25 Items You Should Never Buy at Walmart

Few stores offer such a wide variety of products at bargain prices like Walmart. However, a great bang for your buck can hurt your wallet in the long run if you’re giving up quality for quantity.

Though the retail giant is popular all over, it’s far from perfect. From certain electronics to clothing and household goods, here are the items you should avoid when shopping at Walmart.



When you’re in the market for new dishware, do you usually go out and buy what’s available at your nearest Wal-Mart or Target? You might want to consider looking around on the internet instead. More often than not, you’ll be able to find higher quality items on sale with a variety of different retailers from which to choose, just like reading customer reviews about how useful or reliable an item actually is before spending money on it.

In other words, just purchasing the cheapest or easiest option isn’t always the best decision.


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Every Walmart seems to have a really large section of movies and CDs available. I mean, that section is huge and has every movie and music choice imaginable – but this world also houses all the recent releases in the form of streaming services. Movies and albums are usually cheaper with these new options than they would be if you bought them at stores like Wal-Mart, which means anyone interested in some old classics can go ahead and keep their money for something else!

Think about it this way- for one $15 movie, you could have been paying for two months of a streaming service that offers unlimited movies. The same goes for music options.

Meat & Fish


You need to be really careful when it comes to buying meat or fish. Regardless of where you buy from, make sure that what you are purchasing is fresh and high-quality so you know it will last a long time. When looking at the flesh, note its color and feel; after purchase, make sure to sniff it. Your nose can tell if something has gone bad and needs to be thrown out – making your tummy happy all over again!

Since sometimes, you’ll find meats and seafood are cheaper at some retailers, it might mean it’s worth making the extra effort to ensure they’re of good quality.



You must be wary of where you buy tires for your vehicle; not all are equal, and you might spend a lot more money in the future if you buy these inexpensive ones now. I won’t lie to you; there are no cheap prices at Walmart – but what they lack in price, they make up for with service quality. They may not always have the cheapest prices at my local location, but it is worth it when considering their high level of customer care and attention.

However, just like with any car or tire purchase, you should do your research first. You need to know what kind of tires are best for you and where to find them before even thinking about going inside because that way, you’re able to determine beforehand what price range they’re in so there won’t be any surprises later on.


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In order to save some money, it can be tempting to go to Wal-Mart and buy shoes that are relatively cheap. However, you need to take note of the quality. There are those who seem decent at first glance but then there are those who will fall apart faster than other brands due to improper materials or workmanship. It just depends on how you plan too.

If you are one of those people who never wear the same pair of shoes twice but only need them for temporary purposes, then this store is perfect for you. Their prices may be higher than what you’re used to paying but when it comes down to it these prices are more reasonable considering most of their shoes can last much longer than expected!

Art Supplies

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Art supplies aren’t something you’d want to purchase cheaply – this depends on the type of art supply you’re buying. You can’t just buy your artist friend cheap art supplies and expect them to be happy with them either – this is an area where quality really, really matters.

Instead of heading out to the store, try doing some research on the internet. Find out which brands of art supplies artists prefer over others and purchase those instead. Even if you are only buying a small amount, they will know what it means and will truly appreciate them.


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To really make it at the highest level, you can’t be afraid to invest in high-quality equipment. Sportswear and gear bought from a specialist store will last longer, feel better on you, and make all the difference when it comes time for serious performance.

When it comes to sports equipment and clothing, they are bound to endure a lot of use, for obvious reasons. They need to be able to withstand the various elements without wearing or tearing too quickly. On the other hand, sometimes buying something cheaper means you might be able to replace it easier when it breaks out in the field.



Buying produce can be risky at times, no matter where you purchase it from. And yes, this includes Walmart, as many people choose to shop there as their typical grocery store. In fact, Walmart even has Neighborhood Market stores that are specifically designed for groceries.

It’s important to keep in mind that sometimes when different grocery stores say they have different prices on the same items, they are actually getting them from the same place. You want to compare price per pound and product quality before making a decision about buying anything.



Though many people may not know this, we’ve discussed it before but it deserves mentioning again. Technology has made it so easy to buy music when we used to have to go out and actually find a store that sells CDs and other forms of music! All you need is access to an internet connection which most people nowadays do anyways; then all of the songs in the world are just waiting for you to download onto your device!

Not only that, but at the same time – which is worth repeating – you would be paying for one item when you could actually get access to millions instead. What are your limits? You can also save so much space in your own home!



If you go all the way to say, Hawaii, and bring back your friends and family a souvenir from Walmart, they have every right to be disappointed in you. A souvenir from Walmart screams last minute. Support local businesses wherever you go and get cool, unique knick-knacks that are hard to find at chain stores. Your friends and family will notice the difference!

It might be tempting to just take a quick detour in Walmart while you are on Vacation. There is one located just about everywhere around the world, after all. But don’t assume that because it is easy to find at home and you were already there for other errands – buying an inexpensive trinket will do no harm.

Party Supplies

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Here’s what you need to know about party supplies. There are so many choices for the same exact item and some places are cheaper than others. Keep in mind though, that most of these items will eventually get dirty after one use anyway – so you don’t want to spend too much money on them anyways.

So, if you want to purchase some disposable plates, napkins, cups, and utensils for your next gathering but aren’t sure which ones are the cheapest; the nearest dollar store might have some good deals. Though it never hurts to purchase supplies that can be reused over time instead. Unless you’re up for doing all of the dishes at the end.

Sports Memorabilia

Just like souvenirs, support the local artists who put more passion and creativity into what they create. In other words, you could always buy something mass-produced at Walmart that features some sort of sports emblem – but it’ll just be the same old thing and your friends and family have probably already seen it at their own Walmart anyways.

So why not purchase something really cool? If you are buying it from a place like Walmart, then at least they have the option to return it if they didn’t like it!

Gift Cards

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When shopping for someone difficult to buy for, consider giving a Gift Card as the perfect present. It may be too easy for some people, but there are others who will appreciate this thoughtful gesture. These cards are also great gifts for educators when thanking them for all their dedication throughout the school year.

However, grabbing up a discounted gift card from the store might not always be the most economical choice. It is common to find discounted gift cards online or even purchase them during different time periods throughout the year at reduced prices as an incentive for consumers to purchase more goods.



As we’re all aware, the same toy can be found at different stores depending on what it is. In this case, Wal-Mart has them too and they may even have better prices than other stores.

However, there are some toys you should probably steer clear of. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re cheap, throw-away items that’ll never last and always end up taking up valuable space. It’s best to spend just a few more dollars than settle for something subpar – especially when it comes to children who deserve nothing but the best from their parents.


You’re better off filling a plastic bag with the lint you collect from your dryer before trying to sleep on one of their inexpensive pillows. Sure, a plastic bag full of lint might actually be comfortable if you placed it inside something other than a small plastic bag and who knows, maybe that’s what they used to fill these pillows up in the first place.

Just kidding. But the truth is that if you want to make sure you’re getting the best sleep possible, then it’s always worth investing in an expensive pillow. Cheap ones just don’t work well over time – so ditch them for something that will last and be much more comfortable too!



When you buy luggage, it’s important to make sure that it lasts. Not only do you want something that can hold up for years of traveling (withstanding anything from being thrown around during loading onto an airplane), but also need something that looks great too!

Let’s not even discuss how they’ll go through everything you own and then return it to a place that isn’t yours. When buying luggage, make sure it lasts. Not the one on aisle five.



I’ll admit it, Walmart has some pretty great deals on TVs during the holidays. I remember when I came across my TV because it was discounted by a full $800 off of its original price. Ok so maybe I did end up taking the last one they had in stock left hanging on the wall – but saving an extra grand made me happy!

It’s important to do some research before buying anything, even if it seems like an inexpensive purchase. It could end up being something you’ll use for years or just regret later on when you see something better for less money.

Wrapping Paper

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Just like party supplies, I find it best to buy these things at the local dollar store because they’re made of cheaper material and don’t offer anything special. What matters most when it comes to wrapping paper is how nice-looking it is and whether or not you can use it for its original purpose – gifts.

The truth is that this gift will be ripped open anyways, and the recipient will only care about what’s inside. Personally, I enjoy using kraft paper for my gifts because it’s inexpensive, strong, and easy to decorate with small personal drawings or messages on the package itself.


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Buying vitamins and supplements can be confusing! First off, you should really talk to your doctor before making any decisions about health care for yourself or your body. You don’t want to buy something when you don’t need it or miss out on taking something important when you could use it.

In other words, do your research. If it’s a substance that you’ll be taking for an extended period of time (vitamin, medicine), buy it in bulk and take care to notice the expiration date so that you don’t accidentally go through all of your supply before its due date!


Think about the type of furniture you can often find at big box stores like Walmart. Usually, they are inexpensive and need to be assembled on your own. But worse yet – they lack any sort of long-lasting quality.

It is often wise to spend more on high-quality products. It’s worth the investment because of how furniture plays such an important role in one’s home, and the material used can make all the difference.

Granted, the type of furniture you typically find in stores such as these may serve its purpose but it will usually break after a few months. If you’re looking for something durable, keep looking.


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When one has a need for reading material such as celebrity gossip, or how to work in your garden or build just about anything – many people turn to magazines. Upon entering nearly any store, you’ll find racks upon racks of this popular reading material that people devour every day. If there’s one thing we can deduce from these greedy readers all around us – it’s that there are plenty more things to read!

However, the truth is that you can find a lot of that same information for free online — with less risk of a paper cut!



Appliances can be an expensive purchase. You don’t want to impulsively buy one without researching beforehand because these items will last for years. This is just another reason why you need to do your research before buying anything; especially when it comes to an appliance that will last for a long time.

Sometimes, an off-brand item will prove to be of higher quality than its high-end counterpart; however, this is not always the case. Again, do your research before settling on anything you hope might last through time. This is especially important when it comes to products like electronic devices – which are notorious for breaking quickly and easily when bought at bargain prices.



You might think coffee is just another beverage, but when it comes to buying one – you would be wrong. Different types of coffees come with different price tags, which means that sometimes the bargains are too good to be true. The number one rule when it comes to shopping for a great cup is? Compare what type of beans they use and where they come from – which will determine how strong they will taste; and whether or not other stores carry the same product at a lower cost.

You should also keep in mind that buying bulk is usually cheaper than individual packages. Just make sure you don’t buy so much at once that you’ll end up throwing away what you won’t consume before it spoils. Of course, there are those who would appreciate this especially if they’re addicted to coffee.


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Have you ever noticed how expensive batteries are? Even though they may seem like a good deal in comparison to other large retailers, the reality is that even batteries are also often cheaper elsewhere.

For instance, Amazon offers its own line of batteries which can be bought in bulk and seem to have a reasonable price. In addition, they also allow you to look at reviews on the website to see how long these batteries last for other people as well as if there are any existing problems with them.



Based on price-per-ounce, it’s cheaper to buy this shampoo on Amazon than at other stores. Furthermore, not all shampoo brands are good for your hair. Some ingredients might give you dandruff while others dry out your scalp—not an ideal situation!

In other words, it would seem that some products designed to improve your hair could actually be making it worse over time. Of course, some inexpensive brands can work well in the long-term, but this is yet another research first situation.

Tech Accessories


Walmart, like many of its competitors, overcharges for phone cases and the like. You can typically find them at a much lower price somewhere else.

Buying electronics from an online retailer has its benefits. For example, you can compare the prices of different products and have a greater selection to choose from. Plus, there are no shipping fees or sales tax when buying online.

However, you can still go to a store to see and touch an item while still buying it online or from another retailer for a cheaper price.


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Just like how there are many choices of movies and music at Walmart, they also offer books. But before purchasing one at Walmart, it would be wise to do some research beforehand. Pull out your phone and compare prices on different retailers who sell the same book.

For example, you can usually find a book on Amazon for a discounted price, or as an unused copy. You could also read the digital copy on apps like Kindle. But then again, there is nothing quite like reading a physical copy of the book.



He/she bought you jewelry from Walmart does not sound great.

But seriously, how would your loved ones feel if they found out you got them budget jewelry? You see, some people actually care about that sort of thing – and cheap often means poor quality goods.

On the other hand, if you know someone who does not appreciate expensive gifts for their sentimental value but would prefer quality regardless of price, then by all means invest in some high-quality jewelry.

Pre-paid Phones

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This does come at a cost of its own. You’re usually limited to just how much time you can use and these services are sometimes lacking in extras that other carriers offer. This means that there’s an increased probability that you’ll end up paying more than expected for something you hoped would be cheaper as well.


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