Awkward Wedding Photos

Ah, wedding photos. Nothing documents all the details of a couple’s big day better, from each tender bloom in the bride’s bouquet to every luscious layer of the cake. However, not every wedding photo is picture-perfect. In fact, there are plenty of wedding photos that are downright embarrassing.

Some are taken during just the right (or wrong) moment, mid-wardrobe malfunction or furry friend gone wild. Others are awkward from the start, with a weird angle or an uncomfortable pose. And don’t get us started on those practical jokes and classic “funny photos” that end up being just too cringe-worthy to be entertaining. Except, of course, if they’re for our amusement…

When your best friend knows they’re being replaced and revolts


From the dog’s point of view: “No Bethany, I’m not going to look cute and sit still for this picture. You’re trying to replace me with Todd and I know it. We never go for walks anymore. We never snuggle just the two of us in bed anymore. He’s your favorite now, and I’m taking revenge by turning this cute photo idea into a nightmare. Screw you, Bethany.”

This bride has either really great aim or really bad aim


Any single woman can tell you that the bouquet toss at a wedding reception can be a traumatizing battlefield, one that smart women avoid at all costs. Why anyone thought it was a good idea to let a little flower girl participate, we’re not sure, but hey, a bouquet in the face is a lot kinder fate than being trampled by unmarried women trying to put a ring on it.

Because a photo of the rings on their hands would be too cliché


When you’re selecting a wedding photographer, keep in mind that too many “creative” shots are not a good thing. There is nothing wrong with a couple of standard, classic shots of things like the bride’s gown, the groom’s boutonniere, or in this case, the couple’s wedding rings. Sometimes normal is nice. Sometimes unique ends up being really, really weird.

Excuse me Rick and Lisa, but it’s my time to shine


Note: if you’re going to have a wedding photoshoot involving animals, make sure none of those animals are divas like Hank the horse here. Still, there’s nothing quite as fun as a good old-fashioned photobomb. And props to the photographer for framing the horse’s face so it perfectly blocks out both the bride and groom’s faces. 10 out of 10.

Warning: Do not attempt to waterfall champagne


*Sigh* We invented straws and glasses for a reason ladies. We don’t know why this bride opted to forego a champagne flute and just use her mouth, but clearly, it didn’t end well. A bit of bubbly up the nose is going to burn for a good, long time, though it definitely won’t feel like a good time. And champagne can stain, so that wedding dress better get sent off to the cleaners ASAP after the wedding.

When the camera angle turns your future husband into an Elf on the Shelf


When it comes to lining up the perfect shot, perspective is pretty important. A good photographer will position you in certain ways to get your best angles, or to get a really unique perspective shot. Unfortunately, sometimes those experimental angles go awry, like in the photo above. Always know your angles, or you could end up making your groom look like one of Santa’s teeny tiny helpers.

The one where the bride was lost


Crowd surfing (verb) – stupid, reckless, and potentially very dangerous

Look, we get it; you and your guests have probably had a few drinks and once the alcohol sinks in, a lot of previously terrible ideas start to sound really fun. Then somehow you all decide to crowd surf the happy couple, which judging by this photo, results in a very unhappy ending. There are safer ways to celebrate people!

When your wedding cake’s life flashes before your eyes


The bride is already gasping in horror. The groom’s lips are starting to curl back into a grimace. There’s nothing anyone can do at this point but watch in shock as the cake topples over. Hopefully one day the couple will be able to look back and laugh at this moment. Currently, we’re just in awe of the symmetry between the decorative macarons cascading down the side of the cake, and the ones that are actually falling overboard.

What are they looking at and why is it so exciting???


Hats off to this lovely couple for realizing how awkward wedding photos can be, and deliberately embracing that fact. The wedding photography experience can be tense and uncomfortable, so why not acknowledge those feelings and have some fun with them? From the over-exaggerated fake smiles to the cutesy, cliché prom pose, we love the enthusiasm here.

Pose with the babies they said. It’ll be so cute they said.


As much as we love children, we know that most get pretty miserable when attending formal events. Either they’re anxious and bored from too much waiting around, or hyper and overwhelmed by all the stimuli and too much cake. They’re probably exhausted and cranky from missing their much-needed naptime. They’re definitely uncomfortable since you crammed their cute little bodies into adorable, yet typically tight and itchy dress clothes. All in all, it’s a recipe for disaster. If you want to avoid extra, unnecessary tears on your big day, either don’t take pictures with little ones, or consider a kid-free wedding.

Someone’s had a long day

sun_kriz_ and bhav_kriz_ / Instagram

After weeks, months, or sometimes years of wedding planning, it makes sense that often all couples want to do after their big day is rest. Wedding day itineraries are often booked down to the minute, and few remember to pencil in a little downtime, let alone a nap. We recommend that wherever a couple chooses to honeymoon, plenty of great nap spots are readily available.

This bathroom bridal party shot is too gross to be cute


Maybe, just maybe if this photo was taken in the powder room area of one of those fancy hotel bathrooms, this shot would have worked. You know, those ones with the floral wallpaper, gilded mirrors, and plush chaises?

Unfortunately, a bride posing with her loyal bridesmaids in a bunch of public restroom stalls (no matter how clean) just looks awkward, weird, and pretty unsanitary.

Did…did anyone not realize that this cake is in a really awkward position???


While it’s unintentionally a bit suggestive, what really bothers us about this image is the cake’s precarious position. For the groom’s pants’ sake, we hope he’s not clumsy. Otherwise, he’s going to get frosting just about everywhere in about three seconds.

Also, who decided in the first place that this kind of shot would be cute??? Sure it’s kind of sweet and intimate (less so if you have a dirty mind), but it’s also pretty gross and risky having your cake on the floor like that. Even if the groom doesn’t knock over the cake when leaning toward his bride, there’s still a good chance that the bride knocks it over herself when trying to get up off the floor. Keep your cakes on tables people. Case closed.

Why watch the wedding party’s entrance when you can stare into the photographer’s soul?


Everyone has been that bored kid at a wedding at least once during their childhood. For this teen, we can feel every bit of his disinterest in this single look. He probably wishes he was at his best friend Brian’s pool party right now, but noooo Mom said they had to go to Cousin Jenny’s wedding even though they haven’t seen her in eight years. Typical. At least one day, the couple getting married can look back and laugh at their young cousin who was clearly not as enthused as everyone else.

This beach isn’t big enough for the three of us


Look lovebirds, it’s a cute pose. But given how most beaches are literally miles upon miles long, why couldn’t you find another spot? That dude fishing in the back is clearly in the middle of a great catch, and y’all are being rude by encroaching on his fishing spot. Either find another patch of sand, or if this spot is special for some reason, wait until he’s reeled one in and gone.

What’s more romantic than photos with a whale skeleton? Many, many things!


Um, why exactly is this very professional and yet very creepy-looking photo considered appealing? If you’re going to have your wedding photos taken in the London Natural History Museum, you could at least pose by something a little more trendy like a T-rex or something. But let’s go back to our original thoughts and concerns: why would you want pictures with skeletons for your wedding photos???

Wanted: bridesmaids with bigger arm muscles


HA. At least all the ladies pictured here are laughing about this situation, which is clearly a photo op gone wrong. Brides and grooms alike should keep in mind that if you’re adventurous enough to have people hoist you up on your wedding day, then you should probably be a bit more confident in their upper body strength.

Why mark new territory when you can mark Courtney’s new dress?


Ok, so this one wants to make us cry. Clearly, someone didn’t walk the dogs for long enough before letting them join the happy couple (in what probably would have been an adorable photo with the fur family).

The worst part is that since the couple’s faces are turned away from the camera, they probably wouldn’t notice until the dog is finished with his business. The photographer could alert them to what’s happening, but the damage is already done.

Nothing brings out the fear and chaos in adults quite like Jenga


Besides dancing and plenty of alcohol, lawn games are another great way to give your special day a burst of fun. Cornhole, MegaChess, and giant Connect 4 are a few of our personal favorites. If however, you want your recreation to be a blend of terror and amusement, we recommend giant Jenga. The panic and/or disappointment when someone knocks over the tower is priceless every time.

It what world is this photo not awkward?


Ah yes, the good ol’ peaking-out-from-under-her-skirts pic. Nothing says “absolute cringe” better. Please tell us that these kinds of photos are always the couple’s idea and never the professional photographer’s.

No? Well somebody should be scolded for coming up with the idea, and everyone else for going along with it!

When you’re supposed to spread petals at 3, but have a playdate at 3:30


Patience is a virtue few adults possess, and yet anyone with kids knows that children are even more lacking in that department. While the average wedding ceremony is only about 20-30 minutes in length, that was apparently still too long for this impatient little man. We really feel sorry for the flower girl, however, who judging by her disapproving face, was taking her role much more seriously and was peeved that the boy gave up so quickly.

Nervous? Bite through the tension with some hideous fake teeth!


Look, we get it. Weddings are stressful. The tension is high, and everyone inedibility gets down to their last nerve. So while we admire this bride for donning a pair of fake choppers, we can’t help but think that this photo won’t age well. It looks like the front of one of those greeting cards with a terribly punny punchline inside. The photo probably won’t be displayed next to any of the more glamorous shots from this day. Instead, it’ll probably be stuffed into the back of the wedding scrapbook and viewed only on occasion with some notable discomfort.

Reason number two hundred and thirty five why not to wear a veil


Wedding gowns get stepped on. It happens. It’s inevitable.

That being said, wedding veils are a 100% optional accessory that many brides have been foregoing in recent years, and wardrobe mishaps are one of the many reasons why. A rhinestone headpiece is one veil alternative, and dramatically decreases your chances of being stepped on or getting caught on things.

When your father-in-law is getting down

_barksey_ / Instagram

Has he had too much champagne? Possibly. Do we feel slightly uncomfortable about that wild look in his eyes, and how few shirt buttons he has buttoned? Absolutely. But we wouldn’t stop a man who’s clearly having an amazing time. He is living his best life right now in a boogie wonderland, and we wouldn’t dare stop the beat.

This groom’s sense of humor stinks


Some people will find this photo hilarious. Others will find it in poor taste. We belong to the latter group.

While we admire that this couple clearly shares a sense of humor, their fog machine antics aren’t that appealing to us. And while that fog doesn’t stink, there’s little doubt that the bride is going to be coughing and wheezing for quite a bit with all that fog being blasted straight toward her face.

This moment is so uncomfortable it’s priceless


Ok, so the sign, paired with the two kids’ expressions will forever be comic gold to us. Probably a lot less so to the bridal party and any guests in attendance at this event.

Just goes to show, if you’re going to be bold and cheeky enough to have a ring bearer carry a sign reading “It’s too late to run” then you should be prepared for the immediate, fated consequences of a bad joke.


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