20 Kissing Scenes That Were Unscripted

Kisses are magical. Whether they result from affection between family members or a passion between lovers, they stir the emotions of those looking on from the audience.

These 20 kisses were not present in the original scripts, but they stole the show.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi


In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Luke (Mark Hamill) quickly says his last goodbye to his sister Leia (Carrie Fisher). Hamill revealed that the kiss was not in the original script, but his instinct was that their characters needed this moment of connection. Incidentally, Fisher passed away before the film was released. Watching this scene was deeply emotional for Hamill and the rest of us.



Anyone who ever watched the medical drama ER could see these two actors had chemistry! The romantic tension between Dr. Doug Ross (George Clooney) and Nurse Carol Hathaway (Juliana Margulies) leads viewers to believe the two HAD to get together at some point. Producers of the show knew this, and they stretched the tension out as long as they could. Clooney left the show before the character could lock lips, which left the audience feeling dismayed! Just when the audience thought all hope was lost, they brought Clooney’s character back for this epic moment of on-screen passion.

Lost in Translation


In Lost in Translation, Bill Murray plays a fading movie star, Bob Harris. Harris meets a young college graduate, Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson), when both are on a trip to Tokyo, and the two begin an unusual friendship. Director Sofia Coppola masterfully interweaves the two characters’ stories, and builds the tension and mutual admiration between them. Murray added the kiss to their climactic scene, and Johansson’s authentic reaction to it is beautifully honest.

The Office


Audiences of The Office are used to watching unscripted moments. One of the most asked questions in online threads and podcasts about the show is, “Was that moment scripted or improvised?” As it turns out, the kiss between Oscar Martinez (Oscar Nuñez) and Michael Scott (Steve Carell) was not only shocking. It was also improvised! Carrell had an instinct to go in for the kiss, and Nuñez went with it, which created a hilariously memorable moment in the show’s history.

Room With a View


In the Edwardian drama Room with A View, Helena Bonham Carter plays Lucy Honeychurch. While Lucy is chatting with her new friend, George (Julian Sands), the two share a passionate kiss. Though that might not sound outlandish for those who have followed Carter’s subsequent on-screen career, she was only 18 years old when the production crew of this film suggested the scene to her. In true Carter fashion, she accepted the challenge and went for it.

Orange is the New Black


In Orange Is the New Black series, Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) ends up in jail alongside her ex-girlfriend, Alex (Laura Prepon). We won’t give everything away here, but it’s revealed pretty early on that Piper is in prison as a result of Alex’s criminal activities. This fact creates a love-hate relationship between the two women–one that is rife with an underlying sexual tension. When the two finally share a kiss, the audience is shocked due to their previously broken relationship.

The X-Files


The hit sci-fi show, The X-Files follows FBI agents Fox (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) as they explore unexplained, supernatural events. The romantic chemistry between the two characters was palpable as they relied on one another, week after week, to share adventures, knowledge, and to have one another’s backs. It wasn’t until the duo entered an alternate universe that they shared their first kiss. The audience didn’t see it coming, but they had a big reaction when it finally happened! Though the couple wouldn’t officially become an item until several seasons later, this kiss kept the tension (and audience interest) alive.

American Hustle


American Hustle is a who’s who of Hollywood actors. The film features Christian Bale as famous con artist, Irving Rosenfeld, as well as Bradley Cooper who plays his partner, Richie DiMaso. Amy Adams plays Rosenfeld’s mistress, Sydney Prosser, and Jennifer Lawrence plays his wife, Rosalyn Rosenfeld. The kiss that Lawrence and Admas share was not in the original script. It was actually Adam’s idea! Even so, it was Lawrence’s portrayal of the kiss that left the audience with an uneasy feeling. This kiss would end up being one of the moments most remembered by the audience.

Gilmore Girls


While most of Gilmore Girls centered around the relationship between mother-daughter duo Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Lorelai (Lauren Graham), fans waited for several seasons to see Lorelai and Luke (Scott Patterson) give in to the romantic tension between them. It was worth the wait! At the end of season four, it finally happened! The two shared this kiss at an unexpected moment as Luke told Lorelai to stop talking, and he took her into his arms.

Top Gun


This kiss was not in the original script. It wasn’t even a result of in-the-moment passion. It was actually Tom Cruise’s way of covering the fact that he forgot his lines! Charlie (Kelly McGillis) confesses her love to Maverick (Cruise). Mid-conversation, Cruise kisses her. The director loved the choice because he felt it added some needed drama to the scene, so he kept it in the final cut.

Stranger Things


Viewers of Stranger Things were delighted when the burgeoning love story between Max (Sadie Sink) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) culminated in a kiss. This sweet, coming-of-age moment solidified this on-screen couple. Though the kiss was not in the script, the show’s producers asked Sink to kiss McLaughlin during one take. Though Sink and McLaughlin reported being nervous about the kiss, the show’s producers made sure they felt comfortable performing the moment before they filmed it.


Sam and Diane have become the gold standard of warring couples in television. Sure, in the first season of Cheers, Sam (Ted Danson) and Diane (Shelley Long) frequently fought with one another. Even so, there was a simmering chemistry between the two that was clearly born of romantic passion. At the end of season one, Sam and Diane are in the midst of one of their typical heated arguments. There doesn’t seem to be any reconciliation in sight, until things take a turn. This kiss was both shocking and a fantastic payoff for audiences.

Edge of Tomorrow


In Edge of Tomorrow, Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is caught in a time loop. While he’s trying to escape the time loop he saves humankind from aliens. All in a day’s work for Tom Cruise. While going back to the day before he died, again and again, Cage pursues the help of Special Forces fighter Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt). While filming, producers discovered that they needed to add a kiss somewhere in between all the intense action. Though the kiss was not in the original script, Blunt took initiative as the leading lady and initiated a kiss with Cruise. This moment ended up being a pivotal scene in the film!

New Girl


New Girl was a big hit for fans due to its quirky comedy and the excellent chemistry between the actors. It was well known that the actors were free to improvise on the show, which kept everyone on their toes–actors and crew alike. One such improvised moment came when Nick (Jake Johnson) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) found themselves in a well-timed lip-lock. In season one, Schmidt grabs Nick and plants a “Godfather style” kiss on his lips. Though the character of Schmidt is known for his over-the-top, dramatic personality, Greenfield admitted that this move went a little too far for Johnson. Even so, the two remained a successful comedic duo throughout their time on the show.

Jurrasic World


If you’ve followed the Jurrasic Park franchise films, you know that Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas Howard) have a rocky past. Over time, they resurrect their romance. Even so, the kiss they share in the first film was not in the original script. On the last day of filming, the director pulled Pratt aside and suggested he kiss Howard in the final take of that scene. Howard was unaware of what was coming. Pratt agreed and followed the direction, and that’s the take that ended up in the final cut of the film!

Teen Wolf


The MTV series Teen Wolf takes place in a small town where a lot of big supernatural events take place. The show focuses on the nerdy Stiles Stilinski (Dylan O’Brien) who is smitten with one of his classmates, the beautiful Lydia Martin (Holland Roden). The romance that budded between these two characters was actually the result of an improvised kiss on the cheek from Stiles to Lydia. The move cast a new light on the relationship to showrunners who eventually wrote a full-blown romance between the two characters.

Hunger Games: Mocking Jay, Part 2


At the end of the Mockingjay Part Two (the final film in The Hunger Games series), Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks) and Haymitch Abernathy (Woody Harrelson) share two kisses: one on the cheek and one on the lips. Apparently, the first one was in the script–the second one was not. Harrelson added the second kiss spontaneously. Though Banks didn’t see it coming, she invested in the romantic moment and their shared kiss became a memorable connection between the two characters.

Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones never pulled any punches in any of its storylines! The whole show was a series of shocking moments, one after another . . . until the end. (Don’t worry, you won’t find any spoilers here). In the seventh season of the series, there is an unexpected kiss between Yara Greyjoy (Gemma Whelan) and Ellaria Sand (Indira Varma). The kiss was not in the script, but it was a welcomed addition to the scene by the producers and audience alike. The kiss was improvised by the two actresses. Varma also had to kiss Whelan’s stunt double in later scenes for the sake of continuity.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones


We’re going to tread lightly on this one because the Star Wars fan base has wildly differing opinions on the franchise’s prequels . . .

A central love story to the Star Wars plot, Anakin and Padme’s relationship is important. In The Attack of the Clones, these two characters abandon their responsibilities in order to be with each other. Unfortunately, the actors playing these characters–Hayden Christensen and Natalie Portman–have zero chemistry on screen. Their body language and dialogue both make their romantic scenes super cringey. Even though this kiss was technically in the original script, it was rather surprising to have to watch!

The Mummy


While we’re on the topic of cringey romantic moments, let’s dive right into The Mummy. Tom Cruise (Nick) and Annabelle Wallis (Jenny) shared a lot of screen time but no chemistry in this movie. In fact, we’d go so far as to say their intimate scenes actually ruin the whole story! Unfortunately, Hollywood plowed through the making of the movie, regardless of the actors’ lack of chemistry, which ended up in some clearly manufactured romantic moments.



In the movie Clueless, when Josh (Paul Rudd) asks Cher (Alicia Silverstone) if she cares for him, her playful smile answers his question. Josh kisses her and you can see the surprise register on Cher’s face. She may not have seen the kiss coming, but the audience did, and they were satisfied when it did!

The Last Song

The kiss that began Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ relationship was captured on film. And no, this kiss was not in the original script. The kiss occurred on the set of the film The Last Song. To add to the drama, this kiss took place on their first day of filming!

Director Julie Anne Robinson asked the two actors to kiss while frolicking on the beach. Their very first kiss ended up in the film. Hemsworth told PopSugar TV, “Originally, there was no kiss in that scene. Julie Anne, the director, was yelling out things throughout the scene, and halfway through, she yelled out, ‘Kiss!’ and so we kind of just got thrown into it, which was good, because, you know, I had no time to get nervous about it.” He certainly didn’t look nervous!

Crazy, Stupid Love


Crazy, Stupid Love is rom-com at its finest. It interweaves love, comedy, and drama, and it features a lot of really good-looking actors! Emma Stone plays Hannah, a strait-laced law student, who meets a playboy named Jacob (Ryan Gosling).

Jacob comes on too strong, which repels Hannah . . .at first. Eventually, after breaking up with her boyfriend and realizing she could use a little danger in her life, Hannah returns to where she and her friends encountered Jacob and she greets him with a passionate kiss. While this kiss was in the script, it was a surprise to the audience who thought it was refreshing to see a conservative female character throw caution to the wind!

Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation was a hit almost as soon as it first aired in 2009. The perfect combination of off-the-wall humor and wacky characters are most certainly to thank for that. At least at first. While the show began with top ratings, those ratings soared when the show’s producers introduced Leslie’s (Amy Poehler) love interest, Ben (Adam Scott). Their chemistry was apparent within his first few episodes! In season three, during what was supposed to be another tension-filled scene, Ben plants a kiss on Leslie that changed everything. After that kiss, the producers wrote a love story for the two that became a pivotal storyline in the show.

To All the Boys I’ve Ever Loved Before


In this beloved Netflix rom-com, Lara Jean (Lana Condor) writes love letters to all the boys she’s ever loved. What she did as a means of venting her thoughts and feelings through a means only she could go back to for therapeutic purposes, ends up becoming a very public act when her younger sister delivers them. In true rom-com fashion, Lara has to take her love life into her own hands by throwing her crush off the scent, which she does by grabbing and kissing a nearby jock, Peter (Noah Centineo). The kiss is a hilariously improvised moment that ends up leading to true love.

The Good Wife


In the show The Good Wife, Alicia Florrick (Margulies) begins working for a former lover, Will Garnder (Josh Charles), from her law school days. What could go wrong? (Or right?)

After two seasons, viewers began to lose their hopes that the romance would be rekindled. Just when most people in the audience had abandoned all hope, Florrick and Gardner share a fiery kiss in an elevator. The romantic tension was broken in style and the producers decided to keep the take!



The relationship between Niles (David Hyde Pierce) and Daphne (Jane Leeves) in Frasier played out over a long period of time. Niles carried a torch for Daphne long before the two came together as a couple. When they finally did, it was a satisfying and warm-hearted event for the entire audience. Though the kiss was in the original script, the stage directions allowed the two actors to interpret the moment for themselves, which brought it to life with authenticity and passion!


Alamy Stock Photo

The movie Gigli revolves mostly around the story of a tough mobster who kidnaps a mentally challenged child. Doesn’t sound very romantic, does it? Well, the stars of the film, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck shared some romantic scenes, including the scene in which they both went in for an impromptu kiss. While the romance wasn’t really resonating for anyone in the audience, the two actors fell in love during those scenes. So, for better or worse, we have Gigli to thank for Bennifer.


Alamy Stock Photo

In Passengers, Jim (Chris Pratt) and Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence) find themselves the only two passengers awake on a spaceship full of sleeping people–people who will remain asleep for the next 240 years. Long story. At one point, after a romantic romp through outer space, the couple attempts a scripted kiss. A kiss that is thwarted by spaceman suits. So, though the kiss was written in the script, what the director and costumer didn’t account for was that the actors would have to nearly pull one another out of their respective suits to be able to reach one another for the kiss. The moment ends up being both funny and romantic.



One of CW television networks’ most popular shows is Riverdale. In season 4 of the teen drama, producers paid tribute to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, which is a musical that started on stage and was later adapted for film. The script is about an East German trans rock singer in the ’80s.

In the episode, Kevin Keller (Casey Cott) organizes a variety show at Riverdale High. When Principal Honey (Kerr Smith) warns Kevin against incorporating any numbers from Hedwig, Kevin and his friends go the other way–they end up performing multiple numbers from the musical. During the Hedwig original “Tear Me Down” Kevin and Archie (K.J. Apa) kiss. Though the kiss wasn’t planned, the actors agreed it happened organically and made sense to the plot of the episode. Most viewers agreed it had to happen!

Person of Interest


Right from the beginning of the sci-fi drama Person of Interest, the romantic tension between CIA operative John Reese (Jim Caviezel) and NYPD Detective Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson) was palpable. Audience members had to wait until season 3 to see that tension released in an unplanned kiss.

The kiss takes place while the two characters are hiding in–of all places–a morgue. Unfortunately, their first kiss would also be their last as Carter is mortally wounded only minutes later. The show’s producers admit that the kiss was the actor’s decision. Executive producer Greg Plageman told The Hollywood Reporter, “[T]he kiss was not scripted. We never wrote it in […] It wasn’t in every take; there were takes where they didn’t do it and there were takes where they did.” The show’s producers decided to keep the kiss as it deepened the level of the characters’ relationship.


Rotten Tomatoes

This unplanned kiss nearly started a fight between Jada Pinkett Smith’s husband, Will Smith, and the actor who locked lips with his wife, Tommy Davidson. Apparently, neither Jada nor Davidson was satisfied with the ending of the romantic comedy, Woo, so Davidson took it upon himself to add a kiss to the final scene without warning Jada. Later, Tommy would tell People, he “didn’t think it was all that big of a deal.”

According to Davidson, after the scene was shot, Will Smith had a heated discussion with him. So heated, Davidson thought it may end up in a physical altercation. Fortunately, Jada stepped in to de-escalate the situation. The two men remain friends to this day.

Grey’s Anatomy


While Grey’s Anatomy is known for interjecting steamy love scenes in the midst of chaos and heartbreak, the show outdid itself in its season 14 finale.

Alex (Justin Chambers) is about to get married to Jo (Camilla Luddington) so all their friends challenge them not to see one another before the wedding. In the meantime, Jo rushes to see Alex when she gets some news she just can’t keep to herself! Jo announces a new position at another hospital to her friends, kisses Alex, and then she kisses Arizona (Jessica Capshaw). Capshaw is visibly surprised. Audience members took to Twitter to get the scoop on the kiss, to which Luddington responded, “Ha!!! It was unscripted but I thought hello?!!! Who wouldn’t want to also smooch Arizona Robbins.” She makes a good point!

The Edge


In the 1997 movie The Edge, Anthony Hopkins plays a billionaire named Charles Morse. Morse flies his private plane into the Alaskan wilderness so that fashion photographer Robert Green (Alec Baldwin) can photograph his wife, a famous model (Elle Macpherson). As the result of a plane crash, the three are left to face the wilderness alone.

During her audition for the movie, Macpherson kissed Hopkins, unexpectedly. She later reported that the casting directors suggested they kiss to create the feeling that the two were “intimate with each other.” Macpherson, having not done much acting at the time, wasn’t sure whether she should kiss her would-be co-star using her tongue or not . . . she opted for using her tongue, which was a shock to Hopkins. Even so, it worked!


When we think of cringe and Steve Carrell, we usually think of scenes from The Office–episodes “Scott’s Tots” and “Dinner Party” come to mind right off the bat. Before he became “World’s Best Boss,” however, Carrell was involved in a movie some refer to as a Cringefest.

Though several kisses were scripted in the movie 40-Year-Old-Virgin, there was one scene that didn’t go exactly as planned.

In the film, Andy (Carrell) makes out with Beth (Elizabeth Banks) and her aggressive tactics strike fear into his heart, as opposed to turning him on. While Beth’s tactics were scripted, the specific kisses that took place in the moment of the filming were interjected with a surprising amount of disorienting passion. We think it’s safe to say that everyone in the audience was relieved when Andy’s friends came in to save him from Beth’s creepy advances!

The Persuaders!


Valerie Leon was known for playing beautiful women throughout the 1960s to 1980s. She was especially known for her roles in James Bond films. When asked to name one of her favorite leading men, Leon named Roger Moore. Leon and Moore worked together on several projects, including roles on both the big and small screen.

According to Leon, one of her favorite collaborations with Moore was on the early ’70s action-comedy TV series The Persuaders! She told WestEndExtra that in an episode titled “The Long Goodbye,” Leon gave her an unscripted kiss. She told the magazine, “I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. They kept it in.”

The Mindy Project

Universal Television

Playing on the theme of enemies becoming lovers, Fox’s The Mindy Project gives the audience two seasons of an artistically rendered animosity that culminates in an unplanned kiss.

The show’s creator, Mindy Kaling, reported that the chemistry between her and her co-actor, Chris Messina, is what inspired the kiss. “You can’t stop chemistry,” Kaling admitted. To that end, the two characters kiss in the season two finale. The result: shocked fans and a brand new direction for the show!


ABC Television

Though Bruce Willis was one of the leads on Moonlighting, no one ever mistakes this TV series as a “Christmas Series.” Even so, there’s reason to celebrate this 1990s comedy as it gave Willis his big break!

Moonlighting is fraught with sexual tension as former model Maddie Hayes (Cybil Shepherd) and Investigator, David Addison (Willis), become embroiled in a string of bizarre cases through her newly acquired detective agency. When the two characters finally kissed, fans of the show were thrilled with the storyline as three years of sexual tension came to fruition. And as often happens with shows that center around sexual tension, once the tension was released, the show lost its luster. The show was canceled the following year.


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