Awkward Photos Timed Just Right

Sometimes photography catches us at our worst, like when our eyes are closed and we’re mid-sneeze. Other times, a photo is taken at just the right moment and angle makes for some truly awkward and often hilarious moments. 

Caught on camera at just the right time, here are a few awkward photos that might make you laugh, do a double take, or both.

Not this ball

A trip to San Francisco with the family is always a good idea. In this case, the family decided to visit one of many parks found in the city and take a picture to register their moment together. It’s all smiles until a stranger comes into frame. Who expected the family picture to be photobomb by a dog. That’s a painful photobomb as well. That dog was chasing the wrong ball.

Boy girl mystery

At first glance this picture looks like a young man with a large head, in a body of a women. When taking a closer look, this distorted image is actually a picture of a girl hugging a boy, who’s staring at his phone. Wearing a black shirt makes his upper body “disappear.” Also, this optical illusion is due to the fact that the girl is wearing a white top. Mystery solved.

The swordsman and the president

No, Dilma (Brazilian ex-president) was not assassinated. This is yet another optical illusion. In this picture, she is becoming the first women president of Brazil and there’s traditional ceremony taking place. As she bows, the swordsman in the back does a gesture with his sword that makes it look like he’s stabbing her. She’s still alive and after this picture she’s even been to jail. Something was wrong from the get-go.

Manatee plus three

Beach holidays with your friends is always a fun time. In order to make it even better, it’s important to share it with world posting on social media. But when at sea you always have to watch your back (literally). Here the manatee thought this was such a lovely friend trio that it wanted to be part of this memorable picture. At least it made other people smile.


Beer showers have been a normal sight to see on sporting events. It usually happens as an act of celebration and in this picture you can see exactly that. Two soccer players of the German soccer team Bayern Munich shower themselves in German beer. For those who like beer and sweat this may sound like a dream. If you happen to think that it looks like bald player is wearing a hoody, you’re not drunk. The photographer’s timing was just impeccable.

Selfie gone wrong

Selfies are on the rise since the invention of smart phones. Perhaps, this could be even considered the “selfie generation”. Selfies are a way to self validate yourself, but this selfie is different. As the girl seeks to achieve self validation, the dog behind her decided to show off what it looks like when he’s possessed by satan. This dog had other plans, but beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.

Call the exorcist, please?

In case you were thinking of calling the exorcist or the local priest, there’s no need. Although it may look like the girl in the left has allowed the demon to take over her body, don’t be alarmed. In reality, the photographer took the picture right when her eyes closed. Her eyes contain a silver and white eye shadow and that makes it look freaky. No need to call the exorcist. Save it for another day (hopefully not necessary).

Great day for a seagull

Who doesn’t love a cold ice cream on sunny day? It turns out everyones likes it even seagulls. This man’s facial expression says it all and the seagull’s side eye of victory says even more. Another day at the promenade and another victory to the seagulls. They seem to always win when it comes to stealing food. I wouldn’t be surprised if this man gets pooped on by the same seagull. Lighting can strike twice.

Fly cheetah, fly

It turns out cheetahs can fly as well. Or they think they can fly. Animals will do anything to catch a prey. In this photo it appears that the eagle is trying to fly away and gain an aerial advantage over the cheetah, but the cheetah is not letting that happen so easily. A epic battle between these two creatures of different elements will take place and you can surely watch it on Nat Geo.

He accidentally summoned a dragon!


This picture describes the narrative of the movie, Mortal Kombat. A man with extraordinary fighting powers, tired of working at his dead-end job receives a sign that it’s time to fight the villains who have been terrorizing the city. In this case, the sign is in form of a fire dragon and from the looks of it, it seems like he’s too caught up in his own misery to notice the sign. Maybe the restaurant needs him more.

Curious bird

Geir Arne Vian/KIM GAARE

If birds could speak in English, then this one would say “what does this book say about me?” This yet another well timed picture and bird seems genuinely interested in what the book says about his species. Well, if this person has any questions then he knows who to ask. Maybe this bird got tired of flying and now wants to become a scholar.

Peeing in public

David Felberg/Bored Panda

This man seems like he does not care about peeing in public. Is he not worried about being charged for a misdemeanor? Certainly doesn’t look like it. In all seriousness, what a strange place for this man to sit. The photographer surely has a great sense of humor. This image was perfectly timed!

Bubble head

Anne-Marie Veenstra/Bored Panda

This picture brings a new meaning to the bubble head toy, since it looks like the bubble is literally around his head. Also, in case you are this kid’s parents you know what the future holds for him. Outer space. This kid is America’s next youngest astronaut. Look at the signs. It’s all there.

The centaur next door


Be careful neighbors, there’s a new creature next door. But don’t be scared it looks harmless. This picture posses an interesting question. Do centaurs cook better than humans? In all seriousness, this is a picture a women cooking with her dog right beside her. The black pants and the black fur of the dog blend making it appear to be one figure.


This beach volley doubles team clashed and the results of it look painful. One girl has her butt exposed without even knowing while the other seems like she’s about to endure extreme pain. It leaves one question up in the air though. Did she save that ball? Because it appears that the ball has not bounced in the sand. Regardless, that’s embarrassing for both.

Dream vacations

This man is loving his retired life. It probably couldn’t get any better. If he’s sleeping or not that’s up to debate, but he sure is living the dream. However, in reality, the woman is only kneeling in front of him while he is probably taking a nap. There’s distance between the two people. Hopefully, this women’s husband didn’t get to see this picture.

Point of view

This little kid is not as innocent as he looks. As he stares at this cheerleaders cleavage, one question comes mind. Does he even know what he’s staring at? Maybe he’s seen that before on Playboy magazines. The other cheerleader seems to be very supportive of this little kids action and is even laughing at it. It’s fair to say that this kid has an interesting point of view.

Tennis balls

Who ever took this picture was surely not thinking or even watching the tennis match. It is a very sexist picture that in the 80s it would’ve probably been seen on the cover of magazines. Known for their sporty outfits and good looks, female tennis players attract the eyes a broad audience. Just like this photographer, many fans are perhaps there to watch their good looks and not so much their athletic abilities.

Head start

This is perhaps one of the few images where optical illusion is done purposefully. This image has an artistic approach to it. It’s as if the dirt road is growing from the girl’s head and continuing towards the horizon. This type of perspective is seen as Surrealism (a style of art born in the 1920’s in Europe). Interesting yet bizarre, this picture offers us a new perspective of someone’s head.

Dog person

Is that a human dog? Oh no, that’s a women with her dog. Either way, this picture literally defines the term “dog person”. Also, interestingly if dog humans existed, they would wear orange crocs (reference to the picture). This is another well timed photo. We can surely assume that this dog probably does look like it’s owner.


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