11 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cancer

What is ovarian cancer? As the name itself suggests, ovarian cancer affects ovaries and can be fatal.

Ovarian cancer frequently goes undetected in its early stages, and usually, symptoms show up in the third stage, making treatment difficult. It’s critical to consult your doctor if you are concerned you might have cancer.

Curious if some of your symptoms might be related to ovarian cancer? Read on to learn of potential warning signs…

11. Bloating


Various symptoms might have you thinking, Do I have ovarian cancer? As it turns out, bloating is one of the first signs of ovarian cancer. Even though many people experience bloating, it’s different with cancer. Severe bloating is caused by fluid buildup and appears when the cancer spreads to the abdominal lining or when a lymph node is unable to drain fluids due to the cancer cells blocking it.

The following symptom is another red flag that often accompanies bloating…

10. Abdominal Distension

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A swollen stomach is another serious sign of ovarian cancer. This symptom happens as a result of fluid buildup inside the abdomen and causes the stomach to become noticeably hard and swollen, with an uncomfortable tightening pain. 

Such stomach pressure leads to many other symptoms, including the following…

9. Pelvic Pain


While women sometimes experience pelvic pain during menstruation, it happens more frequently with ovarian cancer patients early on. Ovarian cancer early signs, like this one, might suggest serious health problems, so it’s critical to discuss this symptom with your doctor.

Pelvic pain, however, is not the only symptom caused by the pressure…

8. Appetite Loss

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Bloating pressure can also significantly affect your appetite. This pressure makes you feel full immediately, even after barely finishing small meals.

And, because of this drastic change in appetite, the next symptom typically occurs…

7. Weight Loss

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Due to having a decreased appetite and eating less food, weight loss is common among ovarian cancer patients. This is among one of the more severe ovarian cancer signs.

Ovarian cancer can also make you feel something bad is brewing in your digestion, as the next symptom explains…

6. Bowel Problems


If you experience more frequent bouts of constipation or diarrhea after your diagnosis, it could be a sign ovarian cancer is affecting the colon. Constipation and diarrhea might also be a result of abdominal pressure, as mentioned before.

Unfortunately, your bowels won’t be the only thing having problems when it comes to ovarian cancer…

5. Frequent Urination


Frequent urination is another common symptom that occurs in ovarian cancer patients. This is due to a mass in the abdominal area that impacts bladder functioning. In severe cases, urination can feel painful and might even contain blood.

Please note: If you urinate blood, it is important to see a healthcare professional right away.

And, Aunt Flo is yet another factor of ovarian cancer…

4. Menstrual Problems

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Ovarian cancer can severely impact menstruation. Patients may experience heavy blood flow or irregular periods, or even miss periods altogether. Keeping up with regular gynecology appointments is a great way to ensure your menstrual cycles are healthy.

Periods are not the only thing this cancer affects, as the next slide explains…

3. Painful Intercourse

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SEx for ovarian cancer patients can feel very painful. Cancer can cause hormonal changes that lead to the vagina drying up, making sex uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable.

But this won’t typically be the only pain, as our next symptom tells us…

2. Back Pain


The majority of ovarian cancer sufferers experience atrocious back pain. It happens when the lower back tissue is affected by the tumor that has appeared in the abdomen or pelvic area.

With all these symptoms considered, it’s no surprise that the body feels an overarching feeling of the following…

1. Fatigue


Chronic fatigue, or excessive exhaustion, is an especially stressful symptom ovarian cancer can cause. And, it can last even after treatment. Chronic fatigue can make you feel tired, unmotivated and even foggy.


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