10 Symptoms Of Morgellons Disease

Morgellons disease is a rare skin condition that causes extreme discomfort throughout the body. With this disease, people believe there are bugs infecting their skin. The Morgellons Research Foundation (MRF) notes 14,000 families suffer from Morgellons.

Morgellons disease symptoms have always been misunderstood and neglected, leading some medical professionals to dismiss it as mere delusion. But that’s not to say the following symptoms are worth ignoring…

1. Fibers Beneath The Skin

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Morgellons disease is primarily characterized by the small filaments, fibers, or threads in and on the skin, which leaves unsightly lesions all over the body. This symptom can make the skin irritable and itchy, too.

Discomfort is present with this next symptom…

2. Formication

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The fibers can cause formication, which is the feeling of stinging, biting, or crawling under the skin that makes someone think they have parasites lingering underneath.

Morgellons disease can also cause discomfort in other ways…

3. Joint & Muscle Pain

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People with Morgellons tend to be less productive with their daily grind, not just because of formication, but also with the occasional pain in their joints, muscles, and parts of the bone.

This condition also affects the heart…

4. Cardiovascular Problems

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Some Morgellons patients exhibit cardiovascular problems, such as sudden changes in blood pressure, abnormally high pulse rates, and even problems with heartbeats, such as arrhythmias.

Morgellons can also leave you catching your breath at times…

5. Respiratory Problems

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One of the stranger symptoms of Morgellons involves unhealthy respiration. Some patients experience sudden shortness of breath and even occasional bouts of coughing that could go from mild to strong.

All of these problems can keep you up at night sometimes…

6. Insomnia

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Having Morgellons can disrupt sleep quality at night and cause insomnia and irregular sleep patterns in a number of patients. The direct cause of this, like most of the other symptoms, is still unknown.

That said, this next symptom is not too surprising…

7. Chronic Fatigue

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While having a lack of sleep and other sleeping problems can leave the body exhausted, other people afflicted with Morgellons disease have reported suffering chronic fatigue, which is worsened by joint and muscle pain.

MD can affect you cognitively, too…

8. Concentration Problems

Morgellons disease can negatively affect a person’s cognitive abilities. Concentrating on things like work, study, and recreation becomes more difficult and strained.

Sometimes it’s like you’re in a blank state of mind when it comes to symptoms of Morgellons…

9. Memory Loss

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Aside from having poor concentration, a lot of MD patients have reported short-term memory loss. This also affects a person’s productivity and quality of life.

And, it can affect your perspective on things…

10. Mental Health Problems

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MD also strongly affects one’s mental health. In some cases, this disease can cause patients to suffer from anxiety, depression, mood swings, and lack of motivation. Some medical experts believe Morgellons is a psychiatric disease, while others still hold that it’s a separate condition altogether.

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