20 WD-40 Hacks You Didn’t Know

You’ve probably heard of WD-40 but didn’t really know what it was for which is pretty common.

Well, WD-40 is a water-displacing spray that can be used in many different ways. It has so many uses that one may think why its uses isn’t taught in classes. Let us school you and tell you of the 20 amazing ways you can use WD-40.

Loosen Zippers

By Olga Krivokoneva Photo/Shutterstock.com

Zippers seem to give out whenever you’re out in public, making you more prone to losing things or getting mugged. So, before you change those zippers or throw the whole bag out, try loosening it up by spraying it with some WD-40.

Shine Shoes

By Galina_Lya/Shutterstock.com

Shoes are your investments. Keeping up with what’s in or out can be quite tiring and expensive which is why going for timeless designs while maintaining them is very important.

WD-40 is one of the most effective yet budget-friendly ways to keep your shoes bright and clean. Spray a small amount and wipe the dirt away!

Gum Removal

By BlueSkyImage/Shutterstock.com

Getting gum stuck in hair is a nightmare – it’s so disgusting (especially if the gum’s not yours) and frustrating. While there is the ice cube trick, we found out a faster and more effective secret – WD-40!

Remove Crayon Stains

By Africa Studio/Shutterstock.com

Kids love drawing and as parents, it’s your responsibility to encourage their creativity. However, there are times that a piece of paper is not enough to serve as their canvas and they start drawing on the walls.

All you have to remember is to breathe, grab a bottle of WD-40, spray and wipe!

Cleaning Stained Wood

By Alexeysun/Shutterstock.com

Wooden tables are so homey and are nice to look at. But, one thing that could ruin one are stains (e.g. water rings) that come from glasses placed on the table without coasters.

When these things happen, get your WD-40 to fix and some coasters to avoid getting into situations like this again.

Open Rusted Locks

By Jan Eufinger/Shutterstock.com

Locks are made to be sturdy and last a long time but what happens when it rusts? Before you throw them out, grab your WD-40 spray a small amount into the keyhole and voila! Good as new.

No broken keys and thrown out locks!

Unclog Shower Heads

By drsnaut/Shutterstock.com

A shower is meant to release water with a degree of pressure, not drizzle you. Admit it, a shower head that doesn’t give you the right pressure can ruin your experience and maybe, your day.

Yes, WD-40 can help you with it too! To clear your shower head, spray an amount that covers the holes and let it wash away for a bit. You should be getting more pressure now.

Clean the Fridge Gasket

By Elnur/Shutterstock.com

Okay, so what’s a gasket? It’s that rubber piece that keeps your fridge door sealed. Check yours because it’s one of those parts that don’t get cleaned enough.

To get the gunk out of there, spray a bit of WD-40 and wipe away.

Remove Super Glue

By Far700/Shutterstock.com

Whether it’s for arts & crafts or making a quick fix for something, super glue is one of the greatest inventions of our time. However, we’ve all an experience where you’ve glued something (like your finger) to somewhere it shouldn’t be.

Not to worry, WD-40 comes in handy in these types of situations too!

Repel Bugs

By alexeisido/Shutterstock.com

Okay, here’s a surprising one. WD-40 can also stop bugs from getting into your home!

Separate Legos That Are Stuck

By koya979/Shutterstock.com

People of all ages love Lego but having two pieces stuck together can ruin the fun for anyone. Have a bottle of WD-40 ready – one spray and those pieces separate in no time!

Clean Coffee & Tea Stains

By Vladyslav Starozhylov/Shutterstock.com

Are you a coffee or tea person? Regardless of your choice, both of these can leave stains on surfaces and it’s annoying! Luckily, WD-40 can help clean this mess up easily and fuss-free!

Dig Faster

By Evgeny Haritonov/Shutterstock.com

Most of us has had a shot at gardening and those that have can attest to how digging into the ground is difficult. But, it can become easier with just a spray of WD-40!

Clean Dog Waste

By rbkomar/Shutterstock.com

Dogs are such loving creatures and cats are just lovable! However, nothing ruins the fantasy more than accidentally stepping in their accidents. While you can wash off most of it, there may be some left which can be fixed by some WD-40.

So the next time you want to go on a hike, bring a bottle of WD-40 along and look where you’re going!

Clean Hairbrushes

By ShotPrime Studio/Shutterstock.com

In this day and age, our lives are so fast-paced that we forget the most basic of the basics – cleaning your grooming tools like your hairbrush! If you look at it, the task seem so tedious and time-consuming but with WD-40, it’s not!

Spray, soak in water, and those dead hairs are out.

Make Shoes Waterproof

By PolakPhoto/Shutterstock.com

Almost everything is now being advertised as waterproof and of course, we buy it. Wearing your new “waterproof” shoes is incredibly fun until you find out that they’re not waterproof.

Avoid these happenings and waterproof shoes yourself with WD-40! You can even do it with caps, hats, coats, and furniture.

Clean Bathroom Tiles

By Maryna Pleshkun/Shutterstock.com

Cleaning the bathroom is so rewarding but seeing the amount of dirt and mildew stuck on the tiles is aggravating. Clean this mess before it gets worse with WD-40!

Get Rid of “The Sqeaks”

By Rawpixel.com

We’ve all heard how the squeaking of new shoes sound like. While it’s quite the flex (if they’re yours), the sound may be annoying to others. Give the people their peace back and avoid looking obnoxious by spraying some WD-40 on the soles.

Remove Dried Glue

By Kitplus/Shutterstock.com

Finding dried glue anywhere may give you the urge to remove it but in most cases, you can’t. If this happens, don’t stress yourself out. Spray a bit of WD-40 and wipe away the dried glue without damaging the surface.

Clean Carpet Stains

By Maria Mikhailenko/Shutterstock.com

Having a carpet is so Pinterest-worthy but the downside of it, one little stain can drive you nuts! Where it came from and finding the “correct” way to clean it up are no match for WD-40. Another way of using this amazing product.

Treat Blood Stains Before Washing

By nutcd32/Shutterstock.com

Ladies, keep reading! Getting a visit from Aunt Flow is something to be celebrated but getting blood stains on your favorite pair of pants isn’t. You know what you can use? WD-40!


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