7 Foods That Make Psoriasis Worse

Inflammation is one of the primary causes of disease and sickness in the body, learn ways to combat and prevent psoriasis outbreaks.

7 Foods That Cause Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the primary causes of disease and sickness in the body. Inflammation is visible in the body when, for instance, you sprain your ankle and it swells. This is inflammation occurring to warn and protect your body when something is out of order. However, there is another, largely unnoticed variety of inflammation that occurs in many people’s bodies due to certain foods. Certain foods have the potential to cause chronic and low-level inflammation in the body over long periods of time, thereby worsening psoriasis. To help you in your quest to reduce inflammation and the symptoms of plaque psoriasis in your body and improve your health, listed below are seven foods that cause inflammation in the body.


psoriasis symptoms and inflammation

Perhaps the biggest culprit for inflammation in the Western world, sugar is added to a myriad of even non-dessert foods to make them more palatable. The human body, when inundated with excess glucose-containing sugar, triggers inflammation as a response to its inability to process the amount of sugar present. Sugar also inhibits the body’s ability to use white blood cells to kill germs and infections. A great alternative for sugar is raw honey or maple syrup, both of which are low enough in the glycemic scale to not cause the dramatic spike in blood sugar that refined sugars do.

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Tips for Avoiding Sugar

Processed (anything that comes in a box) foods, flavored yogurt and deserts are common places people take in sugar. If you really want to reduce the symptoms and outbreaks of psoriasis look for common sugar names in ingredient lists like anything that contains the word syrup or ends in -ose.

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Fried Foods

what causes plaque psoriasis

Foods fried in vegetable oil contain high levels of inflammatory compounds that form in food cooked under very high temperatures. These sorts of compounds can also occur in foods that are pasteurized, dried, fried, smoked, and grilled. Cutting out fried foods like these can greatly decrease the amount of inflammation in the body.

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Tips for Avoiding Fried Foods

French fries, potato chips, chicken wings, mozzarella sticks and just a couple of examples of fired foods. One simple trick to avoid fried foods and help keep that psoriasis in check is to not eat anything that appears on an appetizer menu and drive thru orders.

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Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils contain high amounts of fats of the inflammatory variety and contain high amounts of omega-6 (which increases inflammation) and low amounts of omega-3 (which greatly decreases inflammation.) As a side note, a great way to decrease inflammation in the body is to take high-quality fish oils, which can go a long way in combatting inflammation.

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Tips for Avoiding Vegetable Oil

The best way to avoid vegetable oil is to cook at home. When eating out, you already know to avoid the fried foods, also watch the sauces and dressing as these are usually vegetable oil based as well. To aide in keeping reducing inflammation psoriasis symptoms, opt for “good” fats like fish and avocado.

To help reduce the symptoms of plaque psoriasis try eating fish and avcados.

Refined Flour

Refined flour can cause psoriasis to get worse.

Refined white flours are white because they have had all of the slow-digesting fiber and helpful nutrients that allow your body to process and digest this food at a healthy rate. When these elements are removed, your body digests and utilities this food far too quickly, causing blood sugars to spike. This spike in blood sugar triggers insulin levels, which in turn causes inflammation.

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Tips for Avoiding Refined Flour

The first steps to avoiding refined flour is to simply opt for whole grain versions of breads and pastas. Stay away from the word “enriched” to avoid letting refined flours find their way into your diet. Remember that insulin spikes cause inflammation spikes and inflammation spikes can create a worsening psoriasis outbreak.

Avoid a psoriasis outbreak by avoiding refined flour.


Dairy and affects on psoriasis outbreaks

One of dairy’s most detrimental properties is its ability to disrupt the gut’s micro biome. This depletion of good gut bacteria disrupts the body’s ability to fight inflammation. Dairy also is a common allergen; some studies state that 1 in 4 adults have difficulties digesting diary. Some are lactose-intolerant, while others have difficulty digesting casein, a milk protein. Allergic reactions to these compounds trigger the release of histamines, another inflammatory compound in the body. If you find that you are excessively bloated after consuming dairy, consider replacing it in your diet.

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 Tips for Avoiding Dairy

the biggest step in avoiding dairy is simply realizing what is all made or derived from diary. Butter and butter fat, cheeses, creams (sour and cream), custard, yogurt, ice cream, pudding and of course milk all contain the inflammatory properties of diary. Top help prevent worsening psoriasis symptoms, try avoiding all of these foods.

how does cheese affect plaque psoriasis?

 Grain-Fed Meats

It is often the case that the animals we consume also suffer from inflammation. This is because the cattle, poultry, and pigs that we often consume were not made to thrive on a diet of grains. These animals, however, are usually fed grains because they are cheaper than plant food. Because this diet of grains causes sicknesses, the animals are often given antibiotics, which fights sicknesses and causes weight gain. This constant consumption of antibiotics and hormones tricks the body into thinking it is fighting a disease, which triggers inflammation.

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 Tips for Avoiding Grain-Fed Meats

The good news is that grass-fed and free-range meats are becoming more popular and more readily available. As they become more available and cheaper it will be easier to enjoy the same foods you do now but with less psoriasis symptoms. Also consider switching to a diet that is more plant based and less dependent on flesh for protein.

Eating grass fed meat can help reduce the symptoms of psoriasis.

 Artificial Sweeteners

Do artificial sweeteners cause psoriasis?

Artificial sweeteners are another food that disrupt the ever-significant gut biome balance. The disruption of good gut bacteria and the allotment of bad bacteria to thrive increases the risk of the body developing a glucose intolerance. This inability to process and metabolize glucose triggers inflammatory cytokines just like sugar does. Many people incorrectly believe that artificial sweeteners are healthier than sugar, but the reality is that they are just as bad if not worse.

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 Tips for Artificial Sweeteners

Better psoriasis treamtments

There are five FDA approved artificial sweeteners: saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame and sucralose. You can readily identify them by the color of the packet they come. White is natural sugar (but also #1 on this list) while the other will be in a colored packet. Diet soft drinks and sugar-free or no-calorie drinks often contain some type of sweetening agent, be sure to check the labels on any drink for the ingredients listed above.


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