23 Reasons Women Go To The Restroom In Pairs

If you don’t want to demystify centuries-old mysteries about why women travel to the bathroom in pairs, stop reading here!

If you ARE interested in uncovering the truth about why women pair up and head to the John together, we have a treat for you! And no, it isn’t just about putting on makeup. Sometimes we women need wingmen to provide the standard “you look amazing” support system, talk about other women, and be an extra set of eyes when we’re chatting on whether to lock lips with the attractive guy at the end of the bar.

Here are the answers to our age-old question!

To Check Our Makeup

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Here’s a woman secret that most women don’t talk about in mixed company . . . lipstick is a pain. It fades, it smears, it clumps up on the corners of our mouths. Ann-oy-ing. This is why you won’t find us sitting around our houses in our pj’s wearing a pop of red on our lips. You will find that we all have a lip balm for our purse, backpack, and nightstand. Lip balm isn’t annoying.

That being said, we enjoy the color. We can achieve the defining sense of self cosmetically, especially when we’re out and about with friends or someone we find attractive. What better way to make sure our makeup is staying where it’s supposed to than to grab our nearest friend and head to the restroom?

To Breathe

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Sometimes sitting at a table facing everyone else and feeling the need to join in the conversation can be exhausting, especially if the conversation turns to something heavy like politics or religion!

Grabbing a friend, excusing yourself, and enjoying the quiet of the restroom for a few moments provides solace, an opportunity to reenergize, and the space to breathe and “be” before heading back into the energy at the table.

Wardrobe Malfuntions

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There’s nothing more distracting than sitting at a dinner table or at the bar when and suddenly feeling like your bra clasp just undid itself, a strap came untied, or your buttons might be buttoned incorrectly. Sometimes you can correct this fashion faux pas casually and right in front of everyone else–the more subtle, the better. Other times, you need backup.

Moments like this are perfect for gently tapping the shoulder of the nearest female and asking if she can help you with something in the restroom. With another set of eyes, we can be assured our outfits are on par, keeping everything where it should be. Once you’re fully locked and loaded, you’re ready to re-enter the fray.

Change, Please

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It’s pretty rare when we happen to be carrying change around with us these days. In general, most money that changes hands does so in Paypal, Venmo, or some other service. You don’t often hear the jingling of change in anyone’s pockets or purses. In general, that’s not a problem–simply a sign of our changing times. But . . .

Now and then, a girl needs a quarter or two! That’s when she needs to call upon the kindness of one of her sisters to head to the restroom with her.

Gossip Sesh

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From time to time, a woman has something to say about you that she doesn’t want to say in front of you. It’s nothing personal–unless it’s personal.

Here’s the thing, if she’s into you, she’s going to enlist the help of the other women in the room to help her assess whether you’re into her too. She could rely on her own skills of observation and instinct, but it’s way more fun to have another set of eyes on the situation. Conversely, if she isn’t into you, she’s going to ask her female cohorts to help divert his attention off of her and onto themselves, or anything else!

Summary Breaks

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Suppose a woman finds herself embroiled in a conversation in which she’s catching mixed signals or feeling any level of shock or surprise in terms of the signals her conversation partner is laying down. In that case, she’s going to grab a woman or two, head to the ladies’ room, and summarize the conversation as quickly as possible.

She’s hoping to gain clarity on one of three things: the kind of conversation she’s in (is the person coming onto her or is she imagining it), whether the person is lying about something, or whether she should respond one way or another. The longer she’s in the restroom with her posse, the more she has to untangle before she feels comfortable proceeding.

She Wants a Line Buddy

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Standing in line is boring. It’s been boring since we were in grade school and had to wait in line for the water fountain at the end of recess. You know what we mean. “Hey, so-and-so, are you trying to drink the whole ocean? Hurry up!” Standing in boring lines is triggering.

If a woman sees there’s a line at the restroom, she’ll head over with backup. It’s not that she cannot entertain herself–especially if she has her phone with her or she’s super into people watching–it’s that standing in line is way more fun and productive when you’re doing it with someone else. So, if you see a line at the restroom door, you can assume she’ll take a friend.

Door Guard Duty

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We’ve all been there–we have to use the restroom, but we’re not sure we trust the door sitch. When that happens, it’s good to bring a friend along to stand guard. No one is trying to have a stranger open the door mid-you-know-what.

We think guys would also ask a friend to come with them to the restroom if the doors seemed shady.

Wing Man Stuff

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Sometimes people say mean things, and as girls, we have a specific intuition to knowing when another girl is hurting. When we sense a friend in need, we will initiate a trip to the bathroom and set the record straight with our friend.

Once there, we will hype up our girl! We’ll make sure she leaves that restroom feeling poised, confident, and ready to get back on track to being the queen she is.

Playing Defense

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When a woman can see a set of curious eyes watching her every move–and she isn’t interested in pursuing the person further–she will ask a friend to head to the ladies’ room with her to stop his potential advances.

You’ve seen it before–two women walking together, arm-in-arm, as they appear to be in the depths of a riveting conversation. That’s an intimidating scene for a man. He isn’t likely to break the barrier of women deep in discussion about whatever women talk about. This is a subtle use of the wingman and quite effective against unwanted advances!


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