Picking Out the Best Refrigerators in 2020

Refrigerators have long been able to do more than keep your food cold, but the best refrigerators of 2020 can be programmed even further to suit your personal tastes and needs. From custom storage spots for fresh herbs to a fresh cup of cold brew coffee, today’s refrigerators go far beyond the basics.

Check out the top-selling brands of 2020 and how to get these high-quality appliances at a fraction of the original price.


The 2020 list of features to be found in Maytag refrigerators will make your kitchen more efficient and give you better quality storage. If you struggle to see things on lower shelves because the light at the top of the refrigerator is blocked by items on the top glass shelves, check out the stainless steel shelves in a Maytag. These shelves can tolerate a lot of weight (think leftover Thanksgiving turkey) and they each have LED lighting installed underneath. Every shelf will be easy to keep organized.

Maytag freezers of 2020 also include a Store-N-Door ice making feature. This reduces the amount of space your ice maker takes up in the top of the freezer and will make it easier to store tall items. Multiple chilling zones inside the refrigerator mean you can keep beverages colder. If you have to stand with the door open while you restock the refrigerator, the PowerCold button will cool things down quickly.

Pricing & Deals

Most Maytag fridges range from $1000 to $2000. However, some are a little cheaper, with the 33-INCH WIDE TOP FREEZER REFRIGERATOR WITH POWERCOLD® FEATURE- 21 CU. FT. model available on sale for $854.00, down from a starting price of $949.00. That’s an impressive 10% savings! Those who want a slighter larger unit should explore the 36- INCH WIDE COUNTER DEPTH SIDE-BY-SIDE REFRIGERATOR- 21 CU. FT. model, which is also currently on sale for 10% off the original price.


Your LG refrigerator appears to be focused on your happiness. If you hate to see the refrigerator door standing open while members of your family ponder their choices, the LG comes with a touchscreen window. This way, you can peruse your options before ever opening the fridge. Even better, you can get an LG with a Keurig built into the front door. Talk about a versatile appliance!

The window-in-door feature is just one of the ways that the LG manufacturing and design team gives you an energy-efficient refrigerator. For example, you can also enjoy round ice balls, which are much more efficient while melting than a cube with many sides. Finally, your LG can be purchased with lower drawers for multiple cooling zones, keeping produce crisp, milk and beverages colder, and frozen items protected from frost formation.

Pricing & Deals

LG offers refrigerators in a wide range of prices to accommodate any budget, with many units starting out under $900 to top-of-the-line models exceeding $7000. Fortunately, LG is offering some greats deal currently, with the highest-end model currently available at an $800.99 discount and the lowest-end model coming with a $270.99 discount.


The design team at Samsung offers multiple benefits to anyone looking for a refrigerator. These units will be extremely efficient and lovely to look at, thanks to the stainless steel finish. All in all, Samsung also offers a very well-connected refrigerator.

From cooling settings you can zone and customize to the smart screen technology pioneered by Samsung, the Family Hub unit offers users an amazing array of technical support in keeping food fresh. With this useful and flexible tool protecting your food, you can rely on tracking that lets you know when items are getting close to their “use by” date, keep your family safer, waste less food, and guard your food budget.

Pricing & Deals

These smart appliances range from under $1500 to over $4000. Fortunately, you can save big with a limited time 40% off summer sale. You can increase these savings by another 10% when you bundle 4 or more eligible appliances.


True refrigerators have long set the standard for commercial refrigeration units, but their home market products are surging ahead as the go-to design feature for home cooks. From full-glass or display doors to split units with the refrigerator in one area and the freezer in another spot, the True residential refrigerator line is changing things up.

These refrigerators also offer quality in small packages. For example, if you’re in the market for a refrigerator for your outdoor kitchen, the True line offers durability, flexibility and beauty in a countertop high model.

Pricing & Deals

As commercial refrigerators, these items will cost several thousands dollars, on average. Fortunately, Katom Kitchen Supply, Inc. frequently offers clearance appliances.


For years, Frigidaire was the primary manufacturer of residential refrigerators. Luckily, they’re not resting on their laurels! If you’re in the market for a sleek counter-depth refrigerator, the Frigidaire FG4H2272UF offers a lot of space in an easy to work around unit.

This is a particularly good unit for families with small kids thanks to the easy to open “snack zone,” ideally suited for little grazers. In addition, the broad handles and stainless steel finish mean that this unit will not display fingerprints beside your child’s art project.

Pricing & Deals

For those on a tighter budget, this brand is worth exploring. The lower-end models price in at under $300. Of course, higher-end models are available as well, pricing out at over $3,700. Fortunately, this brand offers a tool that helps you find local rebates.


While it’s true that everything breaks down eventually, buying a Whirlpool pretty much means you’re the last person who needs a refrigerator repair. Not only are these units extremely reliable, but the Double Drawer WRV986FDEM provides all members of the family a spot to stash their favorite snacks. Grazers can explore to their heart’s content without letting out all the cold air.

This unit also features French doors at the top for easy access, without blocking traffic in your kitchen. If you’ve got a lot of folks to feed, this refrigerator will make the mechanics of food preparation much simpler.

Pricing & Deals

Most of these appliances range from $1000 to $2000. Most are currently on sale, with most savings ranging from 10% to 22% off.

Get a Great Deal

There are several retailers offering really good deals on refrigerators. From Best Buy to Amazon, you can enjoy financing options and flexible payment plans, as well as bargains. Don’t forget to do your homework on credit points!

If you need a new refrigerator and are ready to spend thousands, apply for a card that offers bonus miles or product points for things you buy anyway and put the new refrigerator on the card. The points, miles, and even free groceries can be free to you, just for enjoying a new refrigerator!

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