Best Doggone Food for Your Pooch

When you have dogs, it’s essential to get them the right food so they get the nutrients they need to grow and flourish. We’ve taken a lot of the guesswork out of the dog food shopping process. Browse our selection below of the best foods for your puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs to ease your shopping woes (along with discounts so you can save big on the best dog food).

Best Food for Puppies

Puppies need all types of foods for their growth and development. Look for foods that strengthen their muscles, joints, bones, and their immune system.

Raw foods

When you want a natural taste and feel, raw food is the way to go.

Darwin’s natural selections of raw food

The food is 75% meat and 25% vegetables. That’s right: it is a complete nutritional recipe with various meat options, including chicken, turkey, beef, and lamb. The price range is from $11.58 up, depending on the protein you want.

Stella and Chewy’s Perfectly Puppy Beef, and Salman Dinner Patties

The 14-ounce bag costs $29.99; you can save an extra 5% on Autoship Select. The formula has vitamins and minerals that provide your puppy with all the nutrients she requires and tastes she’ll love.

Dry Food

Dry food is affordable, lasts longer than other varieties do, and some experts argue that it’s better for Fido’s teeth than wet varieties.

Wellness Complete Health Natural

These are well-balanced foods with proteins and grains to give your puppy all the nutrients he needs to thrive. Specifically, the food has antioxidants and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) from salmon oil for brain development, healthy skin, coat, and boosted immune support. Even better, the foods do not have artificial preservatives, meat by-products, or fillers.

A 30-lb costs $37.73.

Wet Food

When it comes to flavor, it’s hard to beat the taste of wet dog food.

Weruva Wet Dog Food

The formula has proteins from fresh chicken with an optimal fat-to-protein ratio of about 18%. Best of all? No grains!

You save 5% when you choose the Autoship method.

Whole Earth Farms Canned Dog Food

Pate or stew texture options, delicious flavors, and great nutrition? You got it. Their formulas are typically 43% proteins, 27% fat, and 22% carbohydrates: just right for a pup.

Adult Dog Food

Your pup has now grown up and requires different nutrition to help keep her happy and healthy.

Raw Food

BARF World Raw Food Rolls

Organ and muscle meat combine to create this nutritionally dense offering. Six 2-lb rolls will cost $80.97, and you can save 5% when you purchase the 48-lb option.

Primal Freeze-dried Nuggets

This formula has a variety of meat options, such as sardine and turkey, as well as fruity and veggie options. This way, you know your furry friend will never run out of flavor options while still meeting her nutrition goals.

You can save 5% with the Autoship Select option.

Dry Food

Wellness Complete Health 

This food has protein that helps maximize nutrient absorption, meaning it helps build lean muscles to fight fat.

The 30-pound bags go for $49.51.

Instinct Original Grain-free Recipe

This food has an optimal blend of 30% of fruits and vegetables and 70% of proteins and oils. 

The food is in a 22.5-lb bag, priced at $59.99.

Wet Food

Wellness Stew Canned Dog Food

The proteins in this formula come from fresh turkey, with a nutritional analysis of 44% protein, 17% fat, and 31% carbs.

This formula normally costs $36.36, but is available at $34.54 on Autoship and Save options.

The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food

This formula’s nutritional analysis is as follows: 32% proteins, 18% fat, and 42% estimated carbohydrates. The animal proteins come from fresh turkey.

Owners get a 50% discount for their first order.

Seniors Dogs

Fido is growing older, and his food needs to evolve along with him.

Raw Food

TruDog Feed Me Crunchy Munchy Beef Bonanza Grain-free Raw, Freeze-dried Dog Food

This food supports the overall health of your dog, including her gums and teeth. Best of all, it is easily digestible and suitable for your senior dog.

Pricing normally is $34.49, and $32.70 on Autoship.

Instinct raw boost grain-free recipe with real chicken and freeze-dried some pieces

We love this food for its boosted nutrition, thanks to the freeze-dried, high-protein ingredients that make this food both nutritious and delicious. 

The food is available in 4-, 10-, and 21-lb bags. The 21-lb bag costs $69.99, with Autoship Select earning you a small discount. 

Dry Food

Orijen Senior Dog Food

This option is grain-free, with 43% protein dominating the ingredients. It has Atlantic flounder, deboned turkey, deboned chicken, cage-free eggs, and whole Atlanta mackerel! Talk about high-quality ingredients. In fact, these high-quality ingredients can help your balding dog regain his hair.

The 25-lb bag costs between $86.44 and $90.90.

Pro Plan Bright Mind Adult 7 Plus Senior Chicken and Rice

This formula prevents your dog from cognitive dysfunction syndrome, a technical term that means mental decline in an aging pooch. Keep Fido as sharp as ever when you grab this food packed with ingredients like whole grain wheat and chicken.

A 30-lb bag costs $56.98. Save 5% on Autoship Select.

Wet Food

Taste of the Wild Wet Dog Food

Ingredients include lamb, liver, beans, lamb broth, dried egg products, and vegetable broth. Can you say yum? The nutritional analysis is 22% fat, 44% proteins, and 25% carbohydrates, just perfect for an older dog.

The current price is $27.48, and the Autoship deal is $26.11.

Merrick Classic Canned Dog Food

Proteins take the largest share of the ingredients, with 47% of this recipe being protein, 29% carbohydrates, and 16% fat. Merrick’s classic products are grain-free, healthy foods for your senior dog. Best of all, they won’t break the bank, either.


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