30 Things Way Bigger Than Normal

When you think of oversized items, towering skyscrapers or professional basketball players probably come to mind. However, sometimes things that are typically on the smaller size can wow us all when they end up being larger than life.

From beloved critters that got too big for their britches, to giant vegetables almost out of a storybook, here are 30 things that ended up being a lot bigger than anyone expected.

This sea turtle is massive!

They say turtles move slowly on land and fast in the water, so how fast do you think this gigantic sea turtle moves? Hopefully slow, or we might be running for the hills. And in case you were wondering, this photo isn’t photoshopped. The turtle pictured is one of the largest leatherback turtles in the world, and they normally reach 5-6 feet long, though this one is over 8 feet!

A Jumbo Cabbage

With this giant cabbage, you can surely make a mean coleslaw. Not just any coleslaw, though, a monstrous tub of it.

An Enormous Anchor

One way to ensure your ship stays put is by investing in an oversized, humungous anchor. When strong winds start to blow, you’ll realize it was worth every penny.

An Oversized Saxophone

This giant saxophone takes jazz to a whole new level. A huge instrument like this is sure to make a lot of noise. Those poor neighbors.

Huge Hail

Believe it or not, this is a hailstone. A hailstone that you really want to stay far away from, especially in your car.

A Big Bureau

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough space to store your belongings? With the World’s Largest Bureau, that will never be a problem ever again.

A Humongous Horse

This horse is built differently, to say the least. Who knows how much hay it takes to feed this big guy?

A King-Sized Pet

While its owner certainly didn’t expect his puppy to grow this large, we personally don’t see a problem with it. The larger the dog, the more to love.

A Bulky Breadstick

Now, this is what we call a classic combination of excellent customer service and efficiency. If you give the customers one gigantic breadstick, they’ll never need to ask for more.

A Substantial Stocking

A photo like this raises many, many questions. Who’s Rosie? Why is she so big? Is she related to the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk?

A Supersized Plane

Compared to the other planes around it, this beast is sure to hold almost double or triple the amount of passengers. Overbooking surely won’t be a problem with this Air Force plane.

A Harmonica Built for Two

Teamwork makes the dream work, and the same applies to this giant harmonica. This 41-inch harmonica holds a scale range of 320 notes and is able to play all of your favorite songs and more.

A Colossal Carrot

This arms-length carrot can feed a large family and more for who knows how long. From soups and slaws to salads and dips, this carrot can go in just about anything.

A Giant Pair of Boots

These boots are not only made for walking but they’re made for giants, too.

A Gargantuan Gun

One thing can be said about someone who keeps this gun on them: they’re prepared for the worst. If you’re up against a monstrous giant, you know who to call.

Golf ball-size hail anyone?

When someone says to expect golf ball-sized hail, rarely does it mean that the hail will actually measure up to a golf ball. But this time, the hail was ready to hit the golf course!

That’s one giant gator!

If you see this hefty gator lurking in a swamp near you, we suggest you stay far, far away. The man in the photo is the perfect example of “don’t try this at home.”

And just when you thought Pringles cans couldn’t get any taller…

Feeling absolutely ravenous? Don’t worry, Pringles have your back! With these ultra party-sized cans, you’ll never go hungry again.

That’s one tremendous tomato!

This tomato is not only farm-fresh but also gigantic. Buying this tomato is a bargain, since you’re really getting 3-in-1 with your purchase.

Behold: the world’s largest paper cup!

Whether you’re drinking water, tea, or coffee, this paper cup can hold all of it and more! This attraction is located in Riverside, California and is 68 feet high.

Is there a platter large enough for this lobster?

If you’re a fan of seafood, you’d know that the bigger the lobster, the better. In this case, this gigantic lobster takes the cake for one of the biggest we’ve ever seen.

These pepper mills just get more and more massive!

You never know when you’ll need a salt and pepper grinder. Especially one that’s taller than you.

That’s a towering teapot if we’ve ever seen one…

You may claim you love tea, but would you live inside of a teapot? This one puts “I’m a Little Teapot” to shame.

Are we sure this is a dog and not a horse???

Move over Clifford the Big Red Dog, you’ve got some competition. This dog is the type to walk you on a leash, not the other way around.

Just how many groceries could fit in this shopping cart?

There’s nothing a little (or A LOT) of retail therapy won’t fix. If you’re looking to push your problems aside, trying pushing this gigantic cart on your next shopping trip.

Are we sure this is just a slice of pizza, and not the whole pie??

They say go big or go home, and this pizza chef took it literally. If you’re craving a slice, look no further than this huge piece of pizza pie to curb your craving.

Definitely don’t run with these supersized scissors!

These aren’t just your normal pair of scissors; they’re scissors that are fit for a giant. That, or they’re used for cutting a ribbon at an opening ceremony, but we like to use our imagination.

This monster plunger is both gross and hilarious

According to the person who took this photo, this plunger belongs to his mother-in-law and she usually keeps it in her basement. This plunger is extra tall and ready to take on any job you give it.

You’d need some enormous light bulbs to power these lamps!

If you’re looking for an easy way to light up a stadium, look no further because these two giant lamps are sure to do the trick.

That’s the biggest box of Tic Tacs we ever saw…


Tic Tacs are usually bite-sized mints that are easy to chew. In this case, it’ll take several bites to chow down on one of these gianormous mints.

Ever pretend icicles were daggers? This one’s a full-on sword!


Without a doubt, this is the largest icicle you’ve seen. Keep your tongue far, far away from this shard of ice.

Just a massive rubber duck, minding its own business…

Whether it’s cute or nightmare fuel to you, you’d have to agree that you’ve never seen a rubber duck this big in your life. How will it fit in the bath?

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