45 Incredible Individuals With Unique Genetic Traits

We all love the idea of being one-of-a-kind, with no one else in the world like us. But what if you really were that unique? What if you had an eye color that nobody had ever seen before? Or a hand shape unlike anyone else’s? We’re talking about traits that stand out among billions of people — something so special they can’t go unnoticed.

While these unique people might feel awkward at times for standing out so much, we hope they realize how special they are for making the world a more interesting, beautiful place. Here are forty five people with some truly unique genes, from extra digits to whimsical birthmarks and hair colors.

A mother and her baby share the same streak of white hair

No, this isn’t some hair dye trend, but two people’s actual, natural hair. This condition is called poliosis, where a patch or streak of grey hair develops on a person’s head, contrary to their natural hair color.

In an even rarer circumstance, a mother gave birth and her daughter exhibited poliosis in the exact same spot on her scalp.

This woman has 40-inch long legs

Long legs are considered a sign of beauty for many women, but what if you were born with 40-inch long slender legs? Due to Marfan Syndrome, this Swedish model grew tall and slender, which prompted her to start a successful modeling career.

Like many others who are on our list, this model has been mocked for being different. Thankfully however, she found a way to love her uniqueness and use it to her advantage.

This boy has Vitiligo and bright blue eyes

This boy from Uganda had congenital bilateral vitiligo, which caused his skin to have white patches at random places.

At the same time, the boy was also born with the most captivating bright blue eyes. His eye color is due to a condition called ocular albinism, where the coloring of the iris is greatly reduced, typically resulting in pale blue or bright red eyes.

When you’re constantly giving the extra-wide peace sign

This woman has a rare gift – she can extend her index and middle fingers up to astonishing lengths. She has joint hypermobility which is caused by double joints.

This condition affects not only the finger joints but also the toe joints. So although she may wave her hand differently from most humans, it doesn’t stop her from doing her daily tasks or prevent her from having a regular social life.

Meet Nyakim Gatwech, the model nicknamed Queen of the Dark.

Nyakim Gatwech is an inspiring 29-year-old model of African descent whose radiant skin tone has taken over social media.

This model has amassed nearly one million followers on Instagram and has a net worth of $9 million from her modeling career.

This woman has a pupil at the bottom of her eye

Although she sees as others do, this woman’s pupil is off-centered, remaining at the bottom of her eyes. This is a condition known as coloboma and occurs when there is a defect in an eye’s iris.

This condition is one of the rarest on our list, affecting less than 10,000 children in the world.

When you only have freckles on one side of your face

Some people view freckles as beauty marks, while others find them a nuisance. They can often show up on parts of the body such as the nose, all over one’s face, or across one’s entire body.

However, this guy has an unusual freckling pattern because they only show up on one side of his face

This baby was born with elf-like ears

Some people are born with a condition called Stahl’s ear, where they have too much cartilage in their ears, causing them to point upwards – hence the nickname elf ears for these unfortunate souls.

One in 15,000 infants are born with this rare look and many of them eventually choose to have surgery for it later on. We can’t say that we blame them since being different can come at a price for children.

Rare and lovely: this redheaded girl with different colored eyes

This girl’s combination of red hair and heterochromia is quite the extraordinary combination. Heterochromia is condition which causes people to have two different colored eyes, or a single eye to be two different colors. In this girl’s case, she has one blue eye and one hazel eye. This, combined with her natural red hair (most red heads are not natural ones, after all) makes for one unique individual.

This woman has 12 fingers

This condition is called polydactyly, where a person born with this condition will have extra fingers, toes, or both. It was intriguing to see how the woman had twelve digits – two thumbs and ten other fingers on her hands.

You might have seen people with additional digits that are not fully functional, but hers are all entirely normal and capable of working just as they should. With one in every thousand affected globally, this condition is rare even by today’s standards. As this condition is a strong genetic one, her children will probably share the same genotype; making them also prone to inheriting such an affinity for it too.

Meet one of the tallest women in the world!

Due to a condition known as gigantism (which causes excess growth hormone levels in the body), Brazilian model Elisane Silva stands at 6 feet and 9 inches tall. During her childhood, it was discovered that Elisane’s gigantism was caused by a benign tumor on her pituitary gland, causing her to tower over her friends and family.

Since then, Elisane has embraced her height and says that modeling has helped her feel more comfortable and confident in herself.

Her eyebrows and eyelashes don’t match

Amazingly, this woman was born with the striking appearance that makes half of her face look whiter than usual- a condition known as unilateral vitiligo. With it only affecting one side of her face, she attracts many curious eyes and stares from those who pass by.

Victoria Krus shares how vitiligo has made her unique and gorgeous looking, but it didn’t always use to be that way for her. Growing up, she couldn’t accept the half of her face afflicted with this disease; however, now she has come to terms with it and is even grateful for it because modeling has given her a new sense of confidence.

The girl with constant bed head

Shilah Madison was born with uncombable hair syndrome, which causes her hair to stand up at all times. Her mother confirmed that while not painful, Shilah’s hair takes extra care to manage, as only the soft hairbrushes and gentle conditioners are recommended.

Most patients with uncombable hair syndrome gradually grow out of it to some degree. In the meantime, Shillah is clearly rocking her voluminous locks.

That’s one long thumb…

This guy’s fingers are at normal length, but his thumb is the same size as his index finger and it makes up for being the longest thumb one has ever seen. This rare condition called Triphalangeal Thumb (TPT) does happen in people of all ages, especially children who make up a quarter of the total cases reported.

People with this condition have an advantage in playing musical instruments- it is believed that they are better at doing it.

This boy has symmetrical hair whorls

This child has a most unusual hairstyle. Two circles of hair grow on his head; one next to the other.

There has been some research done to see if the direction of one’s hair whorl is related to which hand they write with, but so far nothing has been proven.

Her right finger is missing a joint

Have you ever contemplated what it would be like to not have middle joints on your fingers? One woman was born with a condition known as congenital trigger finger which means she doesn’t have a middle joint in her right thumb.

This condition caused the woman to be born with an extra soft thumb that cannot move. About 3 in 1000 births report a congenital trigger finger.

Two eyes in one

Pupula Duplex is an extremely rare phenomenon in which people are born with two irises and two pupils in the same eye.

There has never been a documented case of Pupula Duplex, nor confirmed photographic evidence; however, edited photos such as this one show what someone claiming to have the condition might look like.

This condition dates back to the Middle Ages

For generations since the Middle Ages, people have documented this condition- hypertrichosis which causes abnormal hair growth.

This condition is not 100% confirmed yet about its root cause. Some scientists believe it may be genetic while others believe this disorder could stem from something else entirely. There are only five cases of this disease around the world right now.

That’s one way to cope with a missing fingernail

This person is missing a fingernail and enjoys looking ridiculous with googly eyes. This condition of being born without one nail on each hand or foot is called anonychia, but it doesn’t apply to everyone.

However, for some people, only partial nails of fingers or toes are missing.

Progeria causes babies like this one to age rapidly

A baby in Bangladesh was born with a rare condition known as progeria. The child would age 8 times faster than other humans.

The baby has wrinkles on his face, a small physique, and hollow eyes. Even though he’ll live a short life span, both of his parents are thrilled to have him here on Earth.

Eyelashes that grow in multiple rows

This rare congenital condition known as Distichiasis is where you have two rows of eyelashes. The second row of eyelashes can include anywhere from a single lash or a few hairs to a full, complete set. Usually, this second row has thinner, shorter, and lighter eyelashes than the first row which consists of long lashes.

Many people experience Distichiasis, which can happen to both upper and lower lids. In some cases though, only one eyelid has lashes while others might only have lashes on the bottom of their eyes. While many find this condition attractive, there are drawbacks. For example, those who experience it need to protect themselves from bright lights due to sensitivity; also they are at risk for eye infections such as Conjunctivitis or Cornea Irritation due to constant contact with harsh liquids like tears.

Bionic Arm

This woman does not have a unique genetic condition, but her arm has an unusual shape which qualifies it for our list.

Her left arm is bionic; this is actually quite modern and cool. She can charge it at any time, anywhere.

Extra toes

One of this little baby’s hands had two thumbs and three fingers instead of one thumb and two fingers. Besides an extra digit on each hand, this child also had an additional toe on each foot totaling 12 digits altogether.

The feet and hands are still proportional to each other, but there’s one extra digit on them. If you were counting the fingers or toes for fun, it might take a second before you notice this little fact!

Missing bridge of my nose

This little boy was born without a bridge on his nose – which meant that he didn’t have what we call a nose shape.

This phenomenon can be caused by a number of conditions. One might say it looks cool that the child can press his nose all or most of the way down!

A woman with the Bluest eyes

Possessing perhaps the bluest eyes we’ve ever seen, model Galicia Nightengale puts her icy blue eyes to work whether she’s working the runway or a photoshoot.

Her dark complexion and distinctive eyes create a face so beautiful that it becomes difficult to look away from her. Before Galicia started modeling, she said she was picked on for being different- an outcast just because of how she looked. But as the years passed, she found acceptance within herself and loved every part of who she had become.

A woman with long toes

She had toes as long as her fingers. She referred to them as Greek feet, claiming they came from her parents–who also happened to have the same deformity. This was all tweeted out, catching everyone off guard with how much attention it got.

She was mercilessly teased as a child because of her toes, but with maturity, she accepted them for what they are- unique to her.

A hole in my ear

Even though it does not have a proper name, some people do in fact have another hole located behind their ear – this one just happens to be in the front of the ear. This is known as a preauricular pit and it usually lies close to the face.

These small, hole-like lesions may look harmless but they’re actually connected to an odd sinus tract below the skin. These lesions can become inflamed or infected in some cases.

The girl with Mystical Albinism look

Albinism is not an uncommon genetic condition found all over the world. Some affected individuals may experience health issues while others may find themselves feeling less attractive due to their lack of pigment in skin, hair, and eyes.

Albinism can often lead to eyesight and hearing loss, making it difficult for those afflicted to live in certain circumstances. However, some believe that the condition gives many of these people an ethereal beauty – magic about them.

A man who inherited a thumb from each parent

You know how proud you feel when you see a body feature that you inherited from your parents. This man’s parents must be so very proud. This couple’s son inherited a thumb finger from each of them.

Although this specific and perfect condition does not have a name, it deserves to be on our list. However, the shorter thumb has a condition known as Brachydactyly which leads to its right thumb being shortened.

The eye of Sauron

The Eye of Sauron from the Lord of the Rings series cannot be underestimated as one of the most terrifying villains in popular culture. A 44-year-old man who had moved back to Texas, for this reason, visited a medical clinic where doctors found out he had Glaucoma, which affects his optic nerve and leads to permanent blindness.

When doctors examined his eye area with the illumination from a light bulb, they found that he had revealed circumferential spoke-like iris transillumination defects (or in common words: Sauron eyes). This discovery was due to flaws in pigment around his pupils.

The queen of Melanin

Khoudia Diop is a model from Senegal who has an inimitable skin tone. She grew up as one of the few black students at her school where she was mocked and bullied for how different her skin looked from the others.

Diop did not let any criticism or bullies discourage her from achieving success, and becoming an internationally recognized model. Diop did not see her skin color as a setback, but rather embraced it for what it is-her natural complexion that she so proudly refers to as the ‘goddess of melanin’.

Webbed Fingers

Although syndactyly affects only 1 out of 2000 people in the world, it is still uncommon because no one has ever come across someone who has such a trait before. The name for this condition allows someone to have what seems like webbed fingers.

Webbed fingers are an anomaly where two digits from the same hand, such as one finger and its adjacent thumb (known as being webbed) or five fingers from different hands combine together in an attempt to create some type of protection against things.

The boy in china with “Cat Eyes”

Nong Youhui is a little boy who was born with a rare cat-eye disease. With this condition, he can see at night just as well as during the day.

According to research, the boy’s eyes seemed to glow at night because of Leukoderma. The condition is now known as Leukoderma. What makes it worse is that he has extremely sensitive skin which can cause him some discomfort.

Tree limbs for hands

Epidermodysplasia verruciformis – also called Tree Man Syndrome – is an extremely rare disorder. It can cause scaly macules and papules to grow on the hands, feet, and even face.

These ‘skin eruptions’ are best described as wart-like lesions and even wood-like or horn-like growths.

Sudden whiteness appeared in my eyes

This person woke up to a shock, one morning at 11 years old when they noticed that the top and bottom lashes of their eyes were snowy white.

The condition is called Vitiligo, and it happens when a person’s immune system becomes weakened, specifically around one area where the pigmentation starts to fade.

A woman without fingers

Another one on our list is a very rare condition – or at least it was until now. As of late, we’ve seen cases of women born with only three fingers instead of five. They lost their pinky and ring finger from birth.

This is a condition called ectrodactyly, which affects around 1 in 900,000 people in the world.

Woman with Bowie Eyes

Bowie Eyes is a slang term for the condition known as Anisocoria. This particular condition happens when only one pupil of the eye functions properly while the other remains stationary. It’s especially intriguing to look at because it is such an unusual phenomenon.

Bowie eyes happen to about 1 in 5 people and are relatively common because of the other conditions we have listed.

A horn protruded from their head

This person actually grew a real-life horn on their head. This disorder is called corny cutaneum, which is also known as a form of large skin tumor.

This disorder is extremely rare and it’s also quite difficult to tell when there are signs of it because any growths are typically very small. But, in some cases where the condition has gone untreated for too long, these growths can get bigger than normal as you can see from this photo.

Sanfilippo Syndrome

The disease commonly appears in infants as they are growing up. These symptoms will often start to show themselves between the ages of 2-6 years old, and even though most cases produce no physical deformities whatsoever, some babies will display mild facial characteristics when afflicted. Of all lysosomal storage diseases, Sanfilippo Syndrome produces the least amount of external problems for those who live with it; making it one of the less severe illnesses out there today.

After an initial symptom-free interval, patients usually present with symptoms such as cognitive impairment and deteriorating motor functions.

Freckles on the Face

Here is another example of beauty. Freckles are even more fascinating because they can grow on just parts of the body or all over it as well.

However, this guy had an unusual amount of freckles all over his face. He was a model who embraced the condition with all that he had – but mainly because no one knew what caused them. These tiny spots were mysterious and beautiful because they defied explanation.

Not so small “Little Finger”

In this singular genetic condition, the pinky finger of this individual is actually larger than all of their other fingers combined! And when it comes to certain things that require dexterity and finesse, a little bit of everything can go a long way.

Technically called macrodactyly, this genetically inherited condition affects the growth of certain fingers. It can also sometimes cause an increase in size for an entire hand or even up to a forearm.

Unique hair steaks

Individuals from all around the world rush to hair salons when a new style becomes popular. For some people, such as this girl with natural streaks in her hair, it isn’t necessary for them to go in for additional treatments.

This girl has a single brown lock that sticks out amidst her beautiful golden locks. What we think is the resemblance to Princess Anna from the animated film Frozen, which we find amusing!

Skin as fragile as a butterfly

Epidermolysis bullosa is a rare genetic condition that leaves skin so delicate and susceptible to tearing or blisters with the slightest contact. Children who suffer from this disorder are often referred to as Butterfly Children due to how fragile their skin looks and feels when compared to an actual butterfly wing.

Mild cases of anxiety may lessen over time, but severe cases can be excruciating and lead to other serious health concerns.

Genetics In Control

This case is quite unique, we have never seen it before. When this boy was ten years old his father had an accident while at work and lost a finger because of it.

Little did he know years later, his own son would inherit the finger that stopped growing. The son’s and father’s fingers had eventually grown identically over time – one part of the family legacy shared from generation to generation.

An iris grew from a pupil

This person had a persistent pupillary membrane (PPM,) which is an ailment of the eye that consists of some tissue stretching across the pupil. The fetus uses this layer as the only means to get blood supply for its lens.

It will waste away after birth between the age of 4 to 8 weeks. Large strands may temporarily hinder sight while very little membrane tissue is an acceptable harmlessness.

The sweetest birthmark

Birthmarks are so commonplace it’s hard to believe they exist at all. They typically appear shortly after birth and happen when cells grow too quickly or in the wrong places due to excess blood vessels, skin cells, or pigment-producing cells.

This little boy’s family was pleasantly surprised when they saw their son come out of the womb with a perfect heart on his forehead.

An unexpected similarity

Here is an example of how two toes can fuse together. Syndactyly – a rare congenital disorder – causes skin and tissue on the fingers or toes to grow together so they are attached side-by-side instead of end-to-end.

In this case, the condition appeared on two separate, unrelated women, who ended up becoming sister-in-laws. Given the bizarre coincidence of their meeting, and having the same toes fused on their right feet, these women got matching tattoos to commemorate their uniqueness.

A tongue covered in tentacles

This guy has a tongue that appears to have some tentacles beneath it. He said that this was a disadvantage because when he eats the tentacle can get in between his teeth which causes pain.

The tentacles are a result of a condition called Plica Fimbriata. Though it isn’t as dangerous as one might think at first glance, it can actually cause problems if left untreated.

One eye that has two colors

This is so fascinating! Can you imagine how it feels when your own child or someone close to you has different colored eyes? This condition is called heterochromia. But in cases where one eye has two different colors, this condition is known as sectoral.

One look at this particular individual with Situs Inversus might give the impression of them being fictional, but they are very much real. With an appearance that is both grotesque and alluring, it’s hard to imagine how someone could look so perfect.

Skin writing

Dermatographism is a benign condition found in many people. Those afflicted with this condition develop small welts or hives-like reactions, usually at the site of irritation caused by scratching.

This reaction can also happen when the skin is exposed to rubbing or pressure. It is often referred to as skin writing.

A man with backward hands

Here is yet another strange individual with a rare genetic mutation that causes him to be able to use his fingers in reverse. This condition, also called Hypermobility Syndrome, allows people of all ages and sexes to use their hands upside down.

The condition can allow a person to hold objects with the back of their palm. This oddity is very uncommon among all people, is found in only 5% of the population across the world.

Slower collagen production

Sara Geurts is 26 in this photo and has been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which left her feeling alienated from the world.

The condition slows down the production of collagen and makes it so that the skin is thinner than normal, being susceptible to wrinkles early on – much like how our skin becomes as we grow old.

A condition that causes bones to grow longer than usual

Approximately 1 in every 10,000 babies born has Marfan Syndrome, which makes it fairly common. People who are afflicted with this disease grow faster than normal; this leads to a disproportionately long-limbed body and an abnormally curved spine compared to people without the disorder.

Bradford Cox, of Deerhunter fame, was born with this disease and has been very vocal about the physical tribulations he has faced in his lifetime. Even so, it did not prevent him from pursuing a music career to date.

Four middle fingers

This guy is capable of flipping people off in a unique manner because he has an extra finger on both of his hands – the middle one, it turns out. When this individual was born, he had six fingers on each hand.

He’s sure to make you feel threatened when he gets angry with you. We think that flipping him off was one of the most unique things we’ve ever seen anyone do in response.

She became famous for her unique features

You’ve probably heard of model Winnie Harlow by now because she’s been climbing her way up to being one of the world’s most famous faces in just a matter of months. Her dark skin tone is complimented by light pigment loss, which creates a unique and unforgettable appearance.

The model came to prominence after participating in the reality television show America’s Next Top Model, and she has since worked with major companies such as Victoria’s Secret, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, and Nike.

World’s smallest child

A young girl named Charlotte Garside was the world’s smallest person because of her excessively rare condition called dwarfism. She held the title of being the smallest human being in the entire world and has a name so big she can barely say it herself!

When Charlotte was five years old, she could barely fit into her clothes because they were so big on her. She weighed about ten pounds at the time.

Circulatory Irregularities

This man’s fingers react sharply when it is below freezing. His hands feel the pain of being frozen and can’t move blood around his body anymore.

One of his fingers turned ghostly white from the lack of circulation – yet over time, it will come back to its normal hue. It just goes to show that he is weaker than others in one sense or another.

His condition got him a job in Hollywood

A dark, haunting video circulated around Hollywood in 2013. In it, a tall and skinny man could be seen crawling on the ground with long black hair and a white mask. He would stretch his arms past what seemed natural for humans to do so, twisting them and bending them at odd angles. The video caused many people to believe it was a puppet or computer-generated image until Javier Botet – an award-winning actor from Spain – was revealed as the perpetrator of this disturbing performance art piece.

Because of his condition, Javier Botet was able to secure a few roles in horror films made in Hollywood. He played one of the lepers in It: Chapter Two and also starred as Slenderman in the movie.

The mirror hand syndrome

The Mirror Hand Syndrome is an interesting condition, and there are many things about it that one may notice. One thing people might observe is that the person with this condition seems to be holding themselves or appearing to hold their own hands in front of them.

The condition is also known as Ulnar Dimelia and affects less than 100 people worldwide. It makes it even more special when someone’s hands are just like that. If you were to look at this person’s hands, they would have 8 fingers on one hand that would resemble each other; there would be no thumbs too.

An Unblemished Iris

This photograph was uploaded anonymously by someone who wants to share their unique genetic condition with the world. You see, they have an unusual iris with a scar at its surface, which can only be seen when viewed up close.

Despite the fact that one would expect their ability to see to be impaired as a result of the scar, the photographer’s eye doctor verified that they have perfectly normal vision.

A cinnamon roll-shaped belly button

You have seen different sorts of stomach holes and people who have injected studs into their stomach holes to make them more alluring. However, this man has one of the most satisfying belly buttons. A stomach hole that looks like a cinnamon roll.

This is not an uncommon attribute, but it depends on how the belly button healed when he was a baby.

An elf-like appearance

The Waardenburg syndrome is a very rare genetic disorder discovered in one-in-forty a thousand people.

There are a few symptoms of Waardenburg syndrome, one of them being an enlarged head which could result in deafness if it’s bad enough. YouTube personality Stef Sanjati suffers from this disorder but she uses her platform to educate others about these symptoms and how they affect her life.

Some Extra-Toes

This genetic condition is called Polydactyly. This is when one has an extra digit on their hand or foot – it can be either a thumb, pinkie, pointer finger, middle finger, ring finger, or little finger. It is the second most common hand and foot anomaly and it develops at birth (congenital).

Polydactyly is often seen in only one limb rather than two. Some choose to undergo surgery while others choose to accept it as part of themselves and live with it.

Extra Limbs

This baby was born with an extra set of appendages. This condition, called polymelia, puts a significant strain on the body and can lead to fatal illnesses or disabilities.

There are many ways for conjoined twins to start. Some come from the development of a twin that did not fully grow or develop, but this is not always the case.

A condition that challenges gender appearances

This girl has a condition called Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), which causes her to grow facial hair more so than other women or men. Like many girls suffering from PCOS, she’s chosen to let her beard grow while also teaching others how they can embrace their bodies.

She has gone even further to redefine and challenge what it means for a woman’s body to look.

Backward foot

This rare genetic disease caused Wang Fang’s feet to grow in reverse. However, it is easily managed with surgical intervention or prosthetics for those who need it when it comes to walking.

When Wang was born doctors thought she would never be able to walk normally because her right leg didn’t grow properly. But against all odds, when she finally grew up, she learned how to walk like everyone else with the help of a prosthetic device.


This young girl, Ava Clarke, is a model and actress who has captivated viewers around the world with her uniquely beautiful features

Ava has albinism which makes her stunningly beautiful. It’s no surprise that she has attracted the notice of the modeling and acting worlds.


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