10 Tweets About Laundry That Are Painfully Relatable

Laundry is a never-ending chore that unfortunately has to be done. From the boring process of folding clothes to the dealing with washing machine mishaps, laundry is one of the most procrastinated chores that results in a pile of laundry building up in your hamper. Check out 10 of these hilarious tweets about laundry that will make you feel valid in your hatred for the chore.

1. A laundry loophole.

Image Credit: Arkhipenko Olga on Shutterstock / Tweet: @myhairisblue

“There’s a special kind of camaraderie I only feel w/ people who bought new underwear bc they flat out couldn’t bring themselves to do laundry.”

2. Developing a different type of relationship with your pile of laundry.

Image Credit: Africa Studio on Shutterstock / Tweet: @beebabs

“Me: *smiles seductively* how long are u and me going to keep playing this game of back and forth?

The Pile of Laundry That I Keep Moving Between My Desk Chair And My Bed: “

3. One can only dream.

Image Credit: Treakandshoot on Shutterstock / Tweet: @aparnapkin

“Sometimes I dream of never retrieving my laundry from the dryer & starting a new life.”

4. Baby steps, right?

Image Credit: Vikitora on Shutterstock / Tweet: @AbbyHasIssues

“Them: My goal is to finish two marathons this summer.

Me: My goal is to put away the laundry the same day I wash it.”

5. The motivation you didn’t know you needed.

Image Credit: Africa Studio on Shutterstock / Twitter: @9027km

“Idk who needs to read this right now but the longer you wait to do your laundry the worse it’s going to be.”

6. Proof that it’s better to let laundry pile up.

Image Credit: Carlos Caetano on Shutterstock / Tweet: @Six_Pack_Mom

“She died doing what she loves- breaking her back as she reached for a fallen sock because she insisted on carrying huge loads of loose laundry instead of using a basket.”

7. An multi-use exercise machine.

Image Credit: Yangtak on Shutterstock / Tweet: @LizHackett

“Before you buy a treadmill, bring a pile of laundry to the store and see how you like hanging clothes on it.”

8. They say laundry becomes more fun after the second glass of wine.

Image Credit: Wavebreakmedia on Shutterstock / Tweet: @sarcasticmommy4

“Me: This Friday night is lit!

*sips wine, continues to fold laundry.*”

9. The weekend of your dreams.

Image Credit: Kristi Blokhin on Shutterstock / Tweet: @WorkingMom86

“Hey baby it’s Friday night, why don’t you get into something more comfortable that you can wear all weekend because we have no laundry left.”

10. Who knew procrastinating laundry could leave to making a new friend?

Image Credit: Voyagerix on Shutterstock / Tweet: @LizHackett

“Leave a pile of laundry so long it becomes self-aware and starts talking, and now you can’t wash it because you’ve developed a friendship.

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