Exploring Technical Schools: An Overview

Explore the world of technical schools in this comprehensive overview. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a working professional, learn all about the programs and benefits they offer. Gain valuable insights into various industries and career options. Find out how to finance your education and make the most of on-campus resources. Discover success stories and consider technical schools as a direct path to a successful career.

How Long Does It Take to Graduate from a Technical, Trade, or Vocational School

Learn about the time commitment required to graduate from technical, trade, or vocational schools. Explore factors like program length, full-time vs part-time, prior education and experience, program completion requirements, and individual progress. Find out the typical durations for certificate, diploma, associate, and bachelor’s degree programs, as well as apprenticeships. Discover the advantages and disadvantages of apprenticeships and learn about flexible study options. Gain the information you need to plan your educational journey towards your dream career.

Understanding Technical Schools

Gain a better understanding of technical schools and their purpose. Discover the benefits, programs, admission requirements, and challenges of attending a technical school.

Fascinating Maps from Around the World

Why are we fascinated with maps? First created to help old-timey people navigate the globe – and still used today on our GPS systems to find the nearest Starbucks – maps definitely serve an important function. Sometimes, however, they simply serve to educate and entertain.  These maps show the relationships between states and countries, and …

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Unexpected Facts You Probably Don’t Know About the Amish

Concealed from the rest of the world with their old-fashioned ways, the Amish population is rather isolated and rarely in the public eye. Often misunderstood, there’s so much more to them than buggies, bonnets, and beards. For one, they don’t actually go to church, and among their various, uncommon wedding traditions, Amish brides have a …

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25 Examples of Shrinkflation on the Rise

It’s not just you — that cereal box was bigger last month. In times like these, a phenomenon known as shrinkflation is common. Shrinkflation occurs when companies make their products smaller while keeping prices the same (or even raising them). Though meant to offset increasing costs of labor and materials without directly raising prices, shrinkflation …

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40 Military Slang Terms Only People In The Military Will Understand

If you’ve been “voluntold” would you know what just happened to you? How would you react if somebody referred to you as a “zoomie”? What about if you were told to “beat feet”? If these military phrases have you baffled, read further for some easy clarification. We’ve translated some of the most common military slang …

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