AARP Membership: Insurance Benefits

AARP®, short for The American Association of Retired Persons, is a nonprofit organization that was structured to assist the aging community in the United States. AARP begins approaching individuals once they turn 50 years of age. This membership-based organization adds value to peoples’ lives by making insurance more affordable and making other resources available to its members. Its benefits include health, auto, home, and life insurance plans; wellness program discounts are offered as well. Below is a brief summary of some of the types of plans, programs, discounts, and benefits that eligible AARP members can apply for.

Health Insurance Benefits

AARP’s health insurance benefits consist of dental, vision, hearing, and other supplemental health plans. AARP also makes other health and wellness resources available, which can be found on their official site or portals to affiliated third-party sites.

Dental Benefits

Delta Dental Insurance Company administers AARP’s dental plans, giving coverage for some common dental procedures. Specifics can be found on the official Delta Dental site (which can be accessed through a portal on the official AARP site).

Hearing Benefits

AARP offers its Hearing Care Program through HearUSA. This program provides, among other benefits, discounts on hearing aids.

AARP also has a Hearing Center, which provides resources designed for individuals learning how to live with hearing loss. It can be found through the official AARP site.

Vision Plans

AARP’s MyVision Care is provided by EyeMed. It provides three vision plans, which can include diabetic vision exams that can be taken every six months (although coverage varies by state). More information can be found on the official AARP and EyeMed sites.

AARP is affiliated with, LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears Optical, and more; eligible AARP members may be able to receive certain discounts from these providers.

Prescription Benefits

Prescription discounts for AARP members are also available through Optum Rx. Their prescription program offers significant discounts on FDA-approved prescriptions that are not currently covered through a member’s insurance. The savings can also be extended to the member’s dependents in certain cases. Participating members with a free Rx discount card can be used at more than 66,000 participating pharmacies, according to their official site.

AARP is affiliated with CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Kroger Co. Pharmacy, RiteAid, and several other pharmacies.

AARP’s Medicare Supplement Plan

AARP’s Medicare Supplement plans are through UnitedHealthcare. The supplemental plans are designed to complement current Medicare coverages (specifically, Parts A and B), providing extra benefits for interested, eligible individuals.

The purpose of an AARP Medicare Supplemental plan is to cover some of the out-of-pocket expenses that are not paid for by Medicare. This is good for AARP members who may require ongoing medical treatments.

Other Health-Related Benefits

In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, AARP also has health and wellness program discounts available. One such plan that certain AARP members can receive discounts for is bistroMD’s Silver Cuisine™. These plans make it possible for members to plan and save money on healthy meals. Doctors design the meals, mainly for those who need to maintain a specialty diet. These can include heart-healthy diets, gluten-free diets, diets for diabetics, and low-sodium diets.

Auto Insurance

AARP offers an auto insurance program through The Hartford. It provides savings and other benefits to its members. For example, more experienced drivers are rewarded for having clean driving records.

Interested, eligible individuals can renew their insurance on an annual basis as long as they maintain certain requirements. Free quotes are available online at no charge and with no obligation through the official Hartford site (a portal to this site can be accessed through the official AARP site).

Auto insurance is also made available for residents of Massachusetts through Bunker Hill insurance and Plymouth Rock Assurance.

Home Insurance

AARP also has homeowner’s insurance plans provided by The Hartford. It provides coverage to homeowners as well as renters.

Coverage can be customized to fit each member’s needs. As long as its requirements are met, the coverage can be renewed annually.

They also provide quotes for home insurance policies as well through the official Hartford site (which can be accessed through a portal on the official AARP site).

Life Insurance

AARP also has a life insurance program available for their members for through New York Life, with up to $100,000 of coverage.

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