18 Ideas/Concepts for your Bachelorette Party Outfits

Being exposed to fairy tales at a young age, women certainly dreamed of the day they’ll be walking down the aisle whilst marrying their own princes. “The big day,” as some would put it, seals the bond and love of two people wanting to spend the rest of their lives together. The final sendoff before tying the knot is a bachelorette party. Those wanting to have the perfect final bang to singlehood should keep reading…

Destination Bachelorette Party

As bachelorette parties evolved with the current times, we’ve also begun seeing more destination-centered gatherings. The bride and her bridesmaids travel as far as to other countries to spend the entire weekend having fun. One of the most popular trips nowadays is a yacht party where the sights of the blue ocean and skies make the travel extra breathtaking.

Bachelorette Party Trends

What is a bachelorette party these days if there isn’t some form of matching outfit? It’s the latest trend, and it seems like it’s here to stay. Friends of the bride wear a similar piece of clothing, while the bride usually wears white to stand out as the one being celebrated. The hot pink robes of the bridesmaids definitely make a statement which complements the bride’s white one. It certainly put everyone in an instant celebratory mood – totally the best way to get the party started!

Bachelorette Party – Matching Outfits

The matching of outfits has now become a centerpiece of a successful bachelorette party. Friends or bridesmaids who plan the entire party for the bride would want something that is stylish and creative. Hence, planning requires much coordination and forethought. However, this should not be a burden at all, as the successful outcome is well worth it.

A day of fun games

Of course, the party is not a party without some fun games. For the bridesmaids, this is also a great opportunity to test the bride’s knowledge of her future husband. Or, the bride might want to see how much her bridesmaids know about her partner!

Themed Bachelorette Party

Another classic way to do the bachelorette party is by going with themes. Make no mistake in throwing a small ball or dance party featuring outfits that best suit the chosen motif. Themes might incorporate the colors and atmosphere of the upcoming wedding ceremony, or they might just be for fun and involve a relaxing spa day. Either way, when bachelorette parties follow a theme, they are bound to be a good time.

The Bride’s Signature Look

Speaking of color schemes and styles, the bride’s signature look includes her white veil. Just like the one she will wear on the much-awaited wedding, it is a cloth drape usually made of silk or tulle fabric. Easily a standout, wearing one at the bachelorette party helps distinguish the bride from her girlfriends. It is definitely a must-have in any bachelorette party!

Poolside Bachelorette Party

Where is the fun in the party without a pool to dip in and play in the water? Take the fun a step further by having some water guns on hand and inflatables to hop onto. Fun and practical, the pool essentials will surely add an entertainment factor to the already-fun coordinated outfits of the squad.

Jacuzzi Bachelorette Party

If you are feeling extra luxurious though, this type of bachelorette party may just be the perfect one for you. Gather the squad and have some relaxation at a big jacuzzi, enough to accommodate you all. Everyone is sure to have a good time relaxing in the warm water.

Indoor-themed Bachelorette Party

While many would prefer an outdoor celebration, the bachelorette party is just as fun when done indoors. Take for example this group who opted for a slumber-themed party. You can book a room in a hotel and design the place to your liking. Just make sure to slip into your favorite nighties and get ready for an evening full of fun and laughs.

Bachelorette Dinner Party

A bachelorette party is the perfect excuse to let loose and have the time of your life. Making delicious food, or even ordering it from a restaurant, is a great way to celebrate the bride. Everyone can enjoy their time together over a delicious dinner or lunch.

Roleplaying Bachelorette Party

Do your girlfriends like being assigned to roles? Check out this funny and creative bachelorette party for inspiration! The bride is seen wearing a sash with “Bad Girl” as a label, and the girl cops catch her.

Simple, yet coordinated looks

This is as simple as you could hope for while still providing the coordinated, fun look. The girls wear same-colored tank tops and denim pants. To further match their looks, they all sport similar makeup and hairstyles. Again, the bride can put on her veil as her distinguishing mark from the others.

Bachelorette Party – Matching Accessories

Who says the bride’s the only person who can wear a veil? Take a cue from these bridesmaids who did just as their muse have. Outfit coordination does not exclusively apply to clothes only, but can also involve some accessories. For this case, apart from matching black dresses, the girls also had pink veils. The color, of course, has to contrast with the bride’s overall look which is purely in white.

Bachelorette Party – Outfit Switch

We love how the bride switched colors with her squad for their outfits in this particular bachelorette party. She went for a black dress while her girlfriends donned white and muted pastel colors. It totally sends off a message that sounds a lot like, “We’re so much fun, come party with us.” This is yet another creative way to sport bachelorette party outfits.

Bachelorette Party – Matching contrasts

This bride clearly wanted tutu skirts for her photo-op and had her bridesmaids wear matching pink-colored ones. Not only that, they also had the same pink hair ribbons. She perfectly chose the color as it heavily contrasts her overall look which was all in white. This definitely attracts fun and attention while maintaining the inclusive vibe of a bachelorette party.

Complementing the background

Here is your second tutu-wearing group of ladies for the day. This one is just as fun-loving as the first, but with a more muted color. However, the choice of green skirt perfectly complemented the picture’s background which highlighted nature at its best. Take note too that instead of a veil, the bride-to-be wore a flower crown instead. We totally loved nature appreciation. Great work!

Eye-catching Outfits

Colorful. Eye-popping. Fun. It is safe to say that this group of women enjoyed the party due to the extra pop of color present in their celebration. Bachelorette parties can be even more fun if everyone in the celebration party chooses to match their outfits.

Show them off!

Lastly, why put all the time, effort, and money into outfit coordination if you’re not going to take photos and show them off? With the advent of social media sites, everyone that you know can now see the results of your bachelorette party outfits. This one definitely took coordination by heart and it’s no surprise that it came evidently in the photo. The bathing suits exude sultriness and looked even more alluring accented by oversized hats. Great job, ladies!

Bachelorette Party

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