All the People You’ll See at a Renaissance Festival

If you’re into festivals, there’s no better way to ring in the fall season than to attend a local Renaissance Festival. The best part? Seeing all of the costumes people (and sometimes animals) wear.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the funniest, classiest and most historical Renaissance Era ensembles to entertain your creative side. From hilarious to downright back in time, these costumes and people are guaranteed to make you say “Mine eyes doth taketh interest in thee!”

Fairy Folk

@hellonicolemarie / Instagram

Aside from kings, queens, pirates and wild animals, fairies tend to appear fairly frequently at these fairs. And, what’s better than fairies at a Renaissance festival? Nothing if you love pretty pastel dresses, pointy ears and adorable fairy wings! Plus, they make great costumes for kids.

What’s more, this fairy princess is truly in her element, far away from the festival crowds. Sitting in the middle of the forest, this garden-dweller must have stopped in her tracks to admire the nature around her before heading back to the food vendors and competitions!

Flying Horses & Their Owners

@michrenfest / Instagram

If fairies weren’t enough, then check out this magical horse with wings! Sure, there are sometimes animals that appear at Renaissance festivals, especially if they can enroll in contests (think: costumes, races and trick shows). But, rarely do we ever get to see a horse, with wings nonetheless, march around festival grounds!

If you’re on the lookout for beautiful animals the next time you attend a Ren Faire, make sure to look for a horse as cool and cute as this one. The horse even has braids in his mane to look fully decked out for a festival.

Flower Powers

Louise Smith / Pinterest

Who’s to say flower power is reserved only for the 70s? It’s true, even in the Renaissance Era, many people, especially women, loved to create beautiful costumes and headpieces out of flowers. Although, it’s pretty rare to see a person walking around with a basketful of flowers on top of their head, outside of a festival. Maybe she should share the extras with people in the crowds?

Dueling Duos

@EqussSilvermane / Twitter

Fake dueling (or is it?) is another common activity you’ll see at a Ren Fest. Here we have a human and an animal dueling, which is a rarity in the real world, but not unusual at the Faire. Do they look serious? No, but they do look like they’re having harmless fun. Let’s just hope they don’t actually get into a fighting match! Otherwise, the fairies might have to come and save them.


u/kendall_fire5 / Reddit

We’re not exactly sure how these cats fit in at the Renaissance Faire, other than that their markings and costumes are extremely creative. But, they do make for good entertainment!

Whether they have nine lives or not, these cats are entirely spooky! You can tell just by looking at the girl’s face. She looks quite uncomfortable being surrounded by five furry felines. But, is that red one on the left a cat or something else?

Dressed-Up Doggos

@stlrenfest / Instagram

Ah, the classic dress-up-your-dog idea. Yes, this dog is fully taking advantage of the dress-to-impress attitude, especially with his hooded cloak. Even better, his owner matches him with her own hooded cloak! Some Ren Fests allow people to bring their dogs along, and with that, the owners even dress up their dogs, like in this picture.

Half the fun of a Ren Fest is to see all the people-and animals-dress up in colorful, creative costumes that bring us back to the past. And, this dog is sheer proof that just anyone can dress up for a special occasion.

The Magic Dude

Louise Smith / Pinterest

Whether it’s true fortune telling or just a crystal ball, this guy’s act is another example of what you’ll see at a typical Renaissance festival.

Most fortune telling occurs in small, dark rooms, or at least that’s what most people imagine fortune tellers do. But, here we have a special case of fortune telling in which the fortune teller seems to be delivering his skills to a crowd. Who wouldn’t want their fortune told by this guy? It’s just another example of a creative, yet unexpected person you’ll see at a Renaissance festival!

A Witchy Tambourine Player

Amanda / Pinterest

Witchy or not, here she comes! Here we have another typical Ren Fest dweller: a lady who is double-fisting a sword and a tambourine! You can’t get more Renaissance than that.

Aside from what she is holding in her hands, this woman also embodies the Renaissance style with her leather boots, multi-layered dress and embroidered corset. Just be sure you don’t catch her in a bad mood!

The Guy on the Banjo

Mary Rankin / Pinterest

It seems random, but this guy wouldn’t be unusual to spot at the Renaissance festival, either. Music seems to be a huge part of Ren Faires, and this guy is proof. Decked out in full Renaissance fashion, he surely is one to entertain the crowds. So, if you’re looking for fall festivities that are fun, don’t miss out on a Ren Fest, especially if you enjoy live music.

And This Random Gem

@u/[deleted] / Reddit

Need we say more? “Just here for the turkey legs” totally disrupts the back-in-time outfits of everyone else around him, but this guy has got the Ren Fest attitude down pat. Clearly, he’s been to a festival before. But, just where are those turkey legs, and do they come with a pint?


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