30 Beautiful Buildings From Around the World

There can be no doubt that architects are artists. When you see a breathtaking palace, an impressively domed church, or a high-rise that towers gracefully above the clouds, you’re looking at someone’s vision in real stone and steel and glass.

From ancient temples and historic castles to modern-day skyscrapers and vacation homes, here are just a few impressive buildings from around the world.

Westminster Abbey – London, United Kingdom.


Westminster Abbey is a vast treasure trove of history, artworks, and people. And it remains one of the most significant buildings in the United Kingdom. 

This magnificent gothic structure is the final resting place of countless royals and has been the venue of every coronation since 1066. 

Milan Cathedral – Italy.

Ouael Ben Salah/Unsplash

Milan, Italy is home to some of the most iconic fashion brands in the world and remarkable buildings in the world. 

The Milan Cathedral which is also known as the Duomo di Milano is the largest Gothic church in the world. The building has 3400 statues, more than there are in any building in the world. 

Fallingwater- Pennsylvania, USA.

Venti Views/Unsplash

When Frank Lloyd Wright was contracted to design a vacation home for the Kaufman family, he didn’t know it would become famous for its innovative design. Where nature and people cohabit in harmony. Today, Fallingwater is a tourist destination for people from different parts of the world and is revered as “the best all-time work of American architecture”.

Pantheon – Rome, Italy.

Gabriella Clare Marino/Unsplash

Rome is a ubiquitous vacation travel destination for many people and it is understandable. Rome is a picturesque city, rich in history.

The pantheon is one of the numerous magnificent buildings which are found in the city. Like Rome, it wasn’t built in a day; in fact, it was destroyed twice and rebuilt. Sadly, the architects responsible for this gorgeous dome building are unknown.

Pena National Palace – Sintra, Portugal.

Mark Lawson/Unsplash

The Pena palace is a gorgeous palace that consists of huge pastel-colored buildings that sit elegantly on a hill. It is famed for its Romanist architecture and rich history. 

Today it is open to all lovers of history who come to enjoy the colorful castle and the paintings and sculptures it houses.

Neuschwanstein Castle – Bavaria, Germany.

Vinay Chavan/Unsplash

This historic castle inspired the Sleeping Beauty castle at Disneyland and we can see why.  The turrets, towers, and romantic mountaintop perch surrounded by a dense forest make Neuschwanstein Castle an impressive sight.  

It used to be a refuge for Germany’s King Ludwig || of Bavaria (the mad king). Today, it welcomes millions of visitors into its beautiful walls. 

Hungarian Parliament Building -Budapest, Hungary.

Elijah G/Unsplash

To celebrate the sovereignty of Budapest,  an international contest was held to find an architect to design a Hungarian Parliament building. Imre Steindl won the competition, going on to design this building that is made of millions of precious stones and 40 kilograms of gold. 

The Hungarian Parliament Building stands to date, garnering over 200 years of historical events. 

Château de Chambord -Loire Valley-France.

Dorian Mongel/Unsplash

Even though France has its fair share of fairytale buildings, the Château de Chambord is unrivaled for its iconic beauty. The famous château is a unique blend of French Renaissance and medieval revival architecture.

Semperoper – Dresden, Germany.

Björn S… / Flickr

The Semperoper is a mixture of the Corinthian, Renaissance, and Baroque Revival architectural styles, which makes this ancient building a charming sight. 

Semperoper is the opera house and concert hall of Dresden and is also home to the Semperoper Ballet. It was originally built in 1841 by architect Gottfried Semper, rebuilt in 1878 after a fire, and finally in 1985 after suffering a bomb blast.

La Pedrera- Casa Milà – Barcelona, Spain.

JOE Planas/Unsplash

La Pedrera is an attestation of the extraordinary imagination and out worldly creativity of architect Antonio Gaudi.

Thanks to architects like him, Barcelona is famous for being home to some of the most unusual but beautiful buildings in the world. 

St Patrick’s Cathedral -Dublin, Ireland.

K. Mitch Hodge/Unsplash

St Patrick’s cathedral is the oldest and largest cathedral in Ireland. The insides of this historic church will instill a sense of reverence into the most nonchalant person.

Taj Mahal -Agra, India.

Tim van Kempen/Unsplash

When Mughal emperor Shah Jahan had this mausoleum built to house the body of  his beloved wife who died in childbirth, he had no idea that this building would be one of the greatest architectural designs in the world. The ivory-white marble structure continues to draw people from all over the world to marvel at its exquisite beauty.

Louvre Museum – Paris, France.

Simon Goetz/Unsplash

Aside from the fact that this museum is the most visited in the world and is home to the most iconic artworks in human history, the Louvre Museum is rich in history. It used to be a royal palace in the 12th century. The glass pyramid is one of the most popular structures in the Louvre museum.

The Vessel -New York City, USA

Richard Kim/Unsplash

A building that looks like a honeycomb is a rare sight to behold and this extraordinary building is located in New York City which is also home to different beautiful buildings. 

Unfortunately, this building was closed to the public due to the case of people jumping off the sculpture and taking their own lives.

Lotus Temple – Delhi, India.

Matthew TenBruggencate/Unsplash

The flower-like shape of the Lotus Temple is its most remarkable feature hence the name”Lotus Temple”. The special exterior lighting gives this gorgeous temple an ethereal glow at night. 

Burj Khalifa- Dubai, UAE.

Timo Volz/Unsplash

The United Arab Emirates is home to different architectural masterpieces. The Burj Khalifa aka Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world and the ride to the top floor is the longest elevator travel distance in the world! 

La Sagrada Familia Cathedral -Barcelona, Spain.

nader saremi/Unsplash

Designed by the famous Antoni Gaudí, who also designed the Casa Milà, this cathedral is a lovely sight to behold. 

The exterior of the church boasts strikingly impressive carvings and 18 beautiful spires. While the interior of the church is adorned by multicolored glass windows adding a magical atmosphere to the building.

Museum of the Future – Dubai, UAE.

Riyas Mohammed/Unsplash

The Museum of the Future which recently opened its doors to visitors has been dubbed “the most beautiful building in the world” and we can see why. This amazing seven-story landmark adorns the Dubai skyline with its stainless steel fasçade beautified with intricate Arabic calligraphy.

St Basil’s Cathedral- Moscow, Russia.


St Basil’s Cathedral looks like it was cut out of a storybook. The spires are shaped like a bonfire rising into the sky, while the fasçade features whimsical color schemes. 

St Basil’s Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed, remains one of Russia’s most significant national monuments. It continues to garner visitors from all over the world who come to experience the history it holds within its magnificent walls. 

Winter Palace -St Petersburg, Russia.


The Winter Palace was a royal residence of the Russian Emperor from 1754 till it was invaded by Bolshevik revolutionaries in 1917. Today it houses the vast collections of Hermitage art becoming a Hermitage Art Museum. 

The fasçade of this beautiful house consists of mint-green, white and gold columns.  It remains the loveliest structure in St Petersburg. 


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