Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Reducing Treatments

Most every woman and man on the planet desires a smooth, evenly toned complexion with barely any wrinkles. All skin ages eventually, however, and yes, the process happens to even the most beautiful faces. That is why it is essential to develop an anti-aging and wrinkle reducing arsenal of effective products to also battle the sun’s damage and repair the complexion.

Rejuvenating the skin is a reality when your plan is intelligent and takes advantage of the remarkable strides in beauty science. These days, advanced creams and serums are excellent at deep cleaning the pores, removing dead skin cells, encouraging collagen and elasticity to bounce back and returning a healthy radiance with smooth, taut clear skin.

The finest dermatologists have recommended three skin care products that can transform the complexion over time. Adding this triple threat can result in an enviable complexion that looks youthful and natural and not like it was cut into from a plastic surgeon’s expensive scalpel.

Retin-A Or Retinol: You Need This

If there is one key ingredient that can wipe the slate clean of all the damage one starts to accumulate from daily living, it is derived from Vitamin A. If you prefer over-the-counter to prescription, it’s your choice as long as it comes from the retinoid family.

Retin-A is the prescription form and a bit more expensive, and it is purchased through a dermatologist’s office. Retinol is the form bought at a drugstore, and both retinoids are superb at healing the complexion, fading age and sun spots, creating quick skin cell turnover, etc.

Pensacola facial plastic surgeon Jacque P. LeBeau, MD tells Real Self that retinol products are the “gold standard” for anti-aging.

Vitamin C: And Not Only For O.J.

A serum or cream in Vitamin C ascorbic acid is another incredible skin care product that will brighten the complexion and balance the skin tone. Applying this wonderful topical treatment will also calm down inflamed skin and fade pigmentation problems like age and sun damaged spots.

Vitamin C is a must-have in your anti-aging skin care rotation, but do not put it on the same time you apply your retinol. The two will cancel each other out.

Skin care experts recommend applying your retinol product at night and the Vitamin C in the morning. This rotation delivers beautiful results over time without causing unnecessary irritation, break-outs or itchiness.

The best Vitamin C products feature proper packaging that contains the precious ingredient in a stabilized form. Allure magazine suggests their favorites “Cs” for creating skin with smooth, clear, even tone and a healthy glow.

AHAs: Sting But Smooth Away Lines

The third anti-aging and wrinkle-smoothing treatment that works miracles comes from the family of AHAs or alpha hydroxy acids. Yes, these facial and neck treatments sting, but that means their powerful elements are working to break up and dissolve old, dull skin cells, thoroughly clean pores, soften scarred tissue and rough texture.

AHAs are glycolic acid exfoliants, and they mean business, especially when coupled with the traditional spot fader hydroquinone, says complexion queen Paula Begoun from Paula’s Choice

Glycolic acid is a fruit acid that can be made naturally or manufactured in the lab. The chemical exfoliation AHAs deliver has been well-researched. These strong facial peels can feel like a sunburn on the skin as they go to work smoothing the complexion and improving scars, acne, spots and other imperfections. Once a week, and an AHA can show tremendous complexion improvement. Over-the-counter peels are quite effective when followed per directions.

Never Rushing Skin To Be Beautiful

Patience is probably the best word to describe the attainment of healthy, youthful skin. The trio rotation skin care plan of a retinoid, Vitamin C and AHA is all you need to turn back the hands of time and see a more radiant, brighter, firmer complexion looking back at you.

Beautiful skin takes months to see results, but when you are carefully choosing your treatments, they will gradually deliver a face and neck that look younger and work hard to maintain your attractive appearance.

Three skin care products that are affordable, safe and powerful performers are your ticket to skin repair and beauty.

It’s an excellent plan; you don’t need all those bells and whistles to get there. It’s as simple as one, two, three.

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