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Top 5 Designer Handbags and High-End Purses

A pink designer handbag sits on a glossy table next to a stiletto and ruffled fabric

Designer purses and handbags are for so much more than simply carrying around belongings; they are status symbols. They can take any outfit to the next level and, as the saying goes, customers get what they pay for. These high-end purses can also act as investments. Savvy fashionistas know that, if kept in good condition, …

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Get the Best TV: Features to Consider when Shopping

Shopping for a TV set may seem simple but it involves a ton of choices that can easily frustrate buyers. These days, there’s plenty of new technologies to choose from, such as Ultra HD, 4K, and others that promise brilliant picture detail that surpasses HDTVs. Many people may have also heard about various features, such …

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High-End Women’s Watches: Review of Top 5 Luxury Brands

A silver and green Rolex wristwatch showing the face

A luxury women’s watch is so much more than just a timepiece. It is a symbol of style, wealth, and power. Having a luxurious watch on the wrist, like exquisite jewelry, displays that an appreciation for the finer things in life and a taste for the best. It can also be a wonderful investment, as …

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Best Hot Tub Reviews and Brand Comparisons

Wooden circular outdoor hot tub

Nothing is better than relaxing at home in a hot tub after a long day. Those looking to design an at-home oasis and are searching for the “perfect touch” might consider a hot tub from one of these industry leaders: Jucuzzi, ThermoSpas, Caldera Spas, Hot Spring, Bullfrog Spas, or Marquis. Below are some of the …

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How to Pick Out the Perfect Engagement Ring

Newly engaged couple sip wine from decal glasses

For those who are ready to pop the question to their loved ones, the intricacies of a proposal can get quite overwhelming. Of course, a crucial piece to proposing includes the perfect ring. Those who are ready to propose know that they need to give that special someone the world and everything in it. A …

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Starbucks Releases Pumpkin Spice K-Cups

It’s here! You know fall is in the air when Pumpkin Spice Lattes hit Starbucks stores around the country. Starbucks has released limited edition Pumpkin Spice for the home brewers. Available in ground coffee and the always convenient k-cup pods. Starbuck recommends a splash of cream and a bit of sugar to get that PSL …

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Cordless Stick Vacuums: Brands to Make Cleanups Easier

While vacuum cleaners have existed as a modern convenience for a number of years now, vacuum technology and design has improved quite a bit over the past few years. Customers can get all kinds of attachments with newer models and designs, with anything from detachable parts to compact cleaners to cordless stick vacuums. What Exactly …

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