30 Scary Selfies Taken in Dangerous Places

One of the latest social media trends is that of the scary selfie, where thrill seekers take pictures on top of skyscrapers, next to erupting volcanoes, or at other dangerous locations. With adrenaline junkies known for pushing the limits of their bodies and their physical safety, it makes sense they’d want to capture their unsafe antics on camera. 

From posing out the window of a moving train to many precarious pictures atop high-rises, check out this list for some of the world’s most dangerous selfies. And hopefully this should go without saying, but please don’t try any of this at home!

He looks comfortable, but we sure aren’t!

As skyscrapers loomed in the distance around him, this man climbed further and further up until the buildings below started to shrink. This thrill seeker’s lack of fear can be clearly seen in his casual attire, complete with sunglasses, a graphic tee, and a selfie stick, yet no apparent safety harness.

He looks nonchalant and at ease, while we’re just hoping he climbed back down safe and sound.

Three options for dismount, and none of them are great.

There’s being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and then there’s this guy. He could either go back down the way he came up, via the steps and cables on the suspension bridge he’s posting on, or he could jump down into the river or traffic. We’d recommend the bridge, .

High up on the left side, you’ll see lanes of traffic; to your right are several hundred feet above water – and below them lay metal rods and supports. Trying to make sense of it all may lead to a panic attack so just take deep breaths while enjoying an ice cold beverage.

Hugging the wall isn’t this guy’s thing

Just when you thought the man from before might heed your pleas and get down, he does – but in the worst way. Instead of taking the stairs like everyone else, he goes for a free-climb straight up the side of the mountain. He looks stuck!

The most beautiful city of the world! Rio de Janeiro.

They say Rio de Janeiro is beautiful, and that everything to the left of this gigantic rock lives up to its beauty. But everything on the right side of it- including this big rock- could very well kill me

Together we are stronger

Nothing brings people together quite like a cliff-face. The best part about this photo is that all of the friends are lying down, dangling their legs over the ledge and grasping one another’s hand. Sharing feels good after all.

It’s time for a selfie

Selfie stick in one hand, the second phone in her other hand, and somehow this chick has a smile on her face. She’s just too perfect for words! But then again – how does she even have the ability? One gust of wind and…oh my goodness. GET DOWN!

Lean out or lean in

Early morning light suffuses the heart-warming landscapes around me. A man on top of an old chimney seems to be peering through it – does he fear being pulled down if he leans forward or pushed back off if he leans back?

Hot stuff

Many frozen foods are cooked by heating them to 400 degrees Fahrenheit in an oven. The lava behind this guy can pop at about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit or higher when it erupts. At least he’s wearing a helmet – you never know what could happen!

Old and new

Living life on the edge is one thing, but I would never choose to live while clinging onto an old rusty beam. Risking a fatal fall or getting tetanus just isn’t worth it.

When ants are people

Unlike at a stadium, the people far away still looked no bigger than ants. But the issue was that they were having fun down there while all you could do was balance yourself on this thin line between life and death- just for an unsatisfactory view of them down there having fun.

A sudden change of mind

Finally, what we needed was someone who would look at us with a face of terror and say that they are regretting their decision to climb up these buildings because they will never make it down alive. All I need is one crazy person. We almost had it when I looked at this photo until I noticed she’s only gripping onto a slippery surface with one hand inside her woolen coat- no gloves for protection!

This is not a movie still – it’s real

Though it may seem unreal, this is not an edited photo or a still from a film. It is just one of the many remarkable features found in Dean’s Blue (black) Hole in the Bahamas. However, what makes this particular dive amazing is that its depth plunges to 663 feet below sea level.

Hold your breath

This man is free diving in the world’s deepest manmade swimming pool with a depth of 148 feet. One might expect the intense pressure and anxiety when one hold their breath for just twelve feet in a common swimming pool; imagine then how it feels when trying to keep themselves down under water, having dove into depths that exceed twelve times what most people are used to – at 148 ft below sea level?

Against the world

This photo doesn’t do these two daring people justice. Please bear with us while we take a closer look; this duo is standing on a blue crane- how high off the ground?- in foggy conditions. This means everything ia wet around them. And just look at those tiny buildings! They’re not so small when you see them from such an upclose perspective, huh?

Dressed for the occasion

Clearly this one was here for the night. Her makeup done to perfection; bravo! And please get down from there, we’re getting anxious.

Jesus saves

It’s true that Jesus saves. He’s saving the general population from the hijinks of this disrespectful idiot. Not only is he standing on the head of Brazil’s giant Christ the Redeemer statue, but he has a mischievous grin spread across his face to rub in this fact.

The next stop is the top

We wish the shirt had said I’m with stupid with an arrow pointing upward instead of next stop is the top. Is she trying to get attention?

Taking care of the country by taking a selfie at a time

Fighter jets are built to fly at an altitude of around 50,000 feet – but that doesn’t mean they always do. Depending on weather and other factors, there is no limit on how high or low they can go. Take advantage of the gorgeous views up there – just don’t forget you’re still an important part of your team down here!

Lend him a hand!

There is an intense desire for a GoPro on the guy’s chest or forehead because otherwise this photo wouldn’t make any sense. If he was hanging from something pretty high up and both of his arms are at his sides, then one of them must be holding him up; right?


Nope nope nope. No thank you, please. And this structure is an old Russian radar from the Soviet Union era.

There’s nothing here to see

This person appears to be having a great time even though he is surrounded by chaotic activity. There are bright lights, tons of smoke and dozens of people raising their hands- it looks like he might have been able to escape from this unfortunate situation after all.

A plane crashed, sinking into water. I felt cute and might delete later

A quick snap of something to put on Instagram – whether at an airport or sinking in the middle of the ocean – is always nice. This person knows they’re never going to be able to take a selfie with such perfect lighting again and they want it documented before they go under. He knows he’s about to die, but he’ll go out fighting until there’s no fight left in him.

Hong Kong high-rise

Oh man… while water may provide a serene escape from life, it also helps put things in perspective – whether you want them to or not. It’s kinda cool but also kind of scary at the same time- for example, how this dude appears to be leaning back (or maybe he fell) because there’s no security bar below him? Or how he seems WAY too close to going underwater? Either way, we’re feeling pretty creeped out right now. But then again, look at all those stars!

A green thumb

Escaping into nature is supposed to give you peace and stability. But when your friend requests your company on top of the remote antennae tower, all of a sudden, you’re caught between two worlds – one where everything feels at peace and another where nothing but stress is felt. The trees below only show so much while they are far away from the scary height of the tower itself.

Two friends, standing on top of the world

Those idiots with the cameras, those idiots pointing at their yachts from a distance, those idiots using selfie sticks to show off… They’re all just too stupid. Heights are terrifying and falling is dangerous – but they’ll do anything for an awe-inspiring photo.

The cursed thumbs-up

Nothing is thumbs up about this upsetting picture. The only thing scarier than the guy’s right foot dangling over the edge of this pillar made out of cement, is the old iPhone 4s he has in his left hand.

It seems like there’s a blue crane everywhere you look

This person isn’t just holding onto the famous blue crane – they are letting go of it and playing around with it. What other people would do!

Up high, overlooking all traffic

Bridges over water with smooth cables are a favorite here, it seems. Some people bring climbing gloves when they head out for an evening stroll. It doesn’t look like this person does, though he is sporting gardening gloves from what we can see. All the best!

As high as they go

MrAllyLaw of Instagram says that he’s been to almost every country in the world, but never visits his own. Maybe it’s because his mind is always lost in fantasy.

Beyond the realm of nerve-wracking

This stunt man is slack-lining with his parachute tied to a pole. It’s unimaginable what he’ll do next without the help of his trusty old friend, but it doesn’t seem like he has any plans to let go anytime soon.

At least he knows

This photographer took a daring selfie atop a canyon in Utah’s Canyonlands National Park. The caption, however, reveals his awareness of his own stupidity; or at least some sense of self-awareness. He said, I don’t always take selfies, but when I do they are dangerous.

Feeling dizzy?

Honestly, it’s difficult to determine who among these people is in the most risky position? At best they’re all equally unsafe. In reality, this photograph was taken somewhere in Yekaterinburg, Russia – a hot spot for thrill seekers and those seeking danger alike – where injuring oneself became commonplace rather quickly.

Some people commute

We certainly hope this photographer is trained and prepared to do this…

Okay, we’ll stop now. But seriously, selfies taken from high up have been banned in places like Sri Lanka and India because the behaviour became so widespread – mainly perpetrated by tourists – that it was slowing down train service in those countries.

Cool shoes

This photo was taken 8,694 feet up on China’s Tiger Leaping Gorge trail – the most treacherous hike in the world. And yet this brave photographer not only attempted it without hesitation, but did so wearing their favorite red Chuck Taylor All-Star sneakers from when they were younger.

Let’s go, Ravens!

It’s no wonder that this daring self-portrait was taken by a man in a Baltimore Ravens hat, while he soars above Hong Kong. Photographer Daniel Lau is known for being one of the most celebrated risk takers on Instagram; and always shares his adrenaline-fueled scenes accordingly.

That’s bull

For centuries now, the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain has led to hundreds of injuries and sometimes deaths. People who take selfies at this event are risking it all for a chance at getting some social media attention.


Well-known daredevil photographer Alexander Remnev and his two friends snapped this wild photo in the sky over Shanghai. Although there are many risks involved in such a daring act, it appears that all three of them were simply having fun.

Just chillin’ with your girl

Looking at the picture of these two, it becomes apparent what they were talking about during their date:

Him: Babe, isn’t this the perfect date?

Her: Ugh…sure. Let me get down from here now though.

Him: Awesome, but let’s take a selfie first!

Turn on the heat

Who would take a selfie while standing dangerously close to an active volcano? As it turns out, there are plenty of people who want to show off how brave they are or just want attention in the form of selfies – so much so that the UK’s Royal Geographic Society has issued warnings about these dangerous acts. There are also other crazy selfies at volcanoes…

At least he has equipment

This is National Geographic Adventurer and self-proclaimed storm chaser George Kourounis, who is well known for snapping pictures of himself on dangerous expeditions. He often poses dangerously close to the Vanuatu’s Ambrym Volcano – at least he’s always equipped with protection.


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