10 Struggle Meals So Bad They’re Actually Hilarious

Whether you’re a broke college student or simply strapped for cash, the term “struggle meal” might hit home for you. You know, the makeshift meals you craft out of absolutely anything you have left in the house? From Cup Noodles to a bowl of rice, we’ve all been there. Check out 10 of some of the worst struggle meals shared on the Internet that are sure to make you laugh.

1. For when you just can’t kick your craving for pizza.

Image Credit: Frantic00 on Shutterstock

Bread, ketchup, a slice of an expired cheddar cheese square, and there you have poverty pizza.


2. A guaranteed way to never want to eat rice ever again.

Image Credit: Jimmy Vong on Shutterstock

Literally just the same giant pot of rice for seven days.


3. Who knew imagination could be an ingredient?

Image Credit: New Africa on Shutterstock

I used to have sleep for dinner pretty often.


4. It doesn’t get much worse than this.

Image Credit: Bigacis on Shutterstock

A barbecue sauce sandwich would have to be one of the worst ever, probably.


5. A cringe-worthy combination.

Image Credit: Master1305 on Shutterstock

A lollipop, a beef stick and cookie dough soda.


6. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Image Credit: Tutatamafilm on Shutterstock

I’ve had Mayo on crackers before. Struggle meals unite.


7. The definition of struggle.

Image credit: Krakenimages.com on Shutterstock

Bologna and oatmeal with a shot of cheese whiz. Sucked.


8. A lesson learned.

Image Credit: Jiri Hera, OoddySmile Studio on Shutterstock

I mixed beans and tuna once. Never again.


9. When you don’t have a can-opener, simply stab the can.

Image Credit: Kitch Bain on Shutterstock

I ate cold spaghettios after stabbing the can open with a butter knife.


10. Not a meal, but definitely a struggle.

Image Credit: Nalaphotos on Shutterstock

Croutons. Just half a bag of croutons.


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