2018 Jeep Wrangler

The legendary Jeep Wrangler enters 2018 with an advanced display of modern technology, new features and the iconic exterior design recognized all over the world. With an impressive four models to select from (the Rubicon, the Sahara, Sport and Sport S), the 2018 Wrangler can handle terrains other vehicle owners dream of riding on. Underneath the solid Jeep exterior are all new features boasting quality interiors, engines, powertrains, and highly advanced technologies.


The refined, richly color coated 2018 Wrangler remains somewhat authentic, with a consistent fold-down windshield and round headlights. Distinctive LED headlamps illuminate the road ahead during lower lighting conditions. The flat fender flares now have added air extractors for assistance with engine cooling. The entire windshield easily folds down for those who wish to ride and feel air from the front of the vehicle at the same time. The Wrangler features the all new Sky One Touch. This zipperless Power Top also allows for driving in the open air. Driver and passenger doors can be seamlessly removed for total open air freedom with the help of an all new multi-length hinge pin system integrated into the vehicle. The all terrain Rubicon takes on the road with massive 33 inch tires adding to the versatility of the iconic Jeep Wrangler. With a four wheel drive and front and rear axles, it maintains flexibility, in that it can easily be driven in town or off road. The 2018 Jeep Wrangler displays a longer and wider exterior than prior year models, making it comfortable and convenient.


The interior of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler leaves an unforgettable impression for riders. Rugged details, luxury materials and the pristine use of cutting-edge technology delivers a driving experience like no other. Major upgrades show throughout all of the inside of the new Wrangler. From the supportive front row seats to the driver side lumbar adjustment, each trip allows riders freedom to ride in style and comfort. Not only are the seats wrapped in the most durable leather, but the dashboard comes adorned in leather as well. With the available UConnect Systems, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and seven inch driver display, drivers can stay connected and have even more vehicle control. These advanced systems offer improved performance including innovative pinch to zoom displays, swifter screen start up times and increased touchscreen response times. The clarity of the interior lighting also displays more vividly and bright. Clear acoustics pump out of the twelve channel amplifier combined with several speakers and a powerful subwoofer. Windshield glass is protected by advanced lamination that buffers the sound against the glass. The 2018 Jeep Wrangler offers an available trail rail utility system, a flexible storage grid, rear hidden storage and an extra lockable console and glove compartment to protect valuable assets. Using a standard water hose, the all new wash-out interior consists of valves which let the water flow out of the vehicle. The features of the 2018 Wrangler are ergonomic and durable and consistently provides an improved experience for riders.


The all new Jeep Wrangler includes both hybrid and diesel powertrains, and comes standard with an all powerful engine. This supremely functioning vehicle also comes standard with a start/stop button to turn the engine on or off. Showing unparalleled capability, the Wrangler gains an impressive 18 city mpg and a highway dominating 23 mpg. The Wrangler has proven to be able to tackle tough terrains and take on the most undesirable weather and road conditions. With a super efficient Selec-Trac 4×4 System, it can automatically change back and forth from 2 wheel drive to 4 wheel drive. There is little that can stop the force, power and safety features of this pristine Wrangler.

The fourth generation, 2018 Jeep Wrangler, is one of the most sought after compact sport utility vehicles for taking adventures to the next level. It stands supreme as the ultimate, uncontested driving force, ready and waiting for any expedition.


Celeb Facts - Celebrities Who Suffer From Ocd (obsessive-compulsive Disorder)

  1. World-famous soccer player David Beckham has discussed his OCD several times. He revealed to Independent that he has tried to stop his OCD, but it hasn't worked. One of his obsessive behaviors is the pain he feels when getting a tattoo.
  2. The 20th-century American magnate Howard Hughes died in 1976, at least partly due to his severe OCD. There is a famous story about Hughes spending four months in a darkened movie screening room, never once leaving. While in the room, the billionaire stored his urine in bottles.
  3. Katy Perry has admitted to being a germaphobe and does some pretty intense cleaning rituals in her home. She has called herself "Howard Huges" when it comes to germs. She also admitted in an interview that she also has a need to put everything in alphabetical order.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio portrayed Howard Hughes in a film about the billionaire's life ."The Aviator" displayed Hughes' struggle with OCD to which DiCaprio has also admitted having. Dicaprio's OCD is nowhere as severe as Huges, but the actor said one of his compulsions is to walk through doors several times.
  5. Lena Dunham made a name for herself by writing and starring in "Girls." The HBO show deals with many of her real-life battles with OCD. She told Vogue one of her goals is to make the discussion about OCD more mainstream. She wants to teach kids that it's okay to say 'I'm anxious.'

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