7 ‘Must Knows’ of Medicare Supplement Insurance

Original Medicare Original Medicare (Part A and Part B) offer a lot of coverage including health care services and some supplies, but they don’t cover everything. Medicare Supplement Insurance, also known as Medigap insurance, helps cover some of the additional expenses that an original Medicare policy may not. This additional coverage does not cancel or …

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How to Open an Online Savings Account in 10 Easy Steps

Banking is more convenient than ever thanks to the advent of online banking, voiding the need to ever visit a teller in person. Setting up a bank account in person involves waiting in long lines and spending your entire afternoon talking to bankers about your needs. However, it’s possible to set up and maintain a …

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25 White House Jobs And Their Corresponding Pays

White House

Ever wondered what specific jobs run the government? How about their corresponding salaries? While it is common knowledge that taxpayers cover the paychecks for their elected officials, many are oblivious that these salaries are all public record. Hence, we decided to look through the salary information for President Trump’s White House staff to see some …

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