2018/2019 Audi Q5 Review

The 2018 Audi Q5 is a great crossover vehicle featuring front-wheel drive with Quattro 4-wheel drive on demand. The Q5 is a smaller, less expensive version of the Q7, enabling Audi to reach a larger market. The 2018 model is, in a large part, completely redone. It is more efficient in the fuel department, has an updated look, and improved safety features.

More Subtle Changes

The exterior of the Q5 features more detailing on the front with the hood being a little more aggressive and a line that wraps the vehicle from the back to front. The grill has become larger which helps blend the headlights in with the rest of the body better. The 2018 model is a couple of inches wider than last year’s model and an inch longer.

The Inside

The interior features a little more room due to more efficient use of space, which has slightly increased the legroom for rear passengers. The rear seats have more travel and can be adjusted to slightly recline. The cargo area has increased to 60 cubic feet when the rear seats have been folded down. It also features a great sound system with 19 speakers and over 750 watts of power running through a 16-channel amplifier.


The Q5 is where convenience, efficiency, and technology meet. This crossover has an optional navigation pack which displays Google Maps on the large virtual cockpit screen. The infotainment interface will connect to smartphones and also has a touch pad. This optional touch pad has handwriting recognition available. Drivers that sync their phones to the infotainment center can control it with the steering wheel’s controls or by voice command.

Safety Features

Audi installed a city operated early sensor system that comes standard on the base model. It will sense vehicles and people that appear suddenly in its path. It will then be able to stop automatically at speeds of approximately 50 mph. The optional packages include added safety features like cross traffic alert in the rear, side view assist, and traffic sign recognition.

The Q5 also has 6 airbags, including side airbags for both rows. Other features include electronic control for stability and hill descent control, which monitors traction as vehicles go down hills; this helps ensure drivers don’t lose control. There is also an alert if someone starts to open a door that could lead to a possible collision with traffic. Clearly, Audi has designed this version of the Q5 with safety as a priority!


Audi uses a turbo 4-cylinder engine in this vehicle, which puts out over 250 horsepower and close to 275 pounds of torque. This is coupled to a dual clutch type of 7-speed automatic transmission. This helps propel the vehicle from start to 60 in under 6 seconds! Audi also uses the all-wheel drive Quattro system that improves both handling and fuel economy.

This vehicle also comes available as the SQ5 version. This model features a turbo V6, which increases performance and handling tremendously. Power increases to over 350 horsepower and the suspension is beefed up for a sportier feel. Zero-to-60 times are about 5 seconds in this model, which is almost a second faster than its 4-cylinder brother.

2019 Speculations

Audi is expected to release the 2019 Q5 soon. Fans of the Q5 are hoping that some of the vehicle’s optional features will come as standard equipment in this year model. Basic pricing will start at approximately $44,000, which is a little more than $1000 over the 2018 model. It will use the same basic engine paired to the dual clutch 7-speed automatic transmission. Leather seating will probably be standard with an optional blend of leather and suede. It will also use the Audi Select, which allows drivers to custom fit the exhaust, transmission, steering, throttle, and suspension settings.


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