s absolutely nothing worse than this.

Image Credit: Make a Meme

That’s why you always quadruple check.

9. These spot the difference games are getting harder and harder.

Image Credit: ImgFlip

You’re telling me they’re not the same picture?

10. The possibilities are endless.

Image Credit: Aerobatic

You have to spice up Zoom meetings somehow.

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