Best Hot Tub Reviews and Brand Comparisons

Nothing is better than relaxing at home in a hot tub after a long day. Those looking to design an at-home oasis and are searching for the “perfect touch” might consider a hot tub from one of these industry leaders: Jucuzzi, ThermoSpas, Caldera Spas, Hot Spring, Bullfrog Spas, or Marquis.

Below are some of the features of modern hot tubs, compared by brand, to get started:

Design Elements

So just what makes each of these brands stand out? Not all hot tubs are created equal, and these industry leaders prove that with some of their unique features and design elements.

Jacuzzi: As a leader in the hot tub industry, Jazuzzi has many design features that withstand the test of time. One of the best features of their modern tubs is built-in lounge seating that allows people to recline, rather than sit, for the jet massage. Built-in lighting is included in the luxury models and the ergonomic seat design allows for maximum comfort.

ThermoSpas: A standout design element in their tubs is the Total Control Therapy, which allows each person to control their individual jet settings. This takes personalization to an entirely new level. Light packages are available as an addition to any of their models, and buyers also have the option to customize their own hot tub online.

Caldera Spas: The main design goal of this brand is maximum comfort and relaxation. One of their design elements that leads to this is a deep-seat design that allows more of the body to relax in the spa. Lights are also built-in to their standard models.

Hot Spring: These tubs are simply beautiful to look at, with a sleek design featuring exterior and interior lighting. They are also made to be highly energy efficient and can even come with a wireless remote control.

Bullfrog Spas: This brand offers customizable spas for the ultimate personalized hot tub. Part of what makes this brand so great is its durability, which is in part due to the fact that their tub frames are made free of wood.

Marquis: This award-winning brand deliver aesthetically pleasing tubs made with quality materials in a variety of sizes and set-ups, so anyone can find something they’ll love. Not only does this company offer several standard-size options, but they also sell ATVs, or aquatic training vessels. Simply put, these specialized swim spas are to help people engage in fitness activities. Even better? This brand teams up with Make-A-Wish.

Jet Settings

It’s truly not a hot tub without some great jet systems. Bubble jets can provide the ultimate spa experience by massaging and relaxing muscles. This might even provide comforting benefits to individuals with joint pain.

Jacuzzi: PowerPro jet faces are the trademark of this iconic brand. They use the Aquilibrium system, another company trademark, which is designed to combine water and air into the perfect blend of jet power.

ThermoSpas: This brand leads in the total number of jets provided in their tubs. They are strategically placed in each tub, designed to promote maximum comfort and massage functionality. In total, there are 7 different jet designs that can be included for a full-body experience.

Caldera Spas: The jets are designed to massage the body at key points. Their unique Hot Tub Circuit Therapy design, when turned on, elevates the standard spa experience by increasing jet pressure and changing jet placement as occupants move around. This provides a full-body massage experience like no other.

Hot Spring: Their Highlife Collection line uses its trademarked Exclusive Moto-Massage DX system. There are two streams that go run along the length of the back for maximum comfort.

Bullfrog Spas: Their trademark JetPaks are a line of therapy systems that include 17 options for hydrotherapy! This means customers can personalize their jet systems how they want them, for their own individual needs and desires.

Marquis: Depending on the size and specific model, these units can come with anywhere between 14 to 82 jets! Many of these also allow occupants to individually control their jets.

Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are a necessary part of the tub experience and maintenance; without them, spas can quickly become unclean and unsafe!

Jacuzzi: A thorough, 5-step water filtration system ensures that your water is pure. Within this, there are 3 options for water cleansing: ultraviolet light (UV-C), ozone, or salt water.

ThermoSpas: Their ThermoFiltration system runs up to 144 times daily to provide excellent cleanliness. The water is further cleaned by the ThermOzone system that uses Ozone in a way that mimics natural processes in order to prevent the use of chlorine or other chemicals from being added to the water. The filter system is easy to change and clean regularly.

Caldera Spas: Three trademarked filtration systems are available. The first is a chlorine-based system, SmartChlor. The second is Monarch, an ozone-based system. The third solution is Clean Screen, which is a hose attachment that works to filter chemicals from the water before it is even put into the tub. These systems do require the most work when it comes to cleaning, including consistently rinsing the filter and changing it quarterly (depending on usage).

Hot Spring: Their Highlife models feature their Tri-X/No bypass system. Essentially, the company claims that this system forces “100% of the water” to pass “through the filters 100% of the time.” These models also come standard with Tri-X filters that are dishwasher safe, making cleaning that much easier.

Bullfrog Spas: This company’s WellSpring system is an easy-to-remove (and clean), dual-filter set-up. Its high efficiency means its cleaning time is also less than that of other systems.

Marquis: Their units require brand-name Marquis antimicrobial filters, with one or two being necessary, dependent on the specific unit. Fewer filters can mean lower replacement costs.

Financing Options

A quality tub is a worthy investment. There’s plenty of financing options available to make these top hot tub brands even more accessible.

Jacuzzi: Financing is available and will vary according to the local retailer. In some instances, people can have a luxury-designed tub for as low as $200/mo.

ThermoSpas: Financing options are available nationwide to qualified buyers. Some financing options are available through Wells Fargo.

Caldera Spas: Financing is available and will vary according to the local retailer.

Hot Spring: Prospective buyers can get a personal quote online through the official company site. Promotional offers are sometimes available.

Bullfrog Spas: Individuals can inquire about specific prices for their personalized spa with a local dealer, who may even offer promotions. Trade-in programs are also available.

Marquis: Those interested in purchasing one their quality units must ask a verified local dealer. Several financing options are available, including obtaining an Outdoor Solutions Visa credit card though Wells Fargo.


Choosing the right tub will largely depend on personal preferences. The right design will be the one that looks and feels the best. Be informed! Individual brand dealers will be able to provide prospective buyers with the best detailers about their products.


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