The Funniest Bathroom Signs Ever Made

Gone are the days when bathroom signs have simple, undecorated labels. If you think a bathroom sign has no room for humor, then think again!

From weird shapes to combined letters to pictograms, some bathroom labels are far from typical. Ready to laugh out loud? Take a look at our compilation of the most creative bathroom signs ever made


History Facts - The Korean War

  1. Korea is composed of two sovereign states, both claiming legitimate rule over the whole country. This stalemate has been in place since the Cold War when China and the Soviet Union supported North Korea, while the US and the United Nations backed South Korea.
  2. The Korean War began on June 25, 1950, when North Korean forces crossed the 38th parallel border to invade their southern counterparts, determined to impose communism. There were around 5 million people reported dead, missing, or wounded. Today, over 7,000 US soldiers remain missing in action.
  3. To repel the North Korean forces, the UN Security Council formed the United Nations Command. Twenty-one member nations eventually provided troops and other forms of support to solidify the UN force.
  4. During the Korean War, North Korean soldiers were portrayed positively in North Korean films like Unsung Heroes. To further strengthen their propaganda, the North Korean government highlighted a camp uprising incident where Gen. Francis Townsend Dodd was taken hostage by North Korean OFWs, thus embarrassing the US military forces.
  5. The Korean War could've been avoided if the CIA had taken deterrent action against the Northern forces earlier. They had been spotted months before the invasion, gradually moving south, but the CIA wrote this maneuvering off as a defensive strategy.
  6. Prostitutes were provided by the South Korean government to keep their soldiers happy. An account on the matter says that a sole call girl strived to meet a quota of having sex with 29 men in a single day.

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