Buying Sports Tickets Online

Sports can be a large part of our social setups. From spending weekends and holidays watching sporting events either live at the stadium or through Internet streaming or cable services. However, nothing feels quite as good as watching those finals live. However, to attend live events, you need to buy a ticket. It’s not always as expensive or hard to do as you would think, though.

Types of Sports Tickets

Seasonal Tickets

This is a type of sports ticket that gives the holder the chance to attend all the home matches and, in some instances, all or some of the sporting events at other venues. The benefit of this ticket is that the holder will always have a seat reserved for him or her regardless of the number of spectators wishing to attend. Seasonal tickets, however, are considered expensive as sometimes holders fail to attend some sporting events, which are not refunded. These are typically recommended for diehard fans who plan on attending all or most home games in a season.

Match Day Tickets

This is a type of a ticket that is for a particular sporting event. Some of the details on the ticket include the name of the holder, teams participating, or the actual name of the game, time of the even, and the seat. This ticket is only valid for that one match. It is flexible as you only have to pay for the event you’ll attend. This ticket is limited by the fact that it becomes difficult to secure one if a large number of want to attend the same event; these are primarily sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to plan ahead!

How to Buy Sports Tickets

The process of buying sports tickets follows two distinct systems. You can either purchase the ticket in person or through an online agency. Buying sports tickets in person is the traditional method and one of the most reliable ways to secure a ticket. This method is so reliable because tickets are often sold by the team or the event organizers in their respective tickets offices. The method is secure and free from frauds as you will mostly pay in cash and get your ticket on the spot. The drawbacks of this method include having to be physically present at the place selling the tickets.

Buying tickets through the online platforms has profoundly simplified the whole process. It minimizes all the traveling and queueing while ensuring that you get your ticket within the shortest time possible without spending extra cash. Mostly, you will pay through credit cards or other mobile money transfer services like PayPal. Despite being usually reliable, online ticket buying often includes additional fees to cover the transaction process. There is also the added risk of paying fraudsters who receive the money and give you a ticket number that has already been given to another person or fails to respond at all. Always make sure to purchase through a reputable vendor to avoid scams.

Places to Look for Sports Tickets


This is a platform that mostly trades tickets once the game has already been sold out. Tickets people who had purchased a ticket for an event but then, for any number of reasons, decided they couldn’t attend the event and want to sell their tickets to get some money back. You can make purchases here through a secure system. This platform benefits from having relations with some of the most prominent sports organizers, such as NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, and MLS, allowing some pretty extensive options.

Other trusted places to look for sports tickets include:

  • Vivid Seats
  • Box Office
  • TicketsNow
  • Ticketmaster
  • GoTickets

Ticket Price Comparison

Since there are many platforms for purchasing tickets to sporting events, prices are pretty competitive. To get a better deal, these are some factors to consider before buying a ticket:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Convenient credit card charges
  • Affordable mobile money transfer charges
  • Discounts with some vouchers bought in a single event
  • Repeat buyer discounts
  • The position of the seat

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