Best Mattresses Review

Sleep plays an important role in human health, and is right next to proper nutrition and regular exercise when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many factors determine the quality of our sleep, mattresses being one of the important ones. From a strictly mathematical perspective, it would be wise to invest in a good mattress, since we do spend approximately 1/3 of our lives sleeping. This article discusses some of the best mattresses and the highlights of each.


The Saatva company is eight years old and is one of the largest online mattress retailers in the world. The covers of their mattresses are 100% cotton, so that each mattress can breathe and remain soft. Each cover is filled with foam (European-style pillow), ensuring the mattress retains its softness long-term.

The foam layer is beneath the cover, providing extra stress relief. Saatva mattresses have an intricate design, which helps the air circulate and cool the mattress. The coil layer consists of individually wrapped coils. These coils support the sleeper and add a bounce to the mattress, helping the sleeper shift when adjusting their position. The following layers include the support layer (made of steel coils) and the base support (composed of dense poly foam). There is also an edge support system, which ensures that the Saatva mattress keeps its shape over time.

When it comes to softness, Saatva mattresses received 7/10 on the firmness test, being very soft on the initial touch, but getting firmer once the pressure is applied. This makes Saatva is a medium firm mattress. If interested, Saatva offers a 120-day sleep trial and offers free shipping and a 15-year warranty on their mattresses. The prices vary from $599 to $1399, depending on your choice of styles.

Loom and Leaf

The Loom and Leaf mattress is produced by the Saatva company and has introduced some new changes in the mattress industry. Loom and Leaf takes pride in their mattresses’ eco-friendly foam, which is comprised of four layers. Moreover, the delivery and installation of each mattress is included in the purchase.

Saatva also uses organic cotton and premium Guardian material treatment technology to make each mattress antibacterial and antimicrobial. Each Loom and Leaf mattress also contains a gel panel that cools the mattress, allowing for a more efficient airflow, which makes the mattress more breathable and comfortable. The gel panel also allows for better weight distribution as well. The mattresses are very flexible and can be installed on both adjustable and traditional bases.

If interested, you have a 120-day trial and a 15-year warranty. The prices range from $749 to $1449.


Each Casper mattress has a zip off cover, which is comfortable and easy to clean. This makes for a durable but low-maintenance mattress. The open-cell cover design makes the mattress breathable and cool, allowing you to sleep comfortably. To add to the comfort, memory foam is added to the mattresses for pressure relief. A novelty introduced by Casper, Zoned Support is featured in these mattresses. They are designed to be firmer in the hip area, but softer in the shoulders area.

Casper offers 100 days of free trial, free shipping, free return, and excellent customer service. The mattress comes with a ten-year warranty as well!


Made with a patented hyperelastic polymer, the Purple mattress emphasizes its desire to develop scientifically proven stress-reducing mattresses. And, according to numerous reviews, they are doing just that.

The Purple mattress brand also focuses on preventing shoulder, back, and hip pain. The material is distributed in a grid formation, creating independent walls. The walls of the mattress will react to the pressure and will either fold or support, depending on the amount of weight. The mattress is also hypoallergenic, nontoxic, and quite durable.

It comes with a 100-day free trial and a 10-year warranty. Prices vary from $699 to $1299.


The Nectar mattress works with all frames. They offer a one-year home trial, a lifetime warranty, and even free delivery. The mattress is comprised of five layers. The cover on top of the mattress is made of Tencel. This layer helps cool the mattress by allowing better airflow and exhausting the extra heat your body emits. Beneath it is a layer of memory foam made of quilted gel, meant to support your body and aid the top layer in air circulation. The central layer is made of memory foam, which helps distribute weight, relieve pressure, and mitigate pain wherever the pain is felt. Beneath the central layer is the flexible core made of memory foam. It helps you bounce and rebound off the mattress. The bottom layer reinforces the mattress, offering balance and stability while you sleep.

Firmness levels range from 5.5 to 7.5, making it a medium-firm mattress. The regular price of the mattress is $795.

Sleep Numbers

What is your sleep number, from 0-100? Sleep Numbers are precise when it comes to determining your mattress preferences. For instance, if you select 75, it means that you would like a firmer mattress. Once you provide this number, you can explore your options within that category.

All Sleep Number mattresses have an air chamber (some even have two). These chambers use a pump to set the firmness of your choice; you can adjust it with the remote control that’s included. Apart from air chamber technology, Sleep Number mattresses have one or more layers of memory foam, settled on top of the air chambers, providing comfort and releasing pain and stress.

Sleep Numbers offer a large variety of mattresses, a 100-day trial, a 25-year warranty, and free shipping (however, you will need to pay return shipping if you choose to send it back).


Last but not least is the Tempur-Pedic mattress. Tempur-Pedic offers free shipping, a 90-day trial, and a 10-year warranty. Furthermore, they provide firm, medium, and soft mattresses, depending on your preferences. Tempur uses atypical foam material. Their mattresses respond to the body’s weight, shape, and temperature, providing universal comfort for each individual. The mattress also minimizes pressure, paying close attention to pain-prone areas. The mattress also reduces the transfer of movement.

Prices range from $1499 to $4000+.


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