Amazing Travel and Vacation Destinations in Asia

Have vacation plans yet? If not, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit outside of the states. While these locations are certainly beautiful, the world is a wide place with an even wider variety of cultures to explore! An increasing number of people are travelling to Asian countries for their summer holidays, and it is easy to see why. The history and culture of these countries, not to mention their delicious authentic cuisine, are enough to provide some of the most unique vacation experiences possible! Here are just a few amazing places to visit in Asia:


Perhaps the most iconic location to visit here is the Great Wall of China, located at the edge of the Mongolian steppe. This structure, originally constructed at various points in time for defense from the nomadic groups to the north, has been standing and maintained since as early as the 7th century BC. Lodging near the wall can be found in Huaibeizhen for anywhere from $60/night to $300/night. People often flock here to see one of the most iconic structures in China, as well as to take in the breathtaking scenery of the natural landscape.

Beijing, the capital city of China, is also a top tourist destination. Located in central Beijing is the Forbidden City, another iconic representation of the rich historical culture present in China. This “city” was the palace of the Ming dynasty and is, according to UNESCO, home to the largest collection of preserved wooden structures in the world. Booked a few months in advance, flight tickets to Beijing can be as low as $500; the amount of stuff to see and do in Beijing can more than justify the cost. While there, be sure to try one of the popular local dishes, such as Peking Duck with its crispy skin and juicy meat!


It is hard to think about Japan without thinking about the serene, natural beauty of one of its most iconic locations: Mount Fiji. This active volcano is the highest peak in Japan, as well as the 7th-highest peak in the entire world. Don’t let the fact that it is a volcano dissuade you: Mount Fiji hasn’t erupted since 1708 and isn’t set to do so again anytime soon. This iconic landmark is host to a variety of activities, such as climbing and paragliding for those looking for some high adventure fun.

Another popular tourist destination in Japan is the city of Tokyo, the nation’s capital. Known for its busy night life and bright neon signs, some hotels in Tokyo offer rooms for around $72/night. While there, take a trip to see Shinjuku Gyo-en Park or go shopping at Harajuku. Tokyo has a taste of everything for everyone, so don’t be shy to explore around and try anything! A great starting point is to try an authentic miso ramen bowl, found in nearly any ramen shop. It is perfect for a rainy or cold night, so you can still enjoy yourself even if you’re not up for shopping or sightseeing.

South Korea

Seoul is the largest metropolitan area in South Korea and is a popular destination for visitors. The “Hi! Seoul Festival” is held once every season. In addition to this, the city impressively boasts having 115 museums. These museums are dedicated to just about anything you could want to know about, from scientific nature to war monuments. Booking through your preferred travel agent, hotel rooms can be as low as $70/night, which makes South Korea an affordable trip.


Vietnam is the destination for world travelers awaiting exciting and cultural vacations. Its beaches, such as An Bang Beach, that would rival those of California or Hawai’i. Smooth white sand compliments the bright blue water, making it a place that could make vacation-goers forget their worries.

When it comes to vacation, some people prefer to sit on a beach and forget about the problems of the rest of the world. Others prefer to take a more active role in their vacation, wanting to explore the far corners of the world. For either type of vacationer, there are various destinations in Asia that could be a great travel destination. Not only are the countries on this continent beautiful and steeped in a rich tradition, but they can provide unique experiences that will not easily be forgotten!


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