11 Factors That Can Cause Raynaud’s Disease

Raynaud’s disease is a condition that restricts blood flow to the fingers, toes, ears, and nose, causing them to feel numb and cold. This is due to vasospasms, an event where the blood vessels in the hands and feet become constricted.

There are two types of Raynaud’s disease, the primary, which is milder and can sometimes heal on its own, and the secondary, which is a rarer, but more serious type caused by other underlying conditions.

But what exactly are the things that can make you get Raynaud’s? Read on to find out more…

1. Sex 

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Studies have shown that women constitute 75% of diagnosed Raynaud’s disease cases. This could be because Raynaud’s is sometimes linked with autoimmune diseases, and women are more prone to getting them.

The scourge of Raynaud’s transcends limits…

2. Age

Most cases of primary Raynaud’s disease are usually composed of people aged between 15 to 30. Secondary Raynaud’s on the other hand, can affect people at any age.

Sometimes, the cold can be really bothersome…

3. Climate

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People who live in colder climates are at much higher risk of developing primary Raynaud’s disease, as cold temperatures can sometimes trigger vasospasms. This can be extremely painful to experience.

Looks and traits aren’t the only thing that run in the blood…

4. Family History 

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The risk of getting Raynaud’s sometimes runs in families. While the exact inheritance pattern hasn’t been determined yet, research shows that 30% of people whose parent, sibling, or child who had primary Raynaud’s disease also have the condition.

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5. Scleroderma

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People who suffer from systemic scleroderma, a disease that affects the skin, connective tissues, and organs, usually experience secondary Raynaud’s disease in the early stages of their condition.

Feeling too many “vibes” can actually be dangerous…

6. Vibration

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Instances of hand-arm vibration like prolonged use of hand-held, vibrating power tools such as jackhammers, chain saws, chippers, and drillers can eventually lead to secondary Raynaud’s disease. So, beware if you work in a job that uses these kinds of tools each day.

The following is also a result of prolonged vibration…

7. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome puts pressure on the median nerve in your wrist, causing pain and numbness in the affected hand. This can make it more vulnerable to conditions caused by cold climate.

As far as this next cause goes, who knew being in a rut could be this bad for you?

8. Repetitive Action

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Prolonged, repetitive hand movements like typing, playing the guitar or piano, and grasping objects could lead to overuse injuries, which could make it increasingly sensitive to colder temperatures.

That said, it’s pays to be careful with your extremities…

9. Hand/Foot Injuries 

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Injuries to the hands and feet like accidental sprains or fractures, surgeries, and frostbite could potentially complicate and restrict the blood circulation in those areas. If you experience an injury, make sure to monitor any side effects you experience and follow up with your doctor if you notice increased or prolonged pain.

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10. Smoking

We all know that smoking is dangerous for the body. In this case, smoking actually constricts the blood vessels and can likewise increase the formation of plaque there, making it susceptible to secondary Raynaud’s.

What do you do when the “cure” becomes a problem?

11. Medications

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Surprisingly, certain types of medication can actually put you at risk for secondary Raynaud’s disease. Medications like beta-blockers, ADHD medicine, and some migraine remedies could constrict the blood vessels.

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