10 Santa Jokes to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

It’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is fast approaching, and that means holiday parties. A sure-fire way to turn ho-ho-ho into ha-ha-ha is to have some festive, hilarious jokes on hand for any social gathering. Check out 10 Christmas-themed jokes that are sure to get you in the mood for the holidays!

1. Who Delivers Presents To Baby Sharks At Christmas?

Image Credit: Romrodphoto on Shutterstock

Santa Jaws!

2. What Do Santa’s Little Helpers Learn At School?

Image Credit: LightField Studios on Shutterstock

The elf-abet!

3. Why Are Christmas Trees So Bad At Sewing?

Image Credit: Kryzhov on Shutterstock

They always drop their needles!

4. What Do Reindeer Hang On Their Christmas Tree?

Image Credit: Andrei Kobylko on Shutterstock


5. What Do You Sing At A Snowman’s Birthday Party?

Image Credit: Smit on Shutterstock

Freeze a jolly good fellow!

6. How Do Christmas Angels Greet Each Other?


7. What’s Red and White and Falls Down Chimneys?

Image Credit: Tainar on Shutterstock

Santa Klutz!

8. What’s a Sheep’s Favorite Christmas Song?

Image Credit: Inna Astakhova on Shutterstock

“Fleece Navidad”!

9. What’s Santa Claus’s Favorite Type of Potato Chip?

Image Credit: Kheira Benkada on Shutterstock

Crispy Pringles

10. What Does the Gingerbread Man Use to Make His Bed?

Image Credit: Alesia.B on Shutterstock

Cookie sheets!

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