Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Actually Enjoy

If you have ever been invited to or planned a baby shower, you have probably wrestled with the idea of baby shower games. Will there be any? Are we going to do that thing where we wrap toilet paper around the pregnant mother? Will I have to smell/eat something gross out of a diaper while blindfolded?

Trying to pick out legitimately fun, non-gross baby shower games you and your guests will actually like? You’ve come to the right place.

Picking Out Baby Shower Games

You want these games to be fun, silly ice breakers that will help the guests relax and have a great time celebrating with the new mom! You don’t want them to be long, tedious or overly complicated. After all, a shower should be fun, and no events during the party should feel like a chore.

Below, we have compiled a list of our favorite games so that you can plan your party and pace without the stress! We’ll start with some of our favorite games for early guests before moving on to group games that will take place later in the party.

Up First: Great Game Ideas for Early Guests

Your guests are arriving. They don’t know each other. You have hosting duties, so babysitting the guests while they munch cocktail weenies is out. Don’t panic.

These games will give party-goers a chance to arrive, grab a beverage and a plate and mingle independently with activities to help break the ice and keep them engaged!

The number one(sie) game on our list? Your creative guests will surely love it…

Onesie Design Station

It is a scientific fact that newborns cannot have too many onesies. Creating a space for guests to get creative and design a custom onesie for the little one will not only serve as a great way for guests to relax and chat, but it will also give Mom a unique keepsake to take home.

Best of all this game can also be modified to use t-shirts or bibs, depending on your preference.


  • Plain white or colored onesies (0-3 mo)
  • Fabric paint/markers
  • Table and chairs
  • Tablecloth
  • Package tags or labels
  • Safety pins

How to Play

  1. Cover a table with the table cloth and lay out onesies, paint and markers all over the table.
  2. Place the safety pins and tags/labels in a basket or bowl nearby with pens.
  3. As your guests arrive, direct them to the table so that they can add some creative flare to a custom onesie for the new baby.
  4. Once they have completed their design, have them write a message or card to Mom and attach it to the onesie with the safety pin.

While this game is straightforward, the next early-shower game will keep your guests guessing—literally…

Who’s That Baby?

Another great way to engage your guests? With a wall of celebrity childhood photos (available through the magic of the Internet) that they can guess as the party gets going.


  • Celebrity baby photos
  • Poster board
  • Index cards
  • Pens

How to Play

  1. Print off the celebrity baby photos and glue them to the poster board.
  2. Get creative and colorful. It’s a party!
  3. Trim the index cards and fold them in half, so that they can be affixed to the board under the photos; celebrity names are revealed by lifting the folded half of the card.
  4. Simply set up your board and let your guests have fun with it!

The first few games we’ve covered have been pretty individualist, but the following may section off your guests into teams…

Team Blue/Team Pink

Literally everyone at your party will have some theory about the gender of the baby. Some of them will claim to know based on what cravings Mom is having. Some will know because they had an aunt who carried their baby at a certain spot in their belly and that definitely meant it was a boy.

Whatever their scientific theory or old-wives’ tale they stick to, let them proclaim their guess loud and proud with this fun guessing game. The concept is simple: guests will grab a specially designated cut-out to indicate their guess of the baby’s gender.


  • Thin dowel rods or wooden skewers
  • Pink and blue paper cut-outs
  • Glue
  • Mason jars

How to Play

  1. The shape or theme of your cut-outs can be anything that fits with the theme of the party, or basic shapes. Mustaches, neck ties, whales, etc. cut out of blue paper for “boy” and bows, hearts, bunnies, etc. cut out of pink paper for “girl.” The design is totally up to you.
  2. Glue the shapes onto the ends of the skewers.
  3. Place them decoratively in the mason jars.
  4. Feel free to decorate the mason jars with pink and blue ribbon, fill them up with colored sugar or sand, and make them part of your decorations.
  5. As guests arrive, ask them to choose from one of the jars and make their guess at the gender of the baby.
  6. Once everyone arrives, tally up the votes and save them for the mom-to-be.

The following game is a great ice breaker that can help even unacquainted guests get to know each other…

What am I?

This baby-shower version of Hedbanz is another easy game that guests can play on their own or in small groups. It gives guests who aren’t acquainted an easy way to strike up a conversation and get them laughing.


  • Note cards
  • Pen
  • Safety pins

How to Play

  1. Think of a number of baby-themed items and write one on each note card. Be creative! Some examples could be: a dirty diaper, a bottle of milk, baby spit up, a car seat, etc.
  2. As your guests arrive, choose a card and, without showing it to them, attach it to their back with the safety pin.
  3. They can then ask other guests yes or no questions to try and figure out what item is on their card.
  4. Once they have correctly determined what baby item they have, they can pin the card to the front of their shirt or remove it.

The guests have all arrived. You know what that means: the next round of games and activities!

Up Next: Group Games

Your guests are happily mingling around the party. Everyone is doting over the guest of honor and gushing about how beautiful she looks, how excited they are to meet the little one, and quizzing her on what cravings she is having. Now it’s time to pull everyone together for some group fun to setup the next phase of the party.

The best way to do that? Make sure the guests get to know each other a little bit…

Getting To Know You

New moms go through a lot. This game can help her relate to the ups and downs ahead and get your guests talking and laughing at the same time. It’s a win-win! It’s also a good way to bring the party together and serve as a setup for more action packed games later on.


  • Large bowl
  • 10-15 strips of paper

How to Play

  1. Think of a number of questions or prompts for guests to answer in a group setting. Questions should be light-hearted, easy to answer and can center around raising kids, having kids, being a kid, and the ups and downs of parenting.
  2. Write the questions down on the slips of paper and put them into a bowl.
  3. Have your guests sit in a circle and pass around the bowl, each drawing one question.
  4. You can get creative with how everyone participates, whether that is going around the circle one guest at a time or tossing a stuffed baby toy back and forth.
  5. Guests will then answer the questions on the slip of paper. Best of all, there are no wrong answers.

Examples Questions

  • What is your funniest/most embarrassing memory from when you were a kid?
  • What is your favorite memory with the mom-to-be?
  • What is the best piece of advice you ever received?
  • If you could only watch one kid’s show for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • What food did you eat as a kid that you still get a craving for?

Unlike this option, the following game does have right or wrong answers…

The Price is Right

Another classic game for the gathered group involves collecting several common baby items (diapers, wipes, rash cream, etc) and having guests guess their cost.

While there’s unfortunately no Bob Barker involved, this game does mean bragging rights to the ones who come closest without going over and much-needed baby supplies for Mom.


  • Infant care items, such as diapers, wipes, pacifiers, bibs, etc.
  • Printed sheets listing all items
  • Pens

How to Play

  1. Have your array of items easily visible to all of your guests.
  2. You can pass out your answer sheets at the time of the game or at the beginning as they arrive to allow them time to write down their answers.
  3. Have each guest list their best guess at the cost of each item on the paper.
  4. Total all of the costs at the bottom of the page.
  5. Once everyone has finished, reveal the actual cost of each item along with the total cost and compare to see who came the closest.

The following game also involves guessing, and it requires guests to become much more active party participants…

Guess that Food

Most parents probably agree that the thought of eating baby food is not very appetizing. It’s a fun new stage for baby, but a little weird to think about a little jar that has a blend of sweet potatoes, turkey, and stuffing all in one.

However, it can make for a great baby shower game. This option will give your guests a chance to enjoy the sights and smells of that blended goodness, too.


  • Several jars of baby food, labels removed
  • Baby spoons
  • Permanent marker
  • Answer key
  • Answer sheets for guests
  • Pens or pencils

How to Play

  1. Remove the labels from each of the jars.
  2. Number the lids with a marker.
  3. Create an answer key for the host or Mom.
  4. Have guests take one answer sheet each, where the can write their guesses down. (Be sure to give them something to write with, too!)
  5. Pass the jars around, giving everyone the opportunity to smell (or taste, if they are really adventurous) the baby food.
  6. Then let them write their guesses on their sheets.
  7. Once everyone has made their best guess, reveal the answers to find out who had the best nose for baby food.


Those who want an extra challenge can play this game blindfolded, so even the color of the baby food gives no hints.

The next game? It’s all about Mom…

All About Mom

No matter who you have invited or how many people show up to the party, they all have one thing in common: knowing the mother-to-be. This game will give guests a chance to test their knowledge of Mom with simple trivia questions, which you have chosen in advance.


  • Printed questionnaires
  • Pens for guests

How to Play

  1. Partner with Mom to come up with questions and answers that most of your guests will know the answers to.
  2. When the guests are gathered, pass out a questionnaire and pen to each.
  3. Give them time to answer each one.
  4. Once everyone is finished, quiz Mom on the answers and find out which of her guests know her best.

Example Questions

  • Where was she born?
  • How many brothers and sisters does she have?
  • What school did she attend?
  • What is her favorite pizza topping?

Up Next: Action-Packed Games

Everyone is feeling comfortable; the party is going great. Mom is having a lovely time and there is a gigantic mountain of gifts for her to dig into. Time for some hilarious action-packed games to round it all out.

It all starts with a fun game that tests agility and proper diapering technique…

Diaper Race

Do some of your guests think they’re the fastest diaper in the West? Time to put them to the test! Let them go at it in a race to see who can change the diaper on a baby doll the fastest! You can even increase the difficulty level by making them complete the task blindfolded.


  • Baby dolls (stuffed animals will also work)
  • Diapers
  • Baby blankets
  • Baby powder
  • Baby wipes

How to Play

The object of the game is to see which guest can clean, powder, diaper and wrap their baby doll the fastest.

  1. Have guests line up in front of their dolls with their supplies in reach.
  2. After ready, set and GO!, each guest will need to wipe the baby, douse them with powder, apply a diaper and wrap them in the blanket to get them ready for bed.
  3. Fastest racer wins a prize, or just bragging rights.


There are plenty of other ways to play this game that don’t require busting out the baby powder. Instead, just grab the diapers and teddy bears. You’ll also need some blindfolds.

For this modification, guests will simply try to put a diaper on a baby doll or stuffed animal as fast and as best as they can while blindfolded.

The next challenge is also a race of sorts and it’s hilarious to boot…

Baby Bottle Race

This hilarious racing game pits guests against each other to see who can chug the most liquid (juice, iced tea, water) out of a baby bottle in one minute.

Trust us; it’s harder than you think.


  • New baby bottles
  • Beverage of choice
  • Timer

How to Play

  1. Fill all of the bottles up with your chosen beverage.
  2. Set the timer for one minute.
  3. On Mom’s signal, guests try to drink as much from the bottle as they can within the time limit.
  4. Once time expires, measure who has the least amount of liquid left in the bottle and crown the winner.

Helpful Hint

Be sure to select baby bottles that are all for the same age range. Bottles for older babies typically have a faster flow and might give an unfair advantage to some players.

The next game is a fun take on bobbing for apples that’s simply perfect for any baby shower…

Binkie Bobbing

This option is another game that makes it easy to incorporate small prizes for your guests. It might get a bit messy, so this game is an ideal choice for outdoor showers or in areas with a little bit of extra space.


  • Large tub
  • 10-12 pacifiers
  • Towels

How to Play

  1. Fill the tub with water and toss in the pacifiers.
  2. Have guests take turns holding their hands behind their backs and trying to grab the pacifiers floating in the water.
  3. Make sure to have towels handy for this one.
  4. At the end of the game, you can sterilize the pacifiers and box them up for Mom to take home with her gifts.


This game is simple enough that you can customize the scoring any way you want.

  • For example, you can number the pacifiers with different values and count up the top score after 1 minute of bobbing. High score wins a prize.
  • Alternatively, you can number or mark only some of the pacifiers, and if your guest is lucky enough to collect one with a mark, they win.

What’s next?

So, what’s most important to remember when planning your baby shower games?…

Keep It Light-Hearted and Fun!

No matter what games you choose, the ultimate goal is to make sure that your guests have a great time and leave feeling happy and excited for the joyous event to come.

Hosting an event like this is no easy task. That’s where games can help.

Games Can Help You Organize and Move the Party Along

Picking some of these games can help give your party structure and a natural flow.

As guests arrive, it’s helpful for them to have activities to complete or engage with that you and Mom don’t have to be present for, as your attention and duties are divided. That’s where games like the celebrity baby photo guess can help.

Later on, it can be challenging to bring everyone together in an organic way to easily transition into the cutting of cake or the opening of gifts. One way to do just this feat? Announce a game that will draw guests together as a group. After playing, guests will feel more comfortable with one another.

This comfort will also ensure later, more action-packed (and potentially embarrassing!) games are fun and will keep everyone engaged.

Happy Planning!

At the end of the day, all of your guests are there to celebrate an amazing event and celebrate a new mom who absolutely deserves it. And you, as the host, can create an wonderful experience for all without stress and without breaking the bank. Happy planning!

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