10 Tweets About Living With Cats to Brighten Your Day

If you’re a cat lover, you’d know that there are both pros and cons to living with your feline friend. From their 3 a.m. zoomies to their sweet snuggles, being a cat owner means embracing everything about your fur baby. Check out 10 of these hilariously relatable tweets that are sure to make your day.

1. Cats don’t know the meaning of compromise.

I guess we know who wears the pants in the relationship.

2. She’s doing the best she can.

In her defense, water droplets can be pretty scary.

3. A valid excuse to stop cleaning.

Joining them for an afternoon nap wouldn’t be the worst thing to do.

4. Just let him vibe.

He’s having a moment.

5. Cats are slowly becoming human.

At least you don’t have to turn the faucet on for them now.

6. Why are cats?

A valid question.

7. Two valid questions.

  1. Because he’s a cat.
  2. Because he’s a cat.

8. Warm electronics are the new cat trees.

At this point, you might as well just save your money.

9. When you see it…

You’ll never lose the cat again.

10. You can make anything a bed if you try hard enough.

That’s his washcloth now.


History Facts - The Nuremberg Trials

  1. The Nuremberg trials were held against prominent Nazi Germany leaders, who planned out and orchestrated the mass killings of WWII. Allied forces set these tribunals in accordance with the laws of war and international regulations.
  2. The Bavarian City of Nuremberg had been flattened during WWII, but its Palace of Justice remained operational, holding over a thousand detainees. Being the birthplace of the Third Reich, it was a symbolic place to hold the military tribunals.
  3. A panel of four judges presided over the Nuremberg Trials. These judges were representatives of the US, Great Britain, the USSR, and France. The event was the first-ever set of international trials to deal with war criminals.
  4. Being the first international hearings of their kind, the Nuremberg Trials served as a model for prosecuting the war crimes committed in Japan. The event was also the first to handle crimes against humanity. The other category it dealt with was "crimes against the peace.
  5. The Nuremberg Trials were posed by language barriers. To resolve the issue, IBM came up with a translation system. Simultaneous translations were fed through headsets to avoid confusion, and the proceedings flowed with remarkably few interruptions, given the newness of the technology.
  6. The word genocide comes from the word 'genos', a Greek word for race or tribe, plus the suffix 'cide', which means killings in Latin. Genocide was coined by Raphael Lemkin, who worked alongside the chief American prosecutor, Robert Jackson, at the international tribunal.

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