22 Curious Comparison Photos To Give You New Perspective

To understand the world around us, perspective is essential. Many people learn visually, and when seeing things side by side, it’s amazing what we can discover. Next to one another, the comparisons can be shocking, educational, and downright beautiful.

From the evolution of the McDonald’s logo to just how many Earths would fit inside the sun, here are 22 incredible comparison photos.

The life cycle of a penny

In order to demonstrate the daunting power of time, someone did something brilliant – they placed these pennies from oldest to newest. The result will leave you speechless, as well as being a constant reminder of how things change.

An 11 day difference in the same maple tree

As we traverse this great and vast planet, every new sight we see is bound to make us stop for a moment in awe. But if you’re looking for some of the most stunning visuals out there, you’ll find them just waiting for you among the natural beauties found all around us. And when it comes down to it – we may not change much over eleven days– but these majestic entities certainly do.

Fluffy Corgi vs. regular Corgi

How did we never know that long haired Corgis were a thing?

This photo proves that just because two dogs of the same breed share genes, they may not always look exactly alike. Like humans, every animal is unique and has its own appearance depending on the environment or factors such as genetics. And even though both these dogs are cuties and adorable, we know for a fact that no two animals ever come out looking identical.

Female basketball players vs. their team’s cheerleaders

Every professional basketball player needs a cheering squad to support them. This picture really demonstrates the difference in muscle mass between these two athletes of very different body types.

NYC building before and after being power washed

This photo captures two different sides of the same building before and after it received a power wash. It is believed that New York used to be so much dirtier than it currently is due to its dependency on coal for energy.

B-2 stealth bomber compared to a falcon

This photo simply proves that Mother Nature is the world’s greatest creator. Our human-made designs cannot compare to even a fraction of what nature creates, yet we never give up trying.

When compared to American Froot Loops, British Froot Loops should be outlawed

Look, you can’t fault a cereal for being patriotic, but if we’re being honest, there are some problems with Britain’s favorite breakfast staple. For starters, those Froot Loops don’t seem very happy. Heck, even the Queen needs to know about this one! America has all of the proper ingredients for a successful bowl of cereal – and it tastes great too!

A regular cat next to a Maine Coon

Not all cats are created equally soft, and this can be seen plainly in the above photo. When she noticed her own cat lying down next to another one – this girl just couldn’t resist snapping a picture of these furry felines as evidence of their differences even though they share similar traits.

Normal ceiling tiles compared with the ones inside a smoking room

Behold the ceiling of the smoking room at Washington-Dulles Airport. In case anyone was curious about the effects of smoking, there’s a clear distinction between these two ceilings. One is gross and dirty while the other one looks new and clean.

NBA player compares hands with tiny reporter

We might not think about it often, but it’s mind-boggling how some people are as short as five feet while others can reach almost eight feet! It’s amazing how our bodies react differently due to the various environmental and other factors, just take a look at these two very different sized humans.

Have camels always been this huge???

This girl who is about my age might have thought she knew what size camels were, but when she found out they’re even bigger than that – I think you can imagine how big they would be if they were standing. Camels typically measure at least six feet tall and weigh anywhere from 400-600 pounds.

Night and day in Barcelona

When you think of a city, you typically think of images you see on TV or read about in a magazine. But have you ever imagined what the view would look like from up high? Like how this photographer took it- showing us the differences between night and day in an entirely new light.

Coming home vs. leaving.

Anyone who has a dog will know exactly what it means to be on one side or the other of these two faces. But even for those of us without a four-legged pal, we’re still feeling that extreme joy and happiness this adorable pup feels when he gets his wish granted – playing with his owner all day long. All day, every day!

1.5 year old phone case vs. a brand new one

Oh man. Clean freaks are probably going to cringe at this one – or, maybe those of us who keep a semblance of control over our belongings? You know it doesn’t matter how much you take care of your stuff; they’re still going to look completely different in 2 years time.

Two thin cats vs. one fat cat

We’re sure all three of the cats are equally adorable, but for some thing we want to scoop up the heavier one right now and give it a squeeze. Just judging by its deep footprints, we can imagine he must be super cute and chunky.

Human and gorilla skeletons

Sometimes side by side images show our differences and sometimes they show our similarities. This photo definitely falls into the second category, for it reminds us of just how much alike we are to this beautiful animal.

The difference a hundred years makes…

There are many ways to tell how our society has become more technologically advanced over time. One way would be looking at the difference between Times Square back in 1950, and what it looks like now. Another would be comparing this parking lot full of cars to a parking lot full of horse-drawn carriages.

First day of grade school vs. last day of teacher training

It seems that this young boy on the left is so excited about going to school; it doesn’t seem likely that there would be anything else in his life that could excite him more than this. 20-plus years later, he still looks just as happy about giving others the same inspiring opportunity for education that he had.

Inner and outer doorknobs at an oceanfront property

Most of our doorknobs look the same on both sides, but for some people living near the ocean there is an issue to contend with. Clearly, these people need a different kind of doorknob because it seems that the mineral content in oceanside air has an effect on things too strong for most people to recognize.

Apparently, eagle claws are basically the size of bear claws!

Though we already know that eagles are some of the biggest birds, this diagram gives us an idea of just how powerful these predators really are – and why they should never be underestimated.

Two explorers’ ships. Same time, different continent.

That’s some wild stuff right there. All these years, we learned about Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria ship and nobody mentioned the equally impressive explorer Zheng He.

Traffic lights aren’t as small as you’d think!

This is one that throws us out of whack. Just seeing a red traffic light in contrast to the size of a human makes us question what size everything truly is and just how much we thought we knew about life. It’s all about perspective.

$10k in 1-dollar bills vs. $10k in 100-dollar bills

Let’s be realistic here – we couldn’t say no to 10,000 bucks in any currency. It doesn’t matter whether it’s George Washington or Benjamin Franklin on the front; but we can’t deny that the same amount of cash looks a whole lot bigger when you’re holding single dollar bills instead of a few hundreds. Imagine being able to carry this much money around comfortably and responsibly!

Warning: McDonald’s small and medium orange juices are basically the same

Anyone who ordered the big orange juice from McDonald’s is probably feeling like they got duped. And we completely understand why that would make sense. It doesn’t hurt to be aware of this sort of thing next time you go there though.

This is what 16 years of sunlight does to hard floors.

My parents moved a rug for the first time in years today. When you don’t notice what changes around you every day, whether it be human beings or objects – you will never remember that anything even happened. But luckily for all of us, someone decided to take a picture at just the right time and capture how life has changed in only 16 years.

The earth doesn’t have as much water as you’d think

Although water and air seem limitless on Earth, these two precious resources are much more rare than people think. This chart displays the finite amount of each resource available around the world. In comparison to air or earth, water has the least mass of all three.

The cost of a box of chalk at Target vs. a college bookstore

Someone who spotted this ridiculous price difference just had to share it on social media. A pack of 12 pieces of chalk is being sold for 99 cents at Target while they’re priced at nearly $12.00 in the college bookstore–that’s $1/piece!

25 years after the Berlin Wall came down, light bulb types can still be seen from space.

The Berlin Wall divided West Berlin from East Berlin from 1961 until 1989. When the wall came down, the city united once again; however, it’s undeniable that remnants remain. One part of the city still has a different light system than the other side

A human’s vision vs. a bird’s ultraviolet vision

As humans, we can perceive quite a lot, yet it turns out birds see a bit more. One thing we often overlook is that every living being sees life differently. Birds see ultraviolet light, which humans cannot perceive; this adds color to birds’ world that we would never know about.

Difference in leg muscle after an injury

This comparison just goes to show how a few months can change one’s appearance. The good news is that this also applies when dealing with weight issues as well. If you’re out of shape, all it takes are a few months of training before someone would be able to tell the difference in your body.

This is how tall tornadoes are compared to wind turbines

It is commonplace knowledge that tornadoes are large and powerful entities. We watch them in horror on the movie screen or read about them in textbooks, but it takes real experience to come face-to-face with one of these monsters – thankfully, because they would be terrifying. Yet even then they still seem small when we see a picture of it next to something else – like a set of wind turbines off in the distance which also look miniscule in comparison.

McDonald’s logo progression over time

It’s crazy to think about how the popular McDonald’s logo we are so used to seeing wasn’t always the way it looked. From the 1940s up until today, the logo has gone through quite a bit of change. As a company grows and flourishes, its brand identity changes too, so it only makes sense that its logo would also evolve with time. From colour palettes to different shapes, its logo was constantly transforming.

Having fun with Mom vs. Dad

I find this comparison funny because it shows how different parents’ approaches can be. No matter what, though, the children are always happy – so it doesn’t really matter who they are raised by!

That’s two very different ways to spend Valentine’s

Luckily, one person witnessed this hilarious sight while waiting in line at the supermarket and could not refrain from sharing it. Somebody at Ralph’s saw a man buying 12 pieces of fried chicken and whiskey and was reminded of somebody else buying 12 pink tulips and cupcakes; they were both doing so for Valentine’s Day.

Beach time vs. the cleanup after

Honestly, this dog is too relatable and we don’t blame him for looking super sad when he stepped out of the shower. We all know what it feels like coming home after having a long fun day at the beach to find ourselves covered in sand, which won’t wash off easily.

A Barbie doll’s proportions compared to an average 19-year-old

This one is honestly pretty crazy. As many of us grow up playing with Barbie dolls, we start to realize they do not accurately represent the body shape of a woman. One way people can compare it to see what I’m talking about would be by comparing a Barbie doll’s proportions to those of an average 19-year-old girl.

The tip of a needle made by man vs. the tip of a bee stinger made by mother nature.

Most people fear needles and for good reason, who wants something poking through their skin? But these photos are so different from each other in comparison. It’s hard to believe how small the needle looks when it stands next to the sharp, serrated stinger of a bee.

In the war of the food courts, who’s really winning?

The length of the Chipotle line is so ridiculous, it makes us want to jump in line at Taco Bell just to try and balance things out a little.

We’ll admit Chipotle is really good, but when we’re hungry, a burrito is a burrito. And even if the quality is supposedly better, sometimes you have to factor in wait time.

Triceratops bones (left) and elephant bones (right). Human (middle) for scale.

There’s no denying it: Dinosaurs are some of the largest beasts to have ever existed. But hold up– elephants aren’t far behind! Luckily, we’ve got photographic evidence just in case you’re wondering how these two compare– check out this photo showing a full-grown human lying down next to just one dinosaur bone!

The view at 9 am vs. 11 am in Michigan

This is what the lake in Michigan looked like at 9:00 am versus 11:00 am. Just two hours can drastically change the look of a landscape; even an environment such as this one here.

Commercially grown vs. heirloom tomatoes

Who’s up for some food? The tomato on the left has been around long enough to look like any old everyday grocery store variety while the other one has clearly changed over time. Plants are no different from humans in that way; evolution changes them over years of being alive.

There are so many Earths that could fit inside the sun.

The sun is one of those things that we imagine as being small because it’s so far away, but when you take into account its sheer size – there are no words for how big this thing actually is. In order to try and put this into perspective for you, someone made a visual representation of all the earths which could fit inside the sun – just to give you an idea of what exactly you’re dealing with here.

Surf City, NC: before and after Hurricane Florence

Anyone who didn’t know just how powerful Mother Nature can be should take a look at this photo. It was just an ordinary street with houses and grass before Hurricane Katrina came, turning it into something else entirely.

The height difference between these two girls at a party.

These two friends show that friendships come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. What matters most is if we find someone to truly connect with – they might just happen to be a foot taller than us, but it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day they’re still there for you.

Japan’s highest bridge compared to the height of Godzilla

This sign was spotted by someone on a bridge in Japan and they just had to snap a photo. Just in case any tourists were wondering how tall the bridge they’re standing on is, all they need to know is that Godzilla could easily walk under it.

A grain of rice next to the world’s smallest computer

These days, we’ve got some seriously amazing technology available- and it’s only getting smaller. Take this thing for example- what you’re looking at is actually a computer like the one sitting on my desk back home.

Arterial ischemia compared to normal, healthy blood

Surprisingly, the photo you see here does not have a filter! On the left is an image of someone who appears to be very ill with low levels of hemoglobin- whereas on the right is that same person but after having received 2 units of blood. It looks like she’s been given life from these red blood cells!

Two candle flames: one burning on Earth and the other burning in space

This comparison is telling of the effect that gravity has on things. The candle on the left is a normal candle burning on earth; while the one on the right is a candle burning in microgravity, or zero-gravity, aboard the International Space Station. This kind of extinguished flame denotes something magical about space – it seems like even fire obeys its laws here!

Women’s size 9 vs. men’s size 18

Of course, the average woman is smaller than the average man. This fact can be seen through analyzing our hands and feet.

These cone-headed skulls appear otherworldly, but they’re actually human

When one compares a regular human skull to these conehead skulls they could mistake it for a different species altogether. Yet, this is actually an authentic piece of human history; 1,000-year-old human skulls were discovered in Peru. And interestingly enough, the ancient Peruvians purposefully elongated their skulls in order to represent high social standing within society.

Two teddy bears bought at the same time, with one kept in storage until today.

When my brother was born in 1985, my mother bought two identical teddy bears. One of them had been him since he was just a little boy while the other had remained hidden deep within my parents’ basement for years until it was given to him when his first son was born this past Sunday morning.

Both are thirteen years old.

These two friends are proof that humans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Why some take longer than others to develop remains a mystery, but it does no matter- for what matters is that everyone has their own story to tell about who they are.

Barbie’s makeup changes over 20 years

Over the last two decades of its existence, Barbie has changed drastically. Over those years we’ve watched her transform from a girl who loved trolls, to what could be best described as a country music star, to finally becoming someone that looks like she’s straight out of The Stepford Wives- just to name a few.

Daughter’s 2018 phone vs. her mother’s 1998 phone

Wow, what a difference 20 years can make. Your mom’s phone has been out of style for years now. It’s so old that it could be donated to a museum exhibit on ancient artifacts from the 20th century!

Bacteria spread quickly without wearing a mask vs. wearing a mask

This is eye-opening! When coughing, there are so many germs that could fly out of your mouth. The petri dish on the left shows bacteria spreading without wearing a mask, while the petri dish on the right does show bacteria spreading when wearing a mask. This makes me rethink about how little I know about my surrounding environment – where these invisible germs are invading us from all around us – just waiting for an opportunity to jump at those who come near them.

Son and father side by side

We don’t all resemble our parents that much. Sometimes we look very different from them, and others often think of us as adopted because of it. Yet this case is unusually rare and demonstrates how nature can work in strange ways.

One week, and then the next

Though time moves at an agonizingly slow pace most of the time, there are moments when it speeds up noticeably- and they’re never more evident than during this breathtaking change of season.

Two very different aquatic brains spotted at a museum

Nature is full of surprises, and things are often very different from the way they seem. Sharks are regarded as such great predators with an immense intellect yet dolphins possess a much higher intelligence.

3 friends

Someone spotted these three friends from behind and just had to snap a photo because they looked so unusual next to each other. They’re such different people but it’s that diversity that makes them great friends. It teaches us all to accept others no matter what they look like or where they come from.

The movie vs. the reluctant reenactment

It seems like these days a lot of moments from movies and TV shows are nothing like what they’re supposed to be in real life. Clearly, the circle of life scene from The Lion King falls into this category, judging by how unimpressed this cat is. Sometimes I’m left wondering if real life can really be this good.

Häagen-Dazs pints are smaller than Ben & Jerry’s

Everyone loves ice cream. Out of all the flavors to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best one. However, if you had an extra two ounces in your pint-size then this wouldn’t be a problem anymore. Haagen-Daas recently decided to lower their pint-size by two ounces, which has made us rethink what they offer. So next time we’re at the grocery store looking for some sweet treats – we’re definitely going for theirs!

Yao Ming, Christina Aguilera, and Shaq

Most of us have seen Yao Ming in pictures and we know that he is very tall, but this picture next to two other notable celebrities shows us just how big he really is.

This blue McDonald’s sign almost matches the Arizona sky

Golden arches are a trademark of McDonald’s restaurants worldwide. In this tiny Arizona town, however, the golden arches are plated with turquoise paint to harmonize with the striking sky. Town regulations specify that buildings need not be obtrusive and thus, residents decided upon an alternative design for their local fast food establishment.

Asher’s adoption, and then today

When it comes to emotions, dogs are pretty much open books. The top photo shows a timid and fearful Asher just hours after being adopted, while the bottom photo shows the pup at present day, clearly having gained some much-needed love and confidence that comes with time well-spent in a loving home.

Blinds of a smoker vs. non-smoker

This person walked by two windows next to each other and just had to take a picture. It’s not hard at all to figure out which window is pictured on the left, but who could ever guess what was going through this person’s mind when they took a photo of the window on the right?

The full moon is just like the United States of America.

We all know that the sun is large, but at least the moon is a bit easier to comprehend! While millions (that’s right, millions!) of Earths fit inside the sun, about 50 moons could fit inside Earth.

One cup owned for 20 years, the other found in mint condition at a flea market

This person stumbled upon a flea market when they accidentally bought another cup from Burger King that was identical to their old one.

There are 3 generations in this photo.

Um… which one is Grandma? Honestly, we have no idea! Regardless of age, these three women are equally stunning. Clearly, there are some gorgeous, ageless genes running through this family.

The yolks of store bought vs. farm-raised chicken eggs

I cracked open an egg from the store and another one fresh from my farm. There was a stark difference between them. So after conducting extensive scientific research (i.e. we Googled it), we found out that fresh farm eggs supposedly have less cholesterol and saturated fat than regular store-bought eggs. They also have more nutrients! That’s it, we’re adopting a chicken just for those sweet, nutritious eggs.

Same sign, different season…

There are many types of people in this world. Some like warm, sunny summer days; others love the cold and snow-filled winter day. But it is important to note that these two different types of weather can also have a significant difference on one another. As you can see from this picture, sometimes the sun shines high above- while other times dark clouds hang over it blocking out any light whatsoever- depending on what time of year it is.

Two months old vs. 2 years old

This wolf is only a few months old, looking more like an adorable puppy than anything else. However, when it reaches two years of blue in size, you’ll find that there really is no cute puppy anymore – just a massive beast ready to take on the world. We’re not sure if we’d want one as a pet ourselves; though this woman seems unafraid of its fearsome stature.


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