45 Surprising Photos From the Past

For every picture worth a thousand words, there are countless more photographs that tell a larger story than we could ever imagine. History books rarely capture what life was truly like back then, and once celebrities have risen to fame, their humble beginnings are often quickly forgotten.

Thankfully, we’ve procured a collection of photos that tell different stories from the ones you’ve come to know, ranging from unseen photos of war and unrest, to daring swimsuits and dated fashion trends of decades past. From supermodels’ first catwalks to a US President eating McDonald’s in short shorts, here are some unexpected photos from the past.

A photo of Farrah Fawcett riding her bike in 1977.

Ever wonder why there are so many vintage photos of actress Farrah Fawcett running, swimming, and riding her bike? Of course, Farrah had a daily workout routine that helped maintain her slim physique but for her, it wasn’t just about that. She often said that she thrived when outside in the open air – feeling at home while hiking or cycling through nature or even simply sitting under an olive tree and reading a book. The exercise gave an instant boost to their mental well-being and made her feel revitalized again after being exhausted from everyday life. It seemed like all this time spent focusing on physical activity was giving her more than just physical endurance- it boosted their mood and brought back some lost energy too.

D-Day was an operation spanning three countries; three locations; with aerial support and amphibious landings.

At the Tridents Conference in Washington D.C., it was agreed that there would need to be an intense assault upon the German forces stationed near France; it was also determined that such an endeavor could only succeed if every single detail was well-planned and executed swiftly, so nothing will go wrong before and during its release. In light of these decisions made at the conference, it became clear that this task required a lot of time spent figuring out exactly how everything should work and then making sure everyone knew what they were doing; which had to happen without letting anyone know what was going on beforehand because otherwise it just wouldn’t work out!

A captivating photo of Angelina Jolie was taken in 1998.

Some people just win the genetic lottery. Actress and activist Angelina Jolie is certainly one of them. This pic from 1998 proves that she was always an incredibly beautiful woman – even as a twenty-year-old! Eleven years later, Jolie would go on to grace the cover of Vanity Fair Magazine, being called The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. At only 24 years old at the time of her first major movie release (1998), this film gave us a glimpse at what type of actor we could expect from her in the future; starring in Hell’s Kitchen alongside Liev Schreiber and Played by Heart with Johnny Depp.

Bob Hope, is the one-man morale booster who has been boosting happiness for more than forty years.

Bob Hope had been known to excel when it came to comedy in front of an audience – always giving them what they wanted, whether it was performing short routines or making jokes about everyday life. All the while, he worked his way up the entertainment ladder from vaudeville to film and television where he still managed to keep himself busy performing live shows for soldiers overseas; dedicating over 40 years of his life to ensuring that there were smiles on faces far away from home during wartime. Through every war America has faced over the course of 6 decades – including World War II and Operation Desert Storm – Bob Hope never failed to come out with a different lineup of stunning female artists who entertained these courageous men and women stationed so far away from home.

Pamela Anderson had just been 22 years old when she played her first role – The Blue Zone Girl for Labatt’s Beer back in 1989.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. Back in 1989, 21-year-old Pamela Anderson thought it would be a good idea to attend a BC Lions’ Canadian football game. Unbeknownst to her, one of the photographers took notice and captured an image of this beautiful woman. With no hesitation whatsoever – she sent that photo over to Labatts, a popular Canadian beer company known for its iconic advertisement posters. Sure enough, when they saw what they had captured on film – all eyes were fixated on Anderson; who became Labatts’ Blue Zone Girl without them even having spoken a word. Within just months of that momentous picture taken – Pamela debuted her very own Playboy cover which ultimately propelled her international career as the world’s most famous sex symbol.

A Defining Moment in History, Woodstock was an Intense Experience for the Audience

If Woodstock happened today, the audience would spend all their time complaining about its conditions. Though life at the three-day concert in 1969 wasn’t perfect – they faced periods of rain, mud, heat, and cold – they fared better off than we did now. Yes, there weren’t enough bathrooms or food vendors or showers but it was bearable when you had a tent to go back to – unlike this one where you had no idea what may happen to you if you don’t take extra precautions for yourself (ahem). And even though people were making out everywhere around us without caring what others thought; we still managed to witness something special that day which made every small problem seem insignificant. No matter how much noise from every direction got into my ears, I couldn’t hear it over how alive everyone seemed inside those grounds filled with happiness & love.

Shy Di perched on the edge of Mohamed Fayed’s luxury yacht Jonikal

Princess Diana wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, nor was she as reserved and shy as the media made her out to be. When she was 17 years old and already engaged to Prince Charles, Princess Diana became known as Shy Di by those ruthless British tabloids; a name which would stick with her for the rest of her life – even when this photo of her had been taken just hours before she died in 1997. Yes, despite being private about herself, Diana valued what little privacy she had left dearly. But though she may have been good at hiding things from people who were outside of her circle – namely the media – there are some who claim that there is nothing shy about Queen Elizabeth II’s stepdaughter. Even after one rumor circulated stating that because both royals were around the same height (five feet, ten inches), while walking together they would tower over each other if they weren’t careful; especially because both wore heels.

First day on the set of ‘The Office 2004

Fans of The Office are likely aware that the show was originally based on a popular British television series. The pilot episode, which aired right around this time period, is almost identical to its original British counterpart. However, during season one – American writers were given free rein to adapt certain aspects of the show for their audiences; specifically making changes in order to keep viewers interested such as changing the set design, giving dialogue more spontaneity, and character development where necessary. These changes had an immense impact on many aspects of the show including comedic timing and providing high points in memorability throughout the duration of each sitcom.

Wonder Woman was a Miss America contestant and aspiring singer before she became the iconic superhero

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona – Lynda Carter did everything she could to achieve success in life. Though originally destined for fame as a popular vocalist, it would turn out that her unique talent wouldn’t be expressed through singing at all – but through dance! After making the difficult decision to put college on hold so she could pursue her dreams of fame and glory, these were revealed when fate presented itself at competitions where people were drawn to her beauty and graciousness alike. A number of obstacles threatened to destroy any chances of pursuing this new ambition before it even began; once, for example, during rehearsals for The Great American Dreamers – who are still touring today. Fortunately for Lynn (or ‘Lynda’), all problems soon evaporated from existence with persistence alongside passion fueling what became an inevitable audition which lead to finding everything he had been dreaming about for years – including love

Mike Tyson gets his tats done, 2003

Respectable tattoo artist Victor Whitmill convinced boxer, Mike Tyson, out of a terribly bad idea and instead gave him his iconic tribal design. In 2003, Tyson came to Whitmill and discussed his plan for getting tattoos on his face. Tyson’s original plan called for all of his skin to be covered in hearts; allowing him to have instant recognition as The Man of Hearts. However, the tattoo artist did not think this was such a good idea so he told Tyson right away that it wasn’t going to work before giving an alternative option. A symbolizing warrior persona would fit him much better than being just another man with hearts all over their body so they decided upon it quickly after talking it through.

Catherine Bach portrayed Daisy Duke on TV show The Dukes of Hazzard.

After Catherine Bach landed the role of Daisy Duke in Dukes of Hazzard, she met with the producers and the costume department to discuss their vision for the character. It was then that she learned that Daisy Duke was supposed to be based on country singer Dolly Parton’s fashion style. The costume department wanted her to wear a poodle skirt, tight white turtleneck, and high go-go boots. Seriously. Bach asked if she could present her own outfit, one from her closet at home. She brought in a t-shirt, cut-off jeans, and a pair of high heels. The producer loved the look. I mean, who wouldn’t? Catherine Bach as legs of miles and the short cut-off – which became known as Daisy Dukes – one accentuated them. In fact, when she starred in Dukes of Hazzard, Bach’s legs were insured for a million dollars.

When families had no choice but to sell their children due to poverty, 1948.

This photo of an impoverished pregnant mother running down the street went viral after it was published in Valparaiso, Indiana on Aug. 5th, 1948. Reportedly because people thought that it was staged. But sadly, it turns out this photo is just depicting a poverty-stricken woman who has to sell her unborn child when she can’t afford food or shelter for herself and her family anymore. This woman goes by the name of Lucille Chalifoux. Her husband, Ray, lost his job and they are facing eviction which leads them to make this hard decision – to give up their children. Eventually, they got rid of all six of them – one at a time over many months – though none seemed happier with where they were then before they were taken away from their parents as well as each other in some cases.

Christina Aguilera was in West Hollywood, California in September 2004.

When a photo of Christina Aguilera was taken in the 2000s, she was said to be involved in a rivalry with fellow pop star Britney Spears. The two celebrities had an established history before this and were also part of Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club for two years together starting from 1994. With them were Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, and Ryan Gosling among many other talents. It seemed like these child actors going on to fame would start popping up everywhere – at least it did seem that way when they became high-profiled celebrity peers after they both reached their peak during the mid-2000s. But even then, some people speculated that there wasn’t really any ongoing rivalry between them; all those rumors may have just been free publicity stunts meant to help keep stars relevant in today’s industry.

Japanese-American college students from California are relocated to an internment camp in 1942.

American pin-up glamour model Bettie Page, was on a modeling assignment at Africa USA in 1954.

The iconic bombshell Bettie Page rocked her signature bangs in this photo taken during a 1954 modeling shoot. No, the Queen of the Pin-Up wasn’t on safari in Africa. She was at a Florida wildlife park – which would have been quite out of place for someone trying to find fame as an actress and moving to New York City for that very reason instead. That same year (1955), she became one of the earliest Playboy Playmates of the Month when Hugh Hefner made her Miss January 1955.

Sophia Loren enjoying some waves in the 1960s.

Despite being considered one of the most beautiful women in history, Sophia Loren had some disadvantages. As both a beauty queen and Hollywood film actor – born from her father’s side to Italian nobility, she eventually won Miss Italy at age 15 (and became the youngest titleholder), due to her stunning features. But she never took advantage of it – instead, she pushed forward into acting- and received international acclaim for titles such as Two Women, My Cousin Vinny, Yesterday… And She DIDN’T stop there! In 2020- can you believe it?- Sophia will be releasing a new film called The Life Ahead which tells the true story of Anna Rosengard Lais who survived Hitler’s extermination camps – what?!

Dolly Parton and Carl Thomas Dean have spent fifty-five loving years together. They got married back in May of 1966.

Country singer Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Dean, were blessed with a happy marriage of fifty years; they even noted one particular incident that shook them up earlier in their life together. One day when Dolly found herself suspicious of where her partner was disappearing every day after work – she eventually followed him and came across a certain redhead cooing unabashedly about his charms who had taken notice. Yet this admirer wasn’t named Jolene, who would later go on to sing the touching country tune- it was just some woman at the bank. Though there would be no strings attached between her future hubby and this nameless lady (thanks for nothing!). For days afterward, some morning fog dispersed away with each passing morning; making way for plenty of sunshine over delicate meadows until Dolly shared lyrics that would change lives forever.

Jacqueline Bisset in The Deep (1977)

When the controversial yet popular 1977 deep-sea diving film, The Deep, premiered; audiences were given their first real look at just how much wonder is below water – but they came to see a different sight: Jacqueline Bisset wearing next to nothing. A candid photo of her in tight black bikini bottoms and a thin white t-shirt was taken by an undercover photographer for National Geographic Magazine – this image caught the attention of those behind The Deep’s promotion campaign who used it as publicity material without acquiring consent from Bisset herself. She was very angry about this marketing ploy, having not even known that such an act took place – though ironically enough, the scandal only made them want to see it more due to its popularity. One producer remarked The low-cut t-shirt thing we did seemed so innocent until we found out how mad everyone got…I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything generate so much interest in one scene.

Despite the game being canceled, Sam Bartram was still guarding his goal.

In 1937, during a professional soccer game between Charlton Athletic and their longstanding rivals Chelsea, an unusually dense sheet of fog spread across the playing field. Players initially attempted to continue with the match, but once they realized they couldn’t see past twenty feet ahead – they gave up. While other players started making their way off the field – somehow completely unaware that play had stopped fifteen minutes ago; Charlton’s goalkeeper Sam Barham simply sat there waiting for something to happen…until finally, a policeman emerged from the fog.

Was Mata Hari a spy, scapegoat, or victim of her own lies?

A scandalous courtesan of the Paris Society, Mata Hari brought much attention to herself through her wild reputation. Though other French Women made many sacrifices for their country during World War I, she did not participate in such activities – continuing to make appearances in lavish settings such as cafes and theaters. Her outrageous stories may have been a tactic to hold onto her mystique, but it didn’t last when it was revealed that she had spied for Germany just before France caught wind of her connections. Outraged citizens called upon the government to execute this other woman who so shamelessly tried to steal away their husbands and sons with false charm! Those foolish tales against herself seemed laughable by the time they hanged her right there on stage at what could only be described as some kind of circus performance full of pompous applause while they cheered on its ruthless executioner!

When Laverne and Shirley date little people

While the 1970s was known to be an era that favored people with disabilities, certain episodes of popular sitcoms would prove otherwise. For example, in one 1979 episode of Laverne & Shirley, the girlfriends agreed to act as guinea pigs for their friends, Lenny and Squiggy – who were running a matchmaking service called Horndog. In this situation, when it turned out that both these men were little people; Laverne and Shirley dealt with the harassment from other characters on screen. Despite standing up for themselves and their relationship with these men- there were still plenty of disparaging remarks made about them off-screen by both male and female cast members- making this particular episode difficult to watch.

Claudia Schiffer by Ellen von Unwerth for the Guess Campaign, 1991.

Seventeen-year-old Claudia Schiffer was just another teenage girl, dancing at a club in Germany when an agent spotted her and made her change her life forever. Within moments she became one of the most sought-after models; first in Paris and then in New York. It seemed like nothing could stop this whirlwind ride – until it all came crashing down. A decade-long relationship with Guess Jeans left a sour taste when they fired her without warning – though she had been one of their best-selling spokespeople for 10 years prior. She remembers this time quite vividly: I knew I reached new heights of fame she says when people finally began recognizing me from my appearances in the Guess Jeans ads.

Teenaged Madonna chilling in Bay City, Michigan.

Singer Madonna has just released some snapshots from her teenage years back in the 1970s. This time around, when she was known as Little Nonnie to her family and friends, she spent most of her time taking piano lessons and studying ballet at home; it all paid off because as a high schooler, Madge maintained an excellent GPA while simultaneously refusing to conform to any established rules. But there was one thing that she could never stop doing – lifting up skirts so that the boys could see what they were missing – along with cartwheeling down the halls without a care in the world. Her mum always knew though, often telling her You’re going to be something someday.

Kurt Russell and Adrienne Barbeau star in the cult classic Escape from New York.

The famed Science Fiction movie Escape from New York is, one may say rather ominously, a perfect encapsulation of how decaying society reacts in fear. Adapted loosely and now strikingly refreshingly on reality, we find ourselves surrounded by something we think has been almost untouched since then – death itself reigning upon the earth again where people once lay safe. But this time it is different… this time we are fighting back; not just among each other but against what seems invincible itself. At endless noon for around forty-eight minutes or so – there was only movement. And nothing else mattered besides the thrill it brought to see those decrepit towers burning before me with all those fools…

Backstage at a Versace Show

There are many words that can only do justice when describing Versace runway shows. Sparkles, bling, and cleavage seem to be recurring themes. Shine, glamour and even a touch of chaos could also come close to capturing how intense these moments are behind the scenes too – or so they say. For although it may not have been common knowledge at the time, walking in those very same shoes during this 1994 show were Swedish model Emma Sjoberg and Canadian Model Veronica Webb who was already making waves as one of America’s most sought after black models then – all at just 16 years old!

Phoebe Cates, Kathleen Wilhoite, Kari Lizer, and Betsy Russell star in Private School (1983).

After the success of Fast Times at Ridgemont High, sexy young actress Phoebe Cates took on yet another scandalous character in her 1983 film, Private School. Having joined her on this project were Kathy Wilhoite, Kari Lizer, and Betsy Russell – all characters who shared a similar level of sexuality as she did (the three actresses being credited as co-starring alongside Ms.Cates). Overall though, the movie was met with mediocre reviews; the only two points worth mentioning are that Paula Abdul gained experience choreographing dances for movies while working here and Rick Springfield’s band members made an appearance during one particular scene.

Morgan Fairchild is famous for her role as Jennifer Pace on the soap opera Search for Tomorrow in the 1970s.

You might believe as many others believe, that movie actress Morgan Fairchild’s first role was in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow. She played Jennifer Pace from 1973 to 1977. However, this actually isn’t true at all; her first major part was playing Faye Dunaway’s double in Bonnie and Clyde – a movie released in 1967. Why did Dunaway need a double? There were certain scenes where she had to drive but couldn’t because she didn’t know how to operate a manual transmission car – so instead of making herself look foolish, they just put an expert driver (namely Morgan) behind the wheel instead!

Mr. Rogers laughed hysterically when he discovered the answer to counting on his fingers, which was a middle finger.

So much for being friendly neighbors. The internet is littered with pictures of Mr. Rogers flipping off the camera in jest – and yet people insist that such a carefree man couldn’t possibly make such an offensive gesture to someone he doesn’t know personally. But don’t worry, this wasn’t just some angry outburst from one of the world’s friendliest souls; rather, it was all part of one of his show’s segments! What you might not know about Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood was that during every episode, at some point during the song Where Is Thumbkin? (where each finger gets its turn), Fred would wave whichever hand had been doing something (which means sometimes both hands) around excitedly while looking directly at viewers – so they could see what they were looking at. Then suddenly it dawned on him where his hands were going, breaking character and cracking up laughing right there before everyone else who took those moments seriously enough too!

Ann-Margret fearlessly poses for the camera, looking radiant in vintage clothing from the 1970s.

Often, it is thanks to Ann-Margret that sex symbols became a thing. It wasn’t just because of how she looked or what kind of roles she played – it was because of her daring attitude towards sexuality and her refusal to let men control her life. And luckily for us, the world finally started catching up with where we were going and things changed so much from then on out. Finally able to break free from those narrow expectations, Ann-Margret made sure there was no stopping her when it came to doing what she wanted – even if it caused problems along the way! For example, when she auditioned for Margy in State Fair, they didn’t think she’d be right playing some clean-cut character who just knew how to cook – they thought she was too worldly and alluring (in other words: slutty) to play an innocent farm girl so they gave her Emily instead.

Paris Hilton shows off her collarbones on her 21st birthday.

The self-made celebrity Paris Hilton celebrated her 21st birthday with a six-day tour through five countries and time zones in 2002. (Yes, that means she is turning 40 this year!) The heiress donned an array of designer gowns at the various celebrations in Las Vegas, New York, Paris (of course), Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles. One dress notably adorned with Swarovski crystals was worn for all occasions; it’s only now recently seen used by Kendall Jenner during her own celebration at age 21 – wearing it again on purpose. I think every girl should wear that dress on her 21st birthday, said the happy heiress.

English actress Madère Smith in the 1970s.

In the early 1970s, English actress Madeline Smith found herself playing some leading roles in British horror films. These parts included The Vampire Lovers, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Theatre of Blood, and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell to name a few. Even though she spent most of her time appearing in these gory movies – her persistence never faltered. In 1973 Madeline landed one of her most important roles so far as Miss Caruso, James Bond’s love interest for Live and Let Die; paving way for future opportunities within Hollywood. In spite of all these accomplishments – at some point during this time period – Madeline made the decision to take a step back from acting due to being pregnant with Emily (her daughter).

Bo Derek was popular in 1979.

In an example of cultural appropriation, actress Bo Derek wore cornrows -a hairstyle worn by African Americans in her role in the 1979 film 10. Cornrows are nothing new; the woven form originated in West Africa back as far as 3000 BC and was carried over to America during slavery. When Bo Derek wore them for the first time many years ago she unknowingly initiated a backlash that continues today. Some of these cases include people who believe she stole from African culture but there are also African American women who took it upon themselves to thank her for bringing this hairstyle into high fashion and acceptance among business professionals.

A daredevil worker who is seated atop a pillar, swinging his arms wildly in the air while building the Empire State Building. These workers have been nicknamed the sky boys.

There are few words that can accurately describe the epic undertaking that is erecting the Empire State Building from scratch. It required thousands of people, millions of man hours, and an astounding amount of creativity – all for one purpose: to build something breathtaking. When you walk past this building on your way to work each day or when you stop by for a quick bite before catching a movie down the street, it’s easy to forget about those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. But if you happen to find yourself at sunrise in front of this living monument gazing up at some very large skymen putting forth their craftsmanship high above ground level – we hope you won’t just look away without giving them a shout-out; it takes some serious courage and skill to be among those rare few who get to do what they love while working in such dangerous conditions. For these sky men atop an empire state building job well done isn’t enough – their mantra goes don’t look down!

Beast Mistress? More like eye candy.

Okay, she was total eye candy. You know, when she played a rebellious renegade with long blonde hair and an affinity for leather bikinis? And that ending scene when she started tearing off all of her clothes to show us the curvature of her body? Yeah… Kiri had some real badass moments at first – until one day you realized what the movie would eventually become about. Once you got past those early encounters with suitors like Marc Singer (to play Dar), it became apparent how terrible Tanya Robert’s acting actually was. Her inability to convey emotion or feeling whatsoever meant it just wasn’t worth watching anymore. But you know who really stole scenes from her every time they were together? Roscoe Lee Browne! Man, he lit up my TV screen whenever he came on-screen – even when he appeared only in brief scenes where his face couldn’t be seen!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Francis Ford Coppola’s critically acclaimed 1979 film, Apocalypse Now includes some iconic war scenes. However, one particular scene stands out from the rest. This particular scene is only five minutes long but manages to catch the attention of all viewers. While most people would think it was due to this being a pivotal moment in the movie; what really makes this stand out from others are the Playboy Bunnies featured throughout. In his quest for accuracy and authenticity, Coppola called on real-life Playmates for this particular part. These included Colleen Camp (Playboy’s 1974 Playmate of the Year), Cyndi Wood (Playboy’s 1976 Centerfold), and Linda Carpenter (Playboy’s August 1976 Centerfold). The three beautiful ladies flew to the Philippines numerous times- enduring over six hours worth of shooting each time- to complete these shots for him in extreme weather conditions such as ‘torrential typhoons’ or too much sun exposure during midday.

The Joker has gone through many incarnations but his face will always be one of evil.

As the comic book incarnation of arch-villain the Joker, he made his first appearance in Batman comics way back in 1940. Despite many changes over time to his story, one thing never changed – there are absolutely no real-life powers attributed to him whatsoever. Since falling into a vat of chemicals and being horribly deformed, he has grown more mentally unstable than ever before. Originally it may have been simply because he had access to dangerous substances, but recent portrayals like what we saw in the 2019 film starring Joaquin Phoenix give insight into how traumatizing it can be when someone goes through years-long bouts of untreated psychiatric illness.

Salma Hayek at the Versace Spring/Summer Haute Couture Fashion Show in Paris, 2001.

This past November, celebrities from all realms of life descended onto the Versace Spring Show in 2001. Among them was Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek. At this time, she had begun production on her most daring role yet – playing slain artist Frida Kahlo. Hayek told reporters how much admiration she held for Kahlo; it seems that these two were kindred spirits who both strived to overcome adversity. Her performance surpassed expectations, and although stiff competition arose, she managed to secure an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress while also earning numerous other accolades such as a Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe award to name a few.

Carly Simon, 1971

This photo of singer/songwriter Carly Simon was taken just a year before she released her signature song, You’re So Vain in 1972. In fact, Simon was likely writing her most famous tune at about this time. The lyrics of this song, which was Billboard’s Song of the Year in 1972, describe a totally self-absorbed, narcissistic man. For years, folks have speculated who this man could be. Reportedly, Simon has revealed this information in confidence to a few people (Howard Stern and Taylor Swift), of all people. In recent years, Simon has gone on record to say that the song is a compilation of several men who were in her life at the time. She acknowledged that the second verse is about actor Warren Beatty; however, she refused to name any others involved.

In 1994, Anna Nicole Smith was photographed with her 8-year-old son Daniel.

Supermodel Anna Nicole Smith and her only son, Daniel, both died from accidental drug overdoses within six months of each other, a tragedy that underscores the addictive qualities drugs can have. A sudden news report of Daniell’s death on September 10th broke throughout America; his mother was put in the spotlight for weeks before it became clear she had overdosed. Months later after fighting against addiction herself, Ann Nicoleshouldered another loss when she too passed away on February 8th.

Standing His Ground … In the Dirt. A German Soldier Defends his Trench During WWI

Within months of the outbreak of World War I, trenches had been dug in France, Switzerland, and Belgium. They weren’t just holes in the ground – they were carefully constructed to make them even more effective. Trenches consisted of many different types of trenches which ran parallel to each other or at zigzags so that if one side got breached by an attack, it wouldn’t become overrun with soldiers pouring through its entirety. With these measures taken care of – supplies could be brought to all ends without worrying about a single place being compromised. It was well-thought-out because there was a clear order between specific areas and every section as well as various components that made up this massive network which helped bring us victory over our enemies.

In 1973, Swedish actress Britt Ekland starred in the film The Wicker Man.

The Scottish born horror film, The Wicker Man – starring an elegant Brit and the notorious Edward Woodward – was based off of David Pinner’s 1967 novel, Ritual. Though the book is barely remembered nowadays, it served as an insight into Scotland’s pagan practices before Christian values were imposed by invaders centuries ago. In this quasi-religious fable about the dangers of abandoning Christianity for any faithless belief system or religion, our protagonist finds themselves pitted against a strange sect led by members who may not entirely believe in their own gospel after all. With only praise coming its way both domestically and internationally when it premiered, it has since been praised as Citizen Kane or the Citizen Kane of horror movies.

A young Tyra Banks walks the runway in a revealing piece of lingerie

Few can achieve what it took for Tyra Banks to be so successful at such a young age. When she was just fifteen years old, Banks went from being a struggling actress to becoming one of the most sought-after models in Europe. From there, Banks made her way back to America where she began picking up television roles that would eventually turn into starring ones; first taking on small parts in series like Girlfriends and Living Single before landing larger roles in movies like Love & Basketball or TV shows like Eve. Nowadays Banks doesn’t need to do anything but enjoy her wealth because she has earned it all; whether through modeling or media production, anyone who knows anything about the woman knows how hard she worked for everything that belongs to her now.

A Selfie Gone Wrong

Mike Piscitelli took this picture of Jason Dill on the morning of September 11th. When the picture circulated on social media in the coming years, both men were met with a lot of criticism. The man has an expressionless demeanor – which many people found to be the most inappropriate selfie. But what this photo does not show is that these two gentlemen had been drinking until 3 AM and had woken up early to see black smoke in the sky from an unknown source. They posted pictures (a series) because it was all very amusing at first; but soon enough, it became much less so when they realized what those clouds signified – a tragedy that would change lives forever.

As a teenager, Austin Powers beauty Elizabeth Hurley had her own punk rock phase.

British actress Elizabeth Hurley has evolved quite drastically throughout her career. In one of her earlier roles as Vanessa Kensington in the 1997 hit Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, she was portrayed as sultry and refined. When Hurley was younger, however, she had a wild side. Take for example this image from the early 1980s where we see Hurley attending classes at the Harriet Costello School in Basingstoke. Her style back then? A punky ensemble including piercings through her nose and hair dyed pink accompanied by outrageous outfits. This wasn’t just for show though – despite getting a rebellious streak when younger, Hurley still managed to balance it out with her studies well enough too! An honors student studying psychology, sociology, and English during these times, she also spent three years devoted to classic ballet dancing.

Caroline Munro, is an English actress, and model who has starred in several horror, sci-fi, and action films throughout the seventies.

While her mother was sending out pictures of her daughter in hopes of getting discovered, Caroline Munro didn’t think too much about it. It wasn’t until the time when she received a phone call telling her that she had won some kind of modeling competition sponsored by a British newspaper called The Face of the Year did it finally hit home. Her first gig on this newfound career path happened to be for Vogue Magazine, but then again there were many other opportunities waiting for her elsewhere as well. While working towards a TV commercial to make up for lost ground between commercial work and acting, she ended up landing an appearance in popular films such as The Golden Voyage of Sinbad and At the Earth’s Core – two major milestones in what would later become known as one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, thanks mostly due to playing the role James Bond Girl whom we know from 1977’s thriller The Spy Who Loved Me.

Jessica Alba basks in the sun ☀

Jessica Alba has been hard at work in the entertainment industry for over a decade, beginning with her first starring role on TV when she was thirteen. Her career finally took off, though, once she made it to Hollywood; appearing as both an actress and producer for many movies that are now considered classics. Jessica is also dedicated to living life without harmful chemicals. You might not know this but she founded The Honest Company -a company dedicated to offering safe products that don’t use any dangerous ingredients such as harsh soaps or fragrances. After experimenting with one of these detergents on her son’s clothing, Jessica saw how much damage they were causing and knew there had to be something else out there, so she began doing research until finally came up with something worth pursuing!

In this photograph, Felix Silla is pictured as Cousin It on the set of The Addams Family. This photo was taken in 1965.

You may have seen Felix Silla’s television and movie appearances, but chances are, you didn’t recognize him. Like his role as Cousin It in The Addams Family – many times, he would wear a mask or other costuming that rendered himself unrecognizable. Besides appearing as Cousin It – he played an Ewok in Return of the Jedi; at just under three feet tall – he also acted as a young boy in films such as Towering Inferno and Battlestar Galactica. His career was varied and interesting: He started out doing tumbling and trapeze work for Ringling Brothers & Barnum Bailey Circus before moving on to leading a harmonica band playing gigs all around Las Vegas. Did you know that Felix Silla was one of the voice actors for The Sims 2?

Hot Rod Hottie Jungle Pam Hardy added sizzle to the drag racing circuit of the 1970s.

It was one stroke of genius when legendary drag racer, Jungle Jim Liberman, added a hot teenage girl to his racing team. Pam Hardy was an 18-year-old bored recent high school graduate with nothing to do when Liberman spotted her walking down the street in suburban Pennsylvania. Immediately after, he recruited her for his race crew and quickly dubbed her Jungle Pam; no one remembers why or where it came from because they were so enthralled by this diva who used every inch of herself (from head to toe) – curves, tight clothes, short shorts, and iconic go-go boots – as an advertisement for him. Pam’s face graced covers of various magazines; she even made it onto the pages of HOT ROD magazine, accumulating a net worth of more than $1.85 million dollars just through sponsorship deals alone.

Model Jerry Hall attended a party at Studio 54 in the 1970s.

Studio 54 was the movement that put clubs on the map. Opened in 1977, this New York nightclub catered to all kinds of people- so long as they had star power, style, and sensuality. Drug use wasn’t discouraged- even though there were rumors that it aided managers with secretly funneling money from drug deals out of the country (which law enforcement never proved)- nor blatant sexual activity out in the open or behind closed doors (although some acts went too far). And though there are now stories about mobsters carrying out their business in this once popular hotspot – not everyone who frequented Studio 54’s glamorous halls got caught up in these clandestine activities. Some notable attendees included Jerry Hall, seen here; she arrived when she was an aspiring model- and left shortly after marrying Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger in one of the most publicized weddings of all time.

Hugh Hefner and his team at The Mansion, 1977

Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner lived a long and hedonistic life. After taking out a loan of $8,000 from his mother, this media mogul – who arguably remains the most successful men’s magazine in history – started off producing an entertaining publication with high-quality articles as well as tasteful yet provocative photographs of women, from famous models to celebrities. From there, Hefner expanded into other aspects such as filmmaking, cable TV production, and internet content distribution. In time, the Playboy brand would unveil its own clothing line and perfume range. Even when Hefner was nearing his end days, the man still managed to amass an entourage of beautiful women who were drawn to him just like moths to a flame; something that wouldn’t change until after this media guru passed away at 91 years old.

Gillian Anderson of The X-Files reveals her secrets.

From 1993 to 2002, the thriller drama TV series The X-Files became one of the most popular on television – leading it down a dark path towards being considered nothing less than an underrated cult classic. Gillian Anderson starred in The X-Files as Dana Scully, who proves that even practical characters can be seen as admirable and appealing when she also happens to be very intelligent. After a much anticipated nine-season run for The X-Files came to an end, there were high hopes for possible crossovers or spinoffs for fans which never happened – leaving many people disappointed.

Raquel Welsh talked about sex changes on television in 1970.

In 1970, seductive sex symbol Raquel Welsh appeared on The Dick Cavett Show to plug her new film, Myra Breckenridge. Ahead of its time, Myra Breckenridge told the story of a transgender person who undergoes a sex change operation. This topic was still rather taboo in 1970, yet Raquel Welsh managed to tackle it without bias when rocker Janis Joplin complained that she couldn’t understand what happened in the movie because it kept changing. With just one sentence and no hesitation whatsoever, Wales responded with That’s because the whole movie is about change.

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Janice Leigh (Mother) and Jamie Lee Curtis (Daughter).

When you think of the actress Janet Leigh, it is impossible not to envision her starring in some sort of horror flick. And this was certainly no coincidence – according to AFI’s 100 Years…100 Stars poll, she ranked number 47 among the top female stars of all time and earned that spot because of her role in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Her daughter who carries on the family legacy by becoming an actress too—her name being Jamie Lee Curtis—starred alongside her mother in two horror movies: The Fog (1980) and Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998). Six years after her death in 2004, they reunited once again for another film – My Mother’s Curse.

Susan Sarandon played Brooke Shields’ mother in Pretty Baby, but it was Shields’ real-life mother who took heat for the film.

Unfortunately, we can’t all be perfect mothers. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the best you can for your children and make sure they’re happy. Like in Pretty Baby where Sultry Susan Sarandon plays a New Orleans prostitute who lets her 12-year-old daughter be auctioned off because it was a good way to provide food for herself; let alone pay for other necessities. She also ran away from her life with Brooke Shields (her daughter) after marrying one of her customers–only caring about what she could do for herself or how much money she could make without thinking about anyone else’s feelings but hers. And when it came down to showing some skin on camera – even though there were other people involved too – you know Teri Shields’ (Brooke Shield’s mother) opinion on that wouldn’t have been positive either!

Time Muhammad Ali saved a suicidal man from taking his own life, 1981.

Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was a formidable force in the boxing ring and one of the most noteworthy humanitarians to have ever lived. On January 19th, 1981, he demonstrated this when he saved another man from suicide on the 9th floor of an LA building. When Howard Bingham – a close friend of Ali – saw this happening from below, he quickly alerted him via phone call to come over as soon as possible. Once Ali arrived, he persuaded the other man to climb back inside from the fire escape by saying you’re my brother I love you, then helped bring him down from up there himself. With both legs already amputated due to complications from Parkinson’s disease – even so – Ali brought him to his car where they drove off together towards the nearest Veteran Affairs hospital for treatment.

British actress Jenny Agutter looked cool in the 1970s.

British actress Jenny Agutter, shown here in a photo from the 1970s, has been in more than just movies. In fact, this goddess was able to make an appearance every decade spanning 40 years! From her very first movie which aired back in 1964 – East of Sudan when she was only 12 years old – until now where we can see her work in marvel’s newest release – Avengers: Age of Ultron. In one episode – Captain America: The Winter Soldier – you could find this versatile goddess playing not only alongside her original character but also another one! It doesn’t stop there though! You can also find Ms. Agutter in TV shows such as Sleepy Hollow and Red Riding Hood making sure it always feels like home with us Brits abroad!

American Actress Cassandra Peterson, in character as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark took center stage at the Cannes Film Festival.

Cassandra Peterson became a household name when she played the popular, sexy yet creepy character Elvira in a number of TV shows throughout the late 1980s. To cash in on her newfound fame, Cassandra wrote and starred in her very own Horror Comedy Movie titled Elvira: Mistress of the Night. The plot follows her as she tries to earn enough money to start up her Las Vegas act; only to find herself back home where she inherits an old house from distant relatives. Unsurprisingly, people don’t appreciate this new strange woman coming into town – Cassandra’s unorthodox lifestyle puts her at odds with the conservative residents. After some mishaps with the townsfolk – including having been accused of being a witch – Cassandra finds herself sentenced to death by burning. This is when things take another turn for laughs when we discover it was all just a part of one big joke!

Phoebe Cates: Why Shouldn’t I Be Proud of My Body?

If you’ve got a good body, then why not show it off? That’s what actress Phoebe Cates said in an interview shortly after the 1982 debut of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Already a veteran of movie nude scenes – she stripped down for her role in Paradise when she was only 17 – by the time filming started on Fast Times at Ridgemont High, Cates, at 18, viewed nudity as just another part of the industry. She had no worries about doing her first R-rated scene because she believed that in this business if a girl wants a career, she has to be willing to strip. Her relaxed attitude about on-screen nudity rubbed off on her Fast Times co-star Jennifer Jason Leigh who was apprehensive about doing her own R-rated scenes but accepted them and even found them fun later on.

A chilling photo of Charles Bronson and his wife, English actress, Jill Ireland taken in Santa Monica, California, in 1971.

When tough guy actor Charles Bronson first met Jill Ireland, she was married to someone else – his co-star in the 1963 film, The Great Escape, David McCallum. Despite this, Bronson knew Ireland was the one for him. He even told McCallum, I’m going to marry your wife one day. True to his word, Bronson and Ireland married in 1968, after she divorced McCallum.The couple enjoyed a loving relationship at home and a professional relationship on set. They appeared in a total of 15 movies together, including Breakout and Death Wish II. Bronson remained at Ireland’s side as she battled the breast cancer that claimed her life in 1990

In 1976, Lynda Carter had everyone’s attention when she went head-to-head with competitors on the TV show Battle of the Network Stars.

Many stars of the 1970s and 1980s found themselves slowing down their careers for this show. The Battle of the Network Stars used sports competitions – namely swimming, 3-on-3 basketball, tug-o-war, or obstacle courses – to show off what they had been working so hard at back home but never really had an opportunity to show off. It wasn’t uncommon for one network to completely crush another during these competitions; however, some were also mutual victories. For example, one memorable moment involved Lynda Carter competing in a swimming event and showing how cold it was by screaming out OW! after being submerged underwater only seconds later.

A drawing of a priest and a dying soldier, 1962.

Photographer Hector Rondon Lovera won a Pulitzer Prize for this photo, taken in 1962 during a violent military conflict in Venezuela. The image shows Navy chaplain, Luis Padilla, braving the bullets whizzing by to administer last rites to a dying soldier. The wounded soldier clung to the priest’s robe even as Lovera saw snipers’ bullets pockmark the cement around them. Later, Lovera explained that the gunfire was thick and heavy for more than 45 minutes. He spent that time pressed against a wall to stay clear of the bullets and was fortunate enough to be able to snap this quick yet poignant photo right before it ended when he finally managed his way out safely without getting hit himself – all thanks only to luck.

The 1970s actress Jacqueline Bisset

Sexy Jacqueline Bisset has been one of Hollywood’s leading ladies for decades, but she shows no signs of stopping. At seventy-seven years old, she is still fueled by the power of performance and thrives off the energy that comes from everyone else around her. You may have seen her on a recent Amazon Prime drama series called Birds of Paradise, which tells a story about dancers studying in the art academy. Did you know that she is Angelina Jolie’s godmother? Maybe you also saw her in one of Jolie’s films – 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith – only for her scenes to be cut out during editing? She took it all well though; shrugging off this small setback as something inevitable for those who do what she does for a living.

After winning the 2000 NBA Championship, Vanessa gave Kobe Bryant a celebratory smooch.

Just one year after this picture was taken of Vanessa Laine congratulating her fiancé Kobe Bryant on his NBA Championship, the couple said I do. Over the next 19 years, they had four daughters together; Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, and Capri. Their fairytale romance came to a crashing and tragic end when Kobe Bryant, Gianna Bryant (daughter), and seven other people were killed in a helicopter accident on January 26th, 2020. Gianna got her incredible talent for basketball from both her parents – inheriting what seems like magic hands from her father’s skillful athleticism.

Dolly Parton rocked the red carpet in the ’80s.

Dolly Parton is an insanely talented musician and songwriter; however, there are two things that come to mind when we think of her. One being her many plastic surgeries – she openly admitted to getting numerous procedures in order to attain the desired look she wanted. She spent $1 million just for enhancing her breasts – which has got her some very jealous people around. Once, while attending a concert where everyone was staring at other women’s boobs instead of hers, she told an interviewer I slapped some people who weren’t looking at mine.

Is there anything that says the 1990s like the leaders of the free world running to McDonald’s in short shorts?

It may sound silly, but when Bill Clinton was president of the United States, he at least tried to eat like an average American. Several times during his presidential campaign and while in office, Clinton was seen zipping into a local McDonald’s for his fast food fix. Sometimes, he even jogged to McDonald’s, but let’s be honest. He still didn’t burn off all the calories in that Big Mac. It may seem funny or be fodder for tabloids now, but it showed just how much the man appreciated this quick meal from time to time – something many people could relate to considering how delicious it can sometimes taste after working hard all day! And though you don’t see him getting such eats anymore (though it does make for some fantastic Saturday Night Live skits), we can only appreciate what an amazing palate this man possessed due to how difficult these choices were.

Brigitte Bardot, the liberated woman of post-war France

French Feminist Simone de Beauvoir stated that the feminist movement had seen a boost thanks to the contributions of America’s Hollywood Sex Symbols. She called her fellow countrywoman, Brigitte Bardot The Most Liberated Woman In Post-War France. It was Beauvoir’s belief that American Sex Symbols set an example for women in France, showing them ways they too could feel liberated and enjoy sexual freedom. Bardot herself, who had once aspired to be a Ballerina at one point before switching over to become an actress, played various movie characters from the 1950s through 1970s era who all exhibited hedonistic lifestyles and self-confident love lives. Many of these characters marked something of a shift from traditional submissive female roles which were commonly found up until this time period.

In Vietnam, 1965

Things became heated in Vietnam in 1965. To mark the new year, President Lyndon Johnson ordered the launching of Operation Flaming Dart to target North Vietnamese forces and Operations Rolling Thunder to bombard the Ho Chi Minh Trail. America’s first-ever Marine battalion arrived on South Vietnamese shores in March of 1965, starting off an escalation that would continue for years. In 1964, just 216 American soldiers died while fighting there; but in 1965- just one year later- that number had skyrocketed to 1,928 – shocking both policymakers and citizens alike back home. For three consecutive years after 1966 – 1967 through 1969 – more than 11 thousand casualties among U.S troops were reported each year as casualty rates continued to rise steadily.

In high school, actress Cameron Diaz used to buy marijuana from her classmate Snoop Dogg.

Both Cameron Diaz and Snoop Dogg, whose real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus, attended Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California. When Diaz appeared on George Lopez’s talk show in 2011, she talked about going to school with Snoop Dogg, who was a grade ahead of her. She noted that she was pretty sure she had bought drugs from him. A few years later, Lopez had Snoop Dogg on his show, so he asked him about Diaz’s claims. Snoop recalled when pressed: She used to be down with my homegirls all the time – you know how it goes when you grow up. He admitted that there were instances where he would look at her flirtatiously because she was fly and hip but never tried anything since they were friends for too long before things could escalate even further beyond just being classmates at high school.

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